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Studio di design Fiorentino


Studio di design Fiorentino

Studio di design Fiorentino (SddF or SF) are a design studio based out of Florence, Italy. The company creates unique and striking designs for various companies, and for themselves.

Founded in 1946, the Studio began as Florence Motorcycle company before rapidly shifting to Automobile design in 1954. Many of the Studio’s designs are strange and unique, however many have been forgotten to history, with no production or staying power.


Studio di design Fiorentino is available to work with.

To Apply for a design, either for a production model or for a concept, send a PM and an attached car file listing what you would like in the design, what era, and what kind of product it is.



1954 Studio di design Fiorentino Prototipo Uno

The P1 was the first independent concept produced by SddF. It was designed to be a super luxurious grand touring car. Featuring all around independent suspension, and a front mounted 4.2L V12, the Prototipo was an attempt at trying to brand the company as an upper market house of design.

1966 Studio di design Fiorentino TURBINA

The Turbina was an attempt to try and work around a unique powerplant for SddF. It was a Turbine engine designed and built by a local Italian air craft company. The Turbina was yet again made as a luxury cruiser/grand tourer. It ran as a small marketing and promotional run for many years before falling into obscurity, considering only two were ever constructed, both identical. Only one of the Turbina’s ran and was street legal however, the other being used as a static display piece for autoshows and fairs, while the other was used to show off turbine technology. The concept was never picked up by another company.


TURBINA II, Now on Display at NAIS

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I thought this car was dead, it isn’t so have a necropost and maybe I’ll revive this

2019 Studio di design Fiorentio TURBINA II Track Edtion Concept

Based on the TURBINA II Platform, the Track Edtion Concept (TEC) breaks the regular boundary for a Turbine Sports car, looking sleek and riding smooth, and placing it well outside the zone of comfort for a Turbine Automobile.

The TEC is a modern piece of kit, with an additional gaining of power over the standard spec. Performance and Handling are exceptionally increased too, with gains to cornering g-forces and downforce.

If Production is expected, then the TEC will run as an extremely limited spec on top of the regular TURBINA.

The TEC is also going to be going under extensive modifications and will be presented for use as a wildcard entry into the Garage 56 Slot at the 2020 LeMans WEC Event.