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Stock/Profit Change Tracking in Production Tab


I think that in the production tab, an additional column each next to Stock and Profit showing the change from last month would be useful, f.ex. Stock: 2796 / -138 meaning that you had 2934 cars in stock the previous month. Maybe the numbers (or cell background) could be dyed progressively pale/bright green for mild/sharp decreases in stock/increases in profit and pale/bright red for vice versa, much like with the trends in the Market tab. Mild/sharp would be measured simply by percentage for Profit (e.g. -20% -> bright red) and by percentage of Stock/Month for Stock (e.g. +0.8 months of stock -> bright red). I think (especially for the Stock column) that would make it a whole lot easier to track whether your demand:production is where you want it to be. Tracking the numbers for 5+ models and updating them in my mind every 1.5 seconds or so for each passing month makes my brain hurt pretty fast.


That is a good idea, would be useful for sure :slight_smile:
we’ll think about how to get that into the Lite Campaign V3.


Thanks for considering :slight_smile:

I’m currently doing another LC with a messily wide lineup (actually just six models, but might increase to about ten) and find that I have to adjust production output/markup for some models pretty much every single month, clicking my way through the revise tabs for every model. As I find this surprisingly mentally exhausting (weird as it sounds), I just came up with 2 more related things:

  1. A “skip to next month”-button to go with the “pause”, “forward” and “fast forward” ones, so you don’t have to warily hover over the pause button all the time. (I was contemplating an autopause function at specific events like “out of stock”, “stock +0.5 months” etc., but I think having the game pause every 1st of a month so you can reassess stock development is way simpler and just as good.)
  2. The bottom part of the production tab (the one displaying the new/revise/cancel/sell for scrap-buttons) could be switchable to show different things, in particular the shifts and markup adjustment bit for the currently highlighted model from the tab you get when you click the revise button. That would enable you to handle all of the day-to-day business stuff from just one tab, being able to see all of the crucial info at a glance.

I think that might make for much more relaxed gameplay with a lot less brain strain.