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Steam Open Beta B160308+ Bugs & Feedback


We just released the final patch for this phase of the open beta. I updated the OP with more info on that.


I have encounter a bug that I think hasn’t been reported. When I make a new variant of an engine and set it to a different year than the original engine i.e. the engine and the first variant are set in 1978, but if a make a new variant set in 1980 when I re-start the game that variant is set back to 1978, it doesn’t matter if I make it in the engine designer or while designing a full car, that happens every time, even if I make sure I save the variant or the trim.

EDIT I just check that again, and it only happens when cloning an engine variant.


Ahh, that’s bad, maybe it was introduced with fixing the issue of being able to set the variant year to lower than the family year. I’ll put it onto the ToDo list for when the guys are back.


My turn. I tried cloning an older design, and a pretty white box said

Pressed it, then cloned again and it worked.


Just came across this minor issue:

And also have this fixture stamping issue when putting anything on the front of the 3 door Mk1 Golf:


I like how the factory stuff is working out so far! I finally got a chance to check out the new build today, and decided that an AWD, Mid engined twin turbo V12 of the highest quality was what I had to build. Would have taken my engineers roughly 40 years to design, and each car would have cost $1,500,000 just to build! Not much room for profits after that. Really put into perspective just how unrealistic some of these cars we’ve been designing are in real life, lol.


I cant get the factory to say how many cars it will make per day, just says zero and i can figure out why, no lua error. Gives me an NA(only in body and fixtures) in the engineering time chart in the trim settings.


Can you upload (export and upload) the car that does that?


This bug refers to standalone version so if it had been fixed just ignore… It happend many times while tunning for brc76 at various cars. When I revisit the add fixtures trim tab, move or even add some fixtures, my car looses approximately 3-4kg and becomes slightly cheaper.


For some reason, drivablity and sportiness shows up as zero and production units and material costs show up as twelve digit numbers until I exit to the menu and go back in.


I also just got this pop-up from trying to test that same car on the track.


Engine variants in one family are changing year on them own. I can see regularity in it but sometimes they revert to Engine family establish year, sometime to moment of building some car variant. I have one family with engines between 1960 and 1984 and half of engines reset to 1960 (and it is impossible to change it) and second half is making game error.

Probably it is not last update doing but there is bug in 70MaffcWedgeLrg body - 2 door variant. There are crazy amounts of drag. Cause of this 450hp car cannot drive more than 190km/h. But When I change body to 4door or 5 door everything is ok.


In last market tab are 2 bugs:
clicking right arrow/next brings me back to Project setup & Trim settings
sometimes instead of Delivery Makeup & Region Charac. “sheet” I get a suspension tuning one


So I came across something that isn’t so much a bug as an inconvenience when it comes to modding. Where in the previous release changing the model year would reload the cars, allowing for changes to be made to the .lua files and the folders rather quickly, the open beta does not do it and the game needs to be restarted in order for any changes to take effect.


We just released a new open beta build… and I see I really need to reformat the OP :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Changelog here: http://steamcommunity.com/gid/103582791437639438/announcements/detail/848175208239845756



What is this, the ninja added not 1-series body won’t fit a 3.0 straight six! -.-


Hersey! :innocent:


Found a bug in the latest release.
-I was making a new car, and was up to the factory. Trying to assign a head engineer to either the car or engine factories just boots me back to the main menu. No error message, it just goes back there. The engineers for the design part work fine, it’s just the factory.


Confirm same here. Just CTM

  • After update still engine variants changing its date. I don’t know is it the same bug
    like before or game bug is fixed and my engine family is corrupted.

  • Still 70MaffcWedgeLrg
    body - 2 door variant makes a wall of drag in about 110km/h

Some things that may be not bugs, but they are enjoying and in my opinion should be

  • You can scroll any content by mouse wheel, only when you put mouse cursor on the
    slider. But when I put it cursor on the slider I do not need mouse wheel I can
    just click or drag it. Scrolling should be enable when you put mouse in every
    point of window content.

  • In fixtures window “back” key doesn’t work properly. It should get back to point
    when I was before, and it getting me on the top of list. If I wish go to the
    top of list I just can click “category” button again. For example I have 10
    pages of grilles, I select grill on 7th page and then click “back” I should be
    on 7th page again, but I am on 1st.

  • Please add max wheel width indicator on every point when You can deform car body. It
    is only on second tab and making more variants need multiple jumping between
    wheels and body.

  • Can You add more precise fixture editing tool? My idea is: when You click fixture
    you can use your keyboard arrows to make minimal precision position changing,
    and WSAD to change dimensions. That system works in many programs and games, for
    example NFS Pro Street (vinyls).