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Steam Open Beta B160308+ Bugs & Feedback


Ah, my bad, it’s not entirely like that. When I get to the fixture tab, if I save and exit, then open the model, a trim was created by default (nothing new there), but the year of that default trim is 2016. If I try to change it before the trim tabs that come after the engine tabs, it defaults the model year to 2016 as well before changing both together.


Ahh alright, that we can look into :slight_smile:


We just released a little patch to address the issues some people had with the latest public build, as well as two balance changes:

  • Added Prestige stat dependencies for cargo, doors, seats
  • Rebalanced engine factory production output
  • Fixed engine designer hold / revert functionality
  • Fixed issue with engine size color indicator in drop-down
  • Fixed trim year sometimes falsely defaulting to 2016
  • Fixed 70sWedgeLarge body rear lift value



soo it’s been bugging me for a while now. for some cars it happens, some other cars doesn’t.

in the transmission tab

that top speed line is always moving around everytime i change the gearing. it’s showing from 275km/h to 279km/h, and sometime even shows 290km/h

this is one the car that does it
Rubik’s ball - Model 1.zip (91.0 KB)

edit: there is just 1 modded fixture on the car at that point. just the rear wing.
3 cheers for the upcoming inline 3 :slight_smile:


How you gear the car will alter it’s top speed, so would you not expect the top speed indicator to move about as a result of any changes?


but afaik the blue line is ‘theoretical top speed’ with the available power +transmission losses, not a top speed indicator. that shouldn’t change, especially not a sudden change from 278 to 290.
the actual top speed can only be seen in the test track overview.


Wrong :wink: Have a closer look.


who’s wrong?


Well, you are. We changed the Top Speed line to be the actual top speed once the car is completed.


oh… so that changed… must be new and i didn’t read the changelog. okay then. sorry about that


Actually, it might be nice to have both the estimated and the actual top speed. For instance, if you have the top speed gearing set too low, you can’t tell what you should set it at except just clicking up on the slider until top speed doesn’t go up anymore. And I understand why it happens but it does feel weird to see the top speed jumping around everywhere. Don’t get me wrong - having the actual top speed is way better than the old one, but I’d like to have both if it’s not too much trouble.

To avoid confusion, maybe call it “theoretical” top speed instead of estimated.


I came across a little one I was able to “fix” by myself.

I created a new trim on an existing model
When I entered the engineering tab, the game threw the following error

tolua++ dbcall failed!: [string “–SANDBOX_DATA\CCarCalculator_Main.lua…”]:6477: attempt to index local ‘variantInfo’ (a nil value)

It wasn’t throwing it with other models. but it was throwing it with every trim of this model.

I went to the production tab on this model and ordered the plant to produce the new trim anyway and it stopped throwing the error.

I’ll tack a small request. Would it be possible to add a way to clone an existing trim?
It would make it easier to have a an automatic and manual transmission of each trim.


Stupid Automation and its limited number of vanilla fixtures!


You can clone trims and engine variants. In the scroll down list, there’s an icon of a car beside the garbage can. Click that and it will create a clone of the trim or engine variant, making it easier to make minor changes.


It’s the transmission, suspension and tire values i want to copy from one model to another.


That’s all in the trim section. Cloning the trim will give you an identical car with “Clone” added to the end of the name.


This happened when I tried to take a cloned trim into the engineering section. The first time it happened, it kicked me back to the home screen. I loaded the same trim again and tried to go into the engineering section, took this screenshot, and now the game’s frozen.

Edit: I can get past the error message, but now there’s no trims in the engineering tab, so I can’t make any progress.

Edit 2: This appears to have been caused by an engine variant, not a trim. I rebuilt the engine and it worked.


I’m having an issue with engine variant years. When I make a newer engine variant, put it in a car, quit the game, and come back, the year on the variant is back to the default year of the engine family, and it shows that year as the overall year for the market. The engine variant in this car should be 2012, but it reverted to 2002. I have to go back in and change the variant year, and modify the variant again if it reverted to a year before certain components were available as it defaults to older components that were available at the time.

Edit: Also, the game sometimes crashes when going back to modify the engine variant.


Thanx for all answers guys.
My bugs wasn’t nor comment nor answer nor fix, corrupted body wasn’t fixed after two
posts so I started to wonder why.

@ Sillyworld & TrackpadUser
You’re right, maybe not all my post should be in open beta topic, rather in suggestions…

But I was asked so I will answer about that gear point.
Example 1
Same sport car with same settings, only difference is RPM Limiter

10 100 RPM Limiter:

9 100 RPM Limiter:

When using higher RPM limiter you won’t use your maximum power at gears above 5th but you have quite wide optimal power graph. When using lower RPM limiter you changing gear in optimal point but youhave narrow power graph. Look how little power you have on 2nd gear, about 500hp while before was about 600hp. You talk about reliability loses but it is negligible small.

Example 2
Eco car with very low power peak

7 500 RPM Limiter:

5 000 RPM Limiter:

Again we have very flat power output, great for driving, but when accelerating we won’t use our peak power point. To use it we need to cut off this cool plateau and drive in lower power area.

I think it is necessary to change that shifting scheme, because it makes some inconsequence. My idea is to fit shifting to make the most of acceleration and power use.


Killrob actually responded your question…

For example, I build an L4 engine that rev up all the way to 12,000 rpm, but the shifts in the test tab were done around 9,000rpm, because that was the most conveniant point to change gears.

Same on the example of a small city car, that revs up to 6,000 rpms but gives top power around 3,000-4,000rpms, so in the test page, it will not change until 6,000 rpms, but rather when the next gear has enough power, probably at 4.500-5,500 rpms (or maybe a little bit lower).

The graph in the transmission tab doesn’t reflect the shifting in the test page, as it will shift when is more convenient, as killrob stated.