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Submit your fixture ideas for HardRooster to consider (All fixtures are Going Vanilla)


The latest submission is complete;


those wheel covers on french cars


They most likely would need to be specifically modeled onto the cars. Really would struggle to have them actually work on most bodies if they weren’t


they are going vanilla so maybe the devs will like do something to make it work


Ohh la la~
I’d perfer having this body type as well.


There are limitations to the game engine. Believe me, it’s not as simple as “the devs will make it work.”






Another one, I should be done with tail lights next week, where I can hopefully move on to grills.


I’d like to send my wish
for something like these


As you are speaking of grills - is it possible for a grille to add in a bump to an otherwise flat front?

Something like the Ford “Knudsen” Taunus.



Where could i find your license plates in game? The lights and wipers are there, but i couldn´t find the plates…:worried:


They didn’t make it in this time around.


This latest set of taillights has been brought to you by the Guardians of the Galaxy soundtrack, Vols 1 and 2.