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Texture Issue in Photo Mode


Recently, I’ve been having an issue in Photo Mode, where the textures seem to revert to a low-detail setting under certain conditions. I can load a car into the Photo Mode with no problems:

(this is by the block wall near the car park in the Small Factory scene, by the way)

If I exit the Photo Mode and enter the Car Designer, say, to change the colour of the car, then re-enter the Photo Mode, the same scene looks like this:

No amount of waiting fixes it, nor does pressing the “Fix Car Location” or “Teleport to Car” button; the only thing that fixes this is to shut down Automation and restart it.


That is something we’ve seen happen on some players’ computers, it seems to have to do with VRAM allocation / limitation, and is something deeper in the UE4 engine that we can’t fix. Indeed a restart is the only “fix” we know of.