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Splendid Auto Monthly - A Motoring Man's Meanderings (Gavin Anderson's Blog)


Quite a fitting verdict for such an unhinged machine! Once again your writing has clearly hit the bullseye, without a single word out of place.


A rear-engined city car that’s awfully fast; the Conte Pulga RR Sportpackage gets roadtested.



A new review of an old car - it’s the Dolphine Mk. 1 Sprint!


Gavin drives the final edition of the Hodan Okayama.


Gavin drives another budget supercar - the Scarab Ceres SR.


It’s not often Gavin gets to drive a concept car, but when the offer comes along…


The ultimate in Italian luxury; the Zavir Squalo Ultimate gets driven.


Hey, It’s the Ganter Motors museum. We can give a 1953 Ganter Indiana V8 Auto Coupe for testing and showing up.



Heya @FX04, if you’d like something reviewed, PM me and I’ll add you to Gavin’s list of cars he needs to review :smiley:


Review: 2018 KHT Eau Rouge (Street)

“Hypercar 101”

Kraft Haus Technik (Completed company)

Literally how I’d describe a 1980s Monolith S76 lorry.


That is… surprisingly correct. Pure maths and engineering approach. A veyron with a different set of goals, and i did not notice that till you pointed that out. Thanks for the review mate!


I agree with you fully. It’s a pragmatic, rather than emotional, hypercar, but still crazy enough to give most drivers a real fright if they’re not prepared.


I don’t remember where, but I did write it long ago - it’s like a scalpel. A very precise tool.


A Motoring Man’s Meanderings - Gavin’s Favourite Cars of 2017

Scagliati Motori SpA - Serenity and Dominance. (Geneva 2019 Coverage)

Yay, Zavir got mentioned! :smiley: I like the idea of a subjective press summary :slight_smile:


Haha oh I didn’t actually intend to that to happen, but I guess now it has :joy: truth be told the edits made to the Zenshi was pretty much akin to a total rebuild. In a list:

  • Replaced the hypercar spec brakes with something a bit more in budget
  • Stripped out the multi -mode Sport suspension in favour of our own versatile spring setup
  • Tunnelled out the front wheel arches and completely refixed the suspension mounting points
  • Replaced the MacPherson struts with double wishbones
  • This necessitated completely reformatting the engine bay so as a result pretty much none of the drive components are OEM anymore
  • That new engine is an oversquare 2.8L V6 we had lying around from mule testing. It has a very similar DOHC VTEC DI setup to the original i6 but while it spools at a similar 3500rpm it has a powerband that goes all the way to 9200rpm
  • ECU reflash
  • Removed the cooling flaps.
  • New set of gears and geared diff
  • Mounted the same wheels front and back
  • Upgraded front diffuser with no-lift setup

In short… most of the rear end and the cabin remains original but the front end has been heavily remodelled. The car may have less failsafe reliability built in but it should save at least 50% in servicing! Edit: and fuel costs. Try 8.8L/100km as opposed to 11.4 with also 400hp. The net result is that it goes 18 seconds faster on Nordschleife.

Also the Fore Eagle GTi didn’t get a mention, sad Boye :cry:



That didn’t sound too good!

I’ll look into making the Nimessa Newman R, I guess… More accessible and easier on the wallet?


Just pay a lot of attention to what each tech slider does to which component. The engine had +5 on everything which would have hit hard particularly on the block, the valve train and the injectors. In addition, unless you have a historical reason to use a pure Alu block and cylinders it’s inferior to AlSi. I used a total of 4-5 tech points in the engine I replaced, unfortunately as much as I would have liked to keep the i6 it ended up being too much of a compromise dynamically and to get the power out, hence switching to a V6 to accommodate everything else.


The new Enemigo S Tourer gets a review!