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Squidheads car and other stuff...art? I guess


Yeah, so… my photoshopping of automation eventually got me to this.
These are based on real actual cars, one is mine, other is my friend’s. Tell me what you think.


I think it looks great. Especially #2 is just super clean. Man you got some talent!


my conclusion is… Better than me lol

anyways, they both look really nice, you sure do have some talent


I think they both look good.



Some more huge pictures for you


Seriously cool.

Many of those would make great posters actually.


An update with some of the stuff i’ve done




Cause I’m a magical cow.


A few updates


These look great!

I have a question: How do you draw the shapes and lines in PS? It’s not that i don’t know how to draw a basic line :slight_smile: but I am curious whats your way to go?


In photoshops use paths. I use inkscape for vectors though.


Hmm. You certainly are a pro, that’s for sure.


could i get that neverbeen as a window sticker by any chance?


Yep, you could


Is this along the lines of what you do?


Yes, it is.


Do you want me to delete my post? Cos, I mean, a magician would never sell his secrets right?


Eh, it’s ok.


I’m back… some more stuff that I’ve just done.