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Student Competitions Thread (Formula Student, Baja, Aero, etc.)


About three months ago in the Discord Automation chat I stated that I want to create a thread on the topic of Formula Student. A colleague suggested I should include other student competitions as well. Now I have finally found the time to do it (or rather the motivation to do it in the middle of the night instead of sleeping :grin:)

I noticed quite a few people on the forums were / are / want to be in a Formula Student team or other student design competitions or have shown interest in them. Since last September Iā€™m also a member of my universities Formula Student team (maybe you noticed Iā€™m rarely here on Automation).

My motivation to the creation of this thread is to make connections with fellow students, race car builders, designers and players of Automation. And having the hope that two or more Automation players will find a way together on a competition.

Everyone should feel free to post here.