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Suspension and Exhaust fixture questions


I have two questions,
On the first image, what do the 4 icons between suspension tuning and camber do? I’ve seen their description, but i see nothing happen when I click on any of them.

On the exhaust, wasn’t there supposed to be an exhaust pipe leading to the fixture. Wasn’t that supposed to be in the update or something? (The fixture is not a mod. Figured I should mention that.)


The icons are selectable test conditions (load presets). You pick one, then hover over your spring setting etc, it tells you the ride frequency and other fun stuff. Don’t know anything about the exhaust question.


The dynamic exhaust piping is not done yet and was not released with the content update, neither was it supposed to be. :slight_smile: It’ll be part of the next big update. Cheers


I see now. Thanks alot.