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Split/Second Car Maker Championship! Delete plz


I told you not to click this link.

So, due to the criticism this challenge has amassed, (i presume, from some very smart people on the forums) this challenge has been postponed until further notice.

If the admins on the forum would be so kind to delete any traces of this thread from the forum, that would be nice.

Just saying that i probably won’t do a challenge again in the future, i don’t think i’m really up for it. Too complicated. I was looking through a few challenges, and i realized that it’s harder work than expected. I just wanted to make a fun challenge that everyone could join into, but it looks like that’s not happening anytime soon.

P.S: if you have an Xbox 360 or a PS3, or a Steam account and some money, i highly recommend buying Split/Second.

P.S 2: If someone finds this, go and check out the official Block Motors forum page here! (Pre-Approved by Mario Frigo!) Block Motors (shutting down over "financial issues")


So, how exactly are you going to score the more abstract ones, like Drift and Strength.

Also, [quote=“AidenPearce9000, post:1, topic:21022”]
When you get to the first process of the final process of building a car, make sure to crank up the “Top Speed” bar to maximum.)

That is not how you make a car with a high top-speed. It’s about balancing the top-speed slider to your gearing. Even if your slider says 400km/h, your actual speed would probably be at around 200km/h.

Your rules are also quite negative. Instead of saying Don’t do this, don’t do that, give the minimums required. Give us a thing of

  • Score; minimum

and do that in a list. This event will probably need some work, imo.


OK, sorry about that stuff. I never really ran something like this before.

I’ll edit the rules.

Edit: OK, i don’t want it to be that i’ll just go with any and all criticism and be THAT guy, but i refined the rules to go with your criticism. You good with it?


I am pretty sure with these rules you would get only 2000hp+ , all Quality Sliders maxed Vehicles.
You should implement some Guidelines.
For Example :
You could say that a heavier vehicle can push other cars more easily out of its way.
Or you could separate all classes and make them into an challenge each.
You could add a Max Price ( If you crash a car it shouldn’t cost more than the price money, and we know that you will total your car at least once)
A lot of other challenges can give you hints on what to implement.

I mean

I made a Test Build. And when i manage to get 1400hp / 8k RPM / 433km/h Top Speed on my first try, other people will be able to to do 2000hp on the same Engine size, reach over 450km/h and the whole car just gonna use 4l/100km while doing so


Nice car!

Now, the edit i did to the rules are probably the last edits i’ll do. Although i’m always open for any and all criticism!

And on a side note, i’m not really that interested in the engine characteristics or anything. As long as it goes really fast, i’m satisfied.


I need to see a show of full breakdown of the judging mechanism before even attempting a split/second build. We know nothing that is actually required of the car and are requested to build blindly in the dark.

At this point the rules for the build are as follows - “a car that has the highest top speed is best, must have 2.5 offroad, no budget limitations since I can sell at a loss, MAY be a hatchback, but not necessarily”, which is REALLY not enough to go on.

@Vri404 is correct in her statement that the challenge needs serious work.

You made this challenge to have some fun, but in my experience “fun” in automation comes only after the “hard work, tons of coffee, swearing, trying to figure out how to ballance or min-max and lots of scrapped builds later”, after you see the results of all that work and those are good or entertaining.

You probably do not know that, but running a challenge requires even MORE work and is very frustrating, especially when you start going into more complex ones (the ones that don’t go “one with best acceleration to 100kph wins”), and start adding random crashing and playing with formulas. Your challenge DEFO needs a lot of formulas to determine who’s going to drop which building when, and who’s going to avoid it and how it will affect the lap time THIS CURRENT lap. I am hoping that you got all the challenge plans laid out already, if you don’t - it’s a long process, so I’d postpone. If you do - we’d need to see it.


Dang it.

Yeah, i see what you mean. Alright, i’ll have to do more work on my challenges and stuff.

To be honest, i never even suspected this challenge to get much attention.


Without guidelines this challenge will get out of hand… Also, Chuck Norris? Is that a joke? Of course it is… This challenge was never going to work!