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TAXI! *Whistles*


I’ve published the taxi mods onto the workshop.




When I click the taxi badges, I get this error that crashes the game:


I’ve fixed it but you may need to unsubscribe, resubscribe and restart a couple of times…

…all while crossing your fingers and wishing after blowing out some candles.



Something’s up, because I only got the mod after your last update to it. No matter how many redownloads and restarts, I get the same error.


Exit the game, unsubscribe and check that the Steam downloader has completed.

Start the game and make sure it’s all disappeared.



I don’t know what’s going on, because now the mod won’t install at all after resubscribing.


I did have to restart a couple of times, after both updates, to get them to appear.

And from CSR it looks like Conan has it working.


I guess I’d better hire this guy for my company.