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주지사 State Motor Company


Founded in greatest Nampo, 주지사 (Governer) State Motor Company was a grand automobile company which created various vehicles for the use in the State. Many of these vehicles took inspiration from several other vehicles of the time, and were cheap, accessible and easy to repair.

The first vehicle, the 주지사 네오 MPV (Governer Neo MPV) was designed as a spacious people carrier for richer workers and officers of the state, able to carry 5 passengers and a small load of cargo/livestock.

As a people carrier this vehicle seated 5 and many citizens found it to be a comfortable ride. The speed of it was a very fast 16 seconds 0-100km/h, from a 1500cc inline-four. Many were won at state lotteries, and are still around to drive from place to place to this day.

Following the success of the Neo MPV, the board of directors at Governer decided to cover the other end of the automotive market- the Luxury segment.

The 2003 마개 (Magae), a luxury saloon that has a small heart but big status.

After a brief design phase, the production car rolled off the factory lines with a large 3000cc inline-six producing a very powerful and striking 117hp, propelling the car to 100km/h in about 12 seconds. Combined with a premium cloth/leather hybrid interior and standard CD player, this luxurious car is only available to the higher order officers, wardens and very valuable workers of the DRPK. Most models were sold as the diesel inline-six 3.0 variant, a rarer 2.5L inline-six petrol was sold. Generating a nice 251nm of torques at 1,900rpm, the diesel was a very popular towing car for the carrying of livestock.


I have never seen a North Korean car company on these forums until now, but whatever cars this one has been making since its inception will surely attract the attention of Western intelligence experts sooner or later.


Totally not a W140 ripoff. :wink: Which is very suitable for what the company is.

In 2005, the glorious leader decided there shall be an affordable form of transport for every person who can attain it. After an entire year of rigorous design, research and development, the state-sponsored 주지사 기마대 1.3 (Jujisa Gimadae 1.3) was finalised and ready for the entire country.

Featuring a mighty 1300cc inline-4 heavy cast iron block, this piece of freedom had a top speed limited to 149km/h to prevent anybody escaping to an evil western country, and the most modern technology including multi fuel injection and an extra fifth middle seat in the rear passenger area for another passenger. Being an affordable option for the people. Jujisa let there be a wide variety of a whole four colours: Dark black, Korean blue, Steel silver and Concrete grey.

Rear suspension was upgraded from a sturdy Leaf-spring suspension arrangement to a Multi-Link suspension type to support higher amounts of cargo and passenger.
In the state, the Gimadae was an incredibly versatile option, cheap to buy and run, and offered in either 4 door saloon variant or 5 door hatch-back variant. A very large amount of Gimadae I or II series cars are seen around the Pyongyang, Hamgyong and Hwanghae area, especially around the Haeju regions.


I smell a little bit of Fiat Siena, IRL turned into a North Korean model too :smiley: Out of curiosity, do you speak Korean or at least know hangul?


Nay, but i am Korean of ethnicity. I wish i spoke Korean, though :smile:

Until 2005 with the Gimadae, Jujisa had not considered to fill the middle segment of the North Korean car market. Coming in for the 2006 year, the 주지사 백치 (Jujisa Baegchi) was available for purchase at a low price of 8,500,000KPW ($7,120)

With an upgraded 1450cc inline-four featuring futuristic multi-rail fuel injection with two injectors per cylinder, the Gwangyongyu Hwiparam III engine has 105hp to propel you to a very equal and worthy 155km/h. Every citizen will be happy in one of these!

Here at Jujisa Koreamotors we have adapted disgusting capitalist features to suit the needs of the superior DPRK citizen, including an ashtray and a radio with speakers to hear our great leader give his infamous speeches!