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Taimania Motor CO


Taimania Motors is a Japanese Auto Manufacturer founded in 1950


Taimania Motors was founded in 1950, by a young and new buisness man by the name Hanaki Taimania. He was a wealthy child, but the reason for him getting a load of money is so he could just do the same thing his Father did. Marry 3 widows and get stuck doing a boring job while those widows leech off you.

He did not like that idea one SINGLE bit. So what he did was take all his college money, the money we was going to be given, the money he had, and the money he kept in a secret bank account, and started a car manufacturer. His Father wanted to know if it was a luxury company, which Taimania Motors isn’t.

So, when he said it wasn’t. His father was furious. He left in anger and basically disowned his son for quote “Helping peasants”. Hanaki didn’t care seeing how he was abused by the 3 widows his father had married for all his life.

When it can to designing their first car. Hanaki invited his friends Tishi Ling & Nama Hana. To design the first car.

This in turn would be the 1950 Taimania Mika.

Current Models

Taimania Delstor (Fullesize SUV)
Taimania Mika (Compact Coupe) (Kei Car from 1950-1962)
Taimania Zed (Midsize Sedan)
Taimania Yonezawa (Fullsize Sedan)
Taimania Saint (MPV)
Taimania Ashton (Midsize SUV (JDM ONLY)
Taimania Ritoruyutiriti/Daimo (Small Pickup)
Taimania Heikin (Crossover SUV)
Taimania Monetsu (Luxury Fullsize Sedan)
Taimania Jinzo (Compact/Offroad SUV (JDM ONLY)
Taimania Keijidosha (Kei Car)
Taimania Ereganto (Luxury Fullsize SUV)
Taimania Oki (Large Pickup)

Defunct Models

Taimania Poni (Muscle Coupe)
Taimania Haitatsu (Utility Van)
Taimania Keizai (Ecobox (EUDM ONLY)
Taimania Chita (Sports Coupe)
Taimania Keroguu (Compact Car (JDM ONLY)


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1950-1956 Taimania Chita Gen1

Taimania wanted something else than just 2 sedans a pickup and a kei car. So they went to design a new car. The product that steamed out the drawing area. The 1950 Taimania Chita. It looked weird at first. Having an incredibly simple design, and despite having a small V8. It made 100hp and 0-60 in about 13-14 seconds.

It didn’t come with a monocoque chassis until 1953 when it started becoming popular. So it first came with a ladder. It had Double Wish Front and Springs in the back. Most likely leafs but since the blue print copies have been lost. We can’t find out. It came with a standard interior, but without a radio. Had Medium Compound tires and was pretty low. Lower than quite a lot of cars from that time.

It wasn’t rear-engined like a lot of cars at the time. So when cars that had sort of the same body came in. Engineers would have to see the Chita first since cars that shared the same body would usually be rear mounted engines. It had a tad bit updating in 1954 with the addition of a radio and sports compound tires. Either than that. It was a basic, pretty popular, affordable sports coupe.

Taimania Motors “Movin’ Right Along”


1950.5-1958 Taimania Mika Gen1

Taimania needed to make a seriously affordable car for the low end market. So they came up with this. The Mika. The Mika comes with a 300cc I3 making 17hp and is literally a moped. It has a top speed of 52-57mph and 0-60 in 999s, but on the bright side you get 25mpg sooo. That’s good right?

A bigger engine wasn’t added until 1951 as well as a monocoque chassis and different springs. It was then that they changed it to a 360cc I5 making up to 25-30hp and a top speed of 70mph. The mpg did get a bit worse at 20mpg and was overall better than the Moped engine.

The Mika was criticized for it’s really small slow engine and poor build quality. They could even make it light. It weighed up to 1098lbs. But eventually got lighter when they lowered the build quality more. They did add a Radio…in 1953 which upped the cost by about 10%. It finally in 1962 that they changed the Mika to a Compact Coupe which gave them the opportunity to introduce the Keijidosha. Since the Mika became a Compact Coupe the Chita started losing sales as the Mika was more sporty and better in overall quality. So by 1975 the Chita was taken off the market.

Taimania Motors “Movin’ Right Along”


1950-1955 Taimania Oki Gen1

Taimania needed to make a utility vehicle as they were in high demand especially for post war Japan. Then they shitted out the Taimania Oki. A large pickup truck (by japan standards). It was just a simple bland little Japanese truck.

It was first sold for Military use to help rebuilt Japan at the time. It first came (like every other first gen Taimania’s) with a ladder. But came with a monocoque as standard in 1953. It then came with full coils in 1953.


H: Short for Hyojun is the baseline trim.
: 1.5L I6
: 80hp
0-60: 18s
Towing: 1,900lbs
MPG: 20
MSRP: $1,500.00 ($15,800.00 in inflation)

Y: Short for Yoriyoi. Is the second trim.
: 2.0L V8
: 90hp
0-60: 16s
Towing: 2,400lbs
MPG: 17
MSRP: 2,100.00 ($22,100.00 in inflation)

T: Short for Tsumatta. Is the highest trim.
: 2.5L V8
: 102hp
0-60: 13s
Towing: 4,050lbs
MPG: 8
MSRP: $2,500.00 ($26,300.00 in inflation)

Taimania Motors “Movin’ Right Along”



1950-1961 Taimania Monetsu (Gen 1)

The Monetsu is a Full-sized Luxury Sedan. Made specifically for celebrities in its first several years, making models from 1950-1956 rarer than models from 1957 & onward. Taimania really wanted to go all out on this sedan, but not too much. Having only one trim in its first generation.

It came equipped with a 5.1L V8 making 100hp and 0-60 in 14.5 seconds. The interior wasn’t anything special, just a premium interior with a standard radio as that was what was in their price range at the time. The Monetsu would go on to be a serious collector’s item. With only 525 still existing, and only 3,422 ever built.

Taimania Motors “Movin’ Right Along”


“The Kei Car of 1962”

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