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Stats Changing only when you test


I was wondering if it could be an option that the changes you make only show when you test the engine. I don’t really like how I can see all the parameters (hp, economy, knock etc) change as I adjust things live. I think it takes a lot out of the challenges. I want to be able to tweak everything then retest to see if I made it better/worse.


How is jumping back and forth better than just having it update instantly? I can see what you’re saying make a lot of sense for time limited campaign play, and as you know that is a feature in the engine designer challenge mode. We’re toying with the idea to have a difficulty option for the campaign that you only can test the engine manually and time is always running.

If we implement that, then I see no reason to NOT implement an option like that for sandbox mode too, until then it’ll stay as is though. :slight_smile:


Oh interesting. I didn’t know that about the engine scenario generator. An option for unlimited time would be nice for that. I basically just want to fiddle around at my own leisure, but have parameters to shoot for and getting scored would be nice. For the manual mode testing, It would be neat if you didn’t know the power/tq etc until it’s drawn on the graph during the test. I could have sworn it was like that when I played a very early version of this years ago?


10 minutes basically is infinity time though when it comes to an engine :smiley: At least it will be once you know the engine designer quite well and have a gut feel for it.

Hmm, yes, it might have been that way back in the early days of the engine designer demo. That would be worth looking into for when that gets put back in, but it is very annoying if you just want to see what’s up without the game wasting your time. That is why we changed it :slight_smile:


I’ll definitely agree that I want the option for challenging oneself on designs (ie getting a car design just about right in one or two revisions tops rather than tuning to perfection) but the instant feedback is very nice for a lot of general, casual play so I understand why adding that as an option is down the priority list.


Perhaps instead of a timer, it would cost you money or add a month’s development time every time you test the engine? I completely agree it should be optional.