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Statistical experiment


For my statistics class in school we were recently assigned a final project and as we were able to choose the subject of our experiment I choose to run some tests based on Automation and to do this I need some cars from other people so please help me out.

So the basis for this experiment will be a comparison between real-life cars and the cars you submit here. The cars that you submit should be what you feel is the ideal family car you can make, whether ideal is a bestseller or the ideal family car for you is up to you. I will be making multiple replica cars of actual family cars and then comparing the stats between them.

For price please try to make it realistic so less than, or at least near, $15,000 at 0% markup. Also please don’t enter turbocharged cars as they are very difficult to replicate real world versions of them.

To submit your car send me the export of the car and please post a screenshot of the overview stats in this thread.
Model: Stats - username

The deadline will likely be sometime next week, I don’t have a specific date as of yet and it is fairly flexible anyways.


What’s the real life regional market you’re looking to compare to?


US most likely, may have a few european cars as well.


This actually looks pretty cool. I think i can make a decent car for you sometime tomorrow.


This sounds interesting… I think i have a good car laying around since an earlier challenge (a take on a family car at least).


The year must be 2017?


Do they have to be designed outside? Because if not, I can already enter a car.


The year should be between 2012 and 2017.

@szafirowy01 The car does not need to be designed


I would really appreciate it if you would send the cars to me by Tuesday (Wednesday at the latest), I need to get at least 10 entries in order to perform this experiment and currently I have 0 so please help me out. It doesn’t need to be min-maxed it can be a quick build with just some minor optimization.


Sorry, man, was a little busy this last week, will send you a proper car tomorrow. Already have the engine build, just need to put the body together.


Here’s a car I made - the Gazelle. Similar proportions to a Chevy Impala, but a 4-seater RWD sedan. 4 trims with 2 engines and 2 transmissions.

5.0-liter V8 DOHC, 330hp, regular gas, 7-speed single-clutch automated manual.

Same 5.0 V8, but mated to a 7-speed manual.

The RS versions have a 6.0-liter V8 DOHC making 410hp on premium gas. This one has the 7-speed automated manual…

… and this one has the 7-speed manual. I gave a pic for each trim to show the differences in overview stats, as well as to show off the car from multiple angles. (Also, not as important, but the car was designed with just default parts, no add-ons.)


Nice car!


Please submit cars for this ASAP, I need at least 10 cars to begin the experiment and I currently only have 1 so please help me out.


I’ve entered a mid-range Erin Merna Lex 1.4l. The ideal European family car in my eyes at least.


The ideal Canadian family car. 2016 CM Ontario MX. AWD with a 3.3L V6.


Scarab Nova SportBack (Subaru Levorg ish) AWD, 1.6L I4 turbo, 180 ish hp.

gridghost - RMC-gridghost.zip (34.5 KB)


Here is my idea of best family car, something that fits 5 people with some comfort and has enough room for baggage while is easy to drive and don’t costs too much to buy and to keep. The engine is a 2.0L I-4 with VVL and VVT and it’s a transverse FWD.


I’ve chosen a small hatchback for developing markets: the Fleet Industries FI200.


Direct Injection. Direct injection everywhere…

even though irl only middle class and above cars use them. even today. cheap cars are still on MPFI.


Mine was based at the Ford Focus and it use DI since 2013 (at least here).
Even though mine has 16hp less, I choose that to improve fuel economy and low-end torque, two know problems of the Focus here.