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Steam Open Beta B160308+ Bugs & Feedback


I think that is because that bug has low priority, there are other things more important to fix, like those engineers bugs and the bodies with pink boxes.

I want to congrat the devs for the job on this update. Now the game runs more smoothly in my computer, I think that have to do with the new saving process. The new bodies are cool as well, same as the new spaceframe chassis :smiley: The new engineering stuff is amazing as well (and it will be pretty cool with all the bugs solved) al thought is a little bit too complex it adds a new dimension to the game.
Oh yeah, and the v12 turbos are cool… I guess… [size=75]who would want to ruin a beatiful NA V12 adding turbos anyway?[/size] :laughing:

iN the meantime, If you want to use a car body but it is all pink, you should edit the lua file of that body and make sure the materials (ECS_BODY) are enclosed by “”
Something like this Materials = { "ECS_BODY", --rear body "ECS_BODY", --front body "ECS_BODY", --middle body "ECS_SEAM", --rear seam "ECS_PLASTIC", --plastic parts "ECS_GLASS", --windows "ECS_SEAM", --front seams "ECS_SEAM", --middle seams "ECS_TRANSPARENT", --lips "ECS_BODY", --rear mirrors "ECS_CHROME", --mirrors "ECS_CARGO", --cargo box in the rear "ECS_CARGO_REAR", --cargo box at the front "ECS_BOTTOM_BOX", --bottom box "ECS_TOP_BOX", --top box

King of the Hill (Round 6)

what changed in the saving process?

i do notice it seems like it runs MUCH MUCH more swiftly and smoother (although the calculation time seems not to have changed much for me)
feels like it’s been much more optimized


It is a completely new approach, the game builds a database with all cars in it so that it no longer has to load in individual files. That was saving has changed too, saving directly to the database. Overall that improves performance a lot and makes it “campaign proof”… that is where one week of the three weeks delay came from hehe.


We just released a new open beta version with plenty of fixes! :slight_smile: Updated the OP.


Just got this error after downloading the patch, opening the game, opening an existing car, and cloning the engine. The error appeared when I clicked on the engine tab, but before I made any changes to the engine. This happens every time with one of my car families (any variant within that family), but it isn’t happening with one of my other car families. I exported one of the cars in the affected family and I will e-mail to you.

Lua Error:

tolua++ dbcall failed!: [string “–client\functional\engineWizard_delegates.lu…”]:2878: attempt to index field ‘EngineCalculatorToolTip’ (a nil value)

You can CTRL+C on this to report it.


First impressions:

Loads as fast as it did 18 months ago now!! First time starting, less than 1 minute. First restart afterwards, less than 15 seconds. (on desktop only so far) Before update…sometimes more than 2 minutes on any starts (sometimes longer than others). I think my laptop might actually like this game again now. :smiley:

Ran into lots of errors when navigating engineer and factory tabs. Without tool tips I can’t even tell you what I was doing, clicking, or looking at, so unable to say how to reproduce anything. I was just clicking shit to see what it does, so it might have just been me doing things all wrong. I’ll have to rewatch the LDU on this section so I actually understand the tabs and options before I try to explain anything. :blush:

Modded body thing which has already been mentioned a few times. I don’t use them a whole lot, but all of the ones I have saved, have issues. Also, glad to see second “trim” tab gone. Much appreciated!

Spaceframe DOES look freaking awesome! But, on the chassis tab, when you have a chassis type selected, it doesn’t show you any information about the other types when you hover over them. Didn’t they do this before like with the rest of the tabs?


sooo now it doesnt launch at all. beta or non-beta.
no error message/no lua error, just shows a windows error

seems either restarting steam/ or my computer made it go away.

although it did show the lua error everyone else was getting at first try, the second try was okay.


90sHatch5 wagon variant shows rear morphs (upper rear window, lower rear window, rear and rear bumper) but they aren’t morphable
10SwoopySedan (2.61 m/102.7" version) coupe variant had weird front window (both lower and upper window section) morphs, while other variants (3-door hatchback, 4-door sedan and 5-door hatchback) had normal front window morphs.


It runs much faster with this new Build! Great job!!!

Too bad the pink body issue…

Question (maybe not important for now): we now have a perspective of the time development of a certain model, right? What happens if we want to sell a brand new 2016 model/engine, in 2016? Should we start designing it in 2014 to be available in 2016? (just an example) Should we update the year of our current models in the sandbox, taking in account the development time?


Open any engine (in the engine tab from sandbox mode), and click any factory button: the engine crashes, and it dissapears the existing engine, and only remains a inline 4 without pistons and conrods. Only with valves. And you can’t recover anymore this engine.


I am not sure if this is a bug or intentional. I was reusing an engine that I created for the small 1940 car in the full size 1940 car. The game on the engineering tabs does not seem to factor in that the engine was already engineered previously. The engineering tabs show it as if it is an entirely new engine, with no staff or anything. It also does not include the factory setup and tooling from the previous car for which the engine was made.

Thanks for any assistance and input.



I think that’s intentional, I read in another thread that the function that takes into account previous engines is already implemented but it’s currently turned off. It doesn’t make much sense for that to be active in the sandbox mode.

I asked that before, and that’s right. We should design cars a couple of years before the release. That’s why the techpool and research for new technology will be so important in the campaign mode.
As for the sandbox, we don’t have techpool or way to research new technology, so there’s not point for us to update the year of our lineup, otherwise we’ll end with our first turbo cars being sold at the early 80’s and the current old body penalty will shorten the lifespan of our models.


Cool. Thank you Sillyworld!


Well, you shouldn’t run into any error no matter what you do, so that needs fixing. If you find any lua errors, please post them and tell what you did to get them.


Lua Error:

tolua++ dbcall failed!: [string “–client\functional\engineWizard_delegates.lu…”]:2878: attempt to index field ‘EngineCalculatorToolTip’ (a nil value)

You can CTRL+C on this to report it.

When I opend previously build carSmooth Storm.zip (92.5 KB) and it won’t go away (error not car).
EDIT: it made the game freeze.


The Goggles, they do nothin’!

Fatal error while loading init.lua: [string “–SANDBOX_DATA\CEngineCalculator_PartsManagem…”]:90: attempt to index field ‘FactoryInfo’ (a nil value)

game won’t start…after clicking ok, there’s only black screen with workshop sounds

EDIT: the problem in only when opting out of open beta and starting the game


The game is not “forward compatible”, if you opted into the open beta, created a car in there and then opt out, you are asking that impossible thing of the game :slight_smile:
That is why we create a backup at the start of the open beta. You find it in Documents\My Games\Automation in a .zip you can use to restore your game when opting out. You need to wipe the folder and replace it with the contents of your backup.


well let’s say I do not poses that backup :slight_smile: is it possible I simply remove stuff out of there like a car (and engine and all) I made (already did and still no go) and maybe something else?

Mind that first error I posted was open beta error!


[quote=“AirJordan”]well let’s say I do not poses that backup :slight_smile: is it possible I simply remove stuff out of there like a car (and engine and all) I made (already did and still no go) and maybe something else?

Mind that first error I posted was open beta error![/quote]

Yeah, first error is fixed already.

You should have Automation_B160309.zip or Automation_B160308.zip in your Documents\My Games folder. I mixed that up before saying it would be deeper in the tree.


Got it, thanks!