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Speedometer 'Smoothing' Effect when Testing Cars


I’ve noticed that when testing any car on any track, the behavior of the speedometer is very unnatural, almost as if it has some sort of ‘smoothing’ effect to it where it more gently changes values. This is most noticeable when a car is slowing down to take a turn, and then when the car is in the turn at constant engine speed, the speedometer will still be slowing down, indicating that it is not updating as rapidly as the car is actually moving.

Example: The car is taking a turn at 30 MPH constant speed. The speedometer may still be reading a higher speed (like 50 MPH), but because of the smoothing effect, it’s taking its time to drop down to the correct speed.

Perhaps this effect can be toggled, or disabled entirely?


Yes, that is something I wanted to have changed for a while and it is on our ToDo list :slight_smile: