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Thank you Automation!


Before I started playing Automation, I was a student studying engineering in college and I had only a casual interest in cars. They were cool but I was daunted by the sheer amount of knowledge I would have to learn to truly understand them. But after I started playing Automation, that changed. I was amazed at how the game was able to simplify the mind-boggling complexity of designing a car into something approachable and understandable. And yet, the game still offered hundreds of hours of exploration where I could dive deeper and learn about the finer points of engines, powertrains, and vehicle dynamics. Automation single-handedly inspired me to take automotive-focused classes and spend all of my free time reading about automotive history and technology. In the time that I’ve been playing Automation, I went from newbie to obsessed gearhead. Because of you, Automation devs, I am now starting a new career as a System Validation Engineer at Fiat Chrysler Automobiles!


That is quite the journey. Congratulations!
It does take a lot of effort to get from nothing to where you are now, and I think I speak for the whole team when I say we’re glad that we could help you along the way. :slight_smile:
Best of success in your pretty awesome sounding new career in the industry!


I can also thank Automation for making me appreciate the fact that, for certain situations, some drivetrain and trim combinations are better than others; it depends on what you want your vehicle to be, and hence what demographic it will be aimed at.


Me too here can also thank Automation, it is what really Led me to actually taking an Automotive Technology course at my school, and some knowledge did transfer over a little bit to help in class