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Tesoro Automobili (W.I.P) (Azzurro)


Reworking this company since most cars were broken in recent updates.




This is your first foray into UE4 if I’m not mistaken - I can’t wait to see the Tesoro lineup fleshed out in full over the next few weeks!


Yeah I have only done a few designs in UE4 but never released any proper cars before. Just don’t expect too much, I’m lacking several bodies I’d like to use from Kee. There will be two cars coming either tonight or sometime next week and after that I will hopefully find the time to make new cars.


As a bonus, here’s some pictures of the 2 prototypes developed by MV Design, still spotting details that were changed on the production models and colors from the design studio, not used on street cars because of the lack of metallic paint tech causing this paints to fade when constanty exposed to the sun. The first produced unit, a blue 1962 unmarked chassis vehicle is currently on Tesoro’s Heritage Museum, while the green 1979 car, chassis TAG003164X is currently at MV Design’s Museum.