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The 1966 Great Archanian Trek


It’s a FWD Rally Muscle Car. Did you expect 464 cubic inches through the front tires to be anything but undrivable?


A van hidden in the woods? That’s scary.


FWD Muscle cars, rally tuned delivery vans, a lifted mid engined sports car, a lifted kit car…this might as well be Wacky Races at this point.


Well, yours wasn’t exactly enjoyable to drive on the small dirts roads I chose, but that had more to do with size than with front wheel traction, although that also played a role.

Biggest issues I had was with very wide tires and too small tired on very high soft suspension. The former tends to give a very bumpy ride, while the latter is just jelly car territory.

Anyway, just one sector per stage will have Beam.ng time, the rest will be calculated the normal way. But so far it’s interesting to see the difference in fast cars in my hands from in Automation.


I guess my entry has a taste of this…


At least mine would have had plenty of power to make up for the shortcomings of the design. Or perhaps that just makes things worse.


Somehow I still didn’t try out the Trek Mesaia in BeamNG… now I know what to do tomorrow. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


And, did you? Because I did. :upside_down_face:


I did and it’s pretty damn amazing in Utah.


I’ve tried the dirt special car from rapido motors in beamng, and was surprizingly nice to drive and controllable (until you get into high speeds, then the tiny swaybars really make it interesting)


Elizabeth: George, dear, when are we going again?

George: No idea, darling, I’m still awaiting orders.

Elizabeth: Have you checked the car over?

George: Yes Elizabeth and everything is OK.

Elizabeth: Oil and water?

George snapping: Yes……

Elizabeth: OK dear, no need to get tetchy!

George: Sorry darling.

Elizabeth: I love you my dear George.

George: I love you too darling…in fact, while we are waiting why don’t we go in the back and…

Elizabeth: Have a cup of tea? Splendid idea.

George sighs: That would be lovely darling.




Can I re-badge my car, to Stallzalot?:rofl:


Can we still join this?


since it’s been going for 3 months, i’m gonna have to say thats’ a no.


And going still, sloooowly.

But I have learned from this, and when finished I plan another one, but more streamlined.


Stage 3: Zimbukto - Logo

Sector 1 - Zimbukto – Bourem Omena

From the dusty streets of Zimbukto, we drive over sandy desert towards a sudden explosion of green that lines the Omena river. The cars will need to take a ferry here to cross.

Performing fantastically in the first stage of this TREK, bad luck has caught up with the Sinistra. They are the first to break down this stage. A little bit of luck as they manage to do so right in front of mechanics shop in Zimbukto, with what seems like a cooling and/or carburettor utterly congested with dust and sand. The repair from last stage’s damage seems to have left little time for normal maintenance. Personally, I am not fully convinced a mechanic in Archana knows how to handle modern tech such as the Sinistra.

Team Cops and Robbers perhaps also spent some time too much in the repair shop, or they spent the night with other things, as they seem to miss their concentration in Zimbukto and manage to get utterly lost. They only realize when they are on the road back. Once on the right track, the ACA Roadcruiser moves on well though.

Troubles as well for the Ninoyima of Team Desert Stars as they miscalculate the space between two rocks. It might be a dinky little car they are driving, but those wheels are wider than the car and not exactly massive and resilient. It appears like they completely shredded the tires on the right side and god knows what else broke or bent behind.

Some minor hiccups but nothing serious on the way as well for the Pengting Torra, the IP Brigadeer and the Epoch, though nothing serious. The Cossack of Team No Name 1 also lost some time, but no damage, in what has to be the laziest roll on a side a car ever made in racing history.

What the BM Feather has in speed and lightness – what’s in a name - it lacks in sturdiness. The little car has suffered over the stages and halfway through this sector it seems the other not named team is struggling with serious technical issues yet again. Not that external sturdy appearance is a guarantee. If so, they would be standing next to Team OneShot, whose Deer and Hunt has had more than one shot already is quite unsure on how many shots are left.

Closer to the river we see the Bramble factory team in trouble. In wanting to continue the straight line that the big wheeled Bramble has been holding over the sand dunes, the team fails to account for hidden rocks within the low shrubbery. And that looks like either a driving axle issue or a suspension issue. In any case, I don’t think they’ll be taking the first ferry. Or the second. Still, it could be worse.

Katana Racing Team in the TSR Ultra is doing what they are doing best, driving at high speeds. But they as well are apparently no longer used seeing greenery on this trip after that much sand and rocks, and what appears to be just a jump on the track they are following, turns out to be a drop into a fishing spot at the end the of the track. The TSR is now in shallow water and less shallow mud. Damage seems to be minimal, but getting the car free and dried out is going to take some serious time.

Top ten cars, in alphabetical order to pass the first checkpoint are:

Bruce’s Loose Nut Jar
Caliban Thunder ‘Scafell’
FAAL Mesaia 152
Franklin Rhino G&EHE1966
Keika I Safari
KMC Avventurer
LSV Buccaneer - Halti Special
Rapido Motors (RM) Skylight DS
Sakura Empress S (E10) Baja Custom
SOCAUT Pyrénées V8


Stage 3: Zimbukto - Logo

Sector 2 - Bourem Omena - Maré

Once over the river, the cars must climb the sudden rock hills to end up on a rocky plateau, over which they can shortcut towards the next bend over the Omena river.

The rocky plateau is alluring to open up the throttle on, but this is not without dangers, as there are many rocks of different sizes. Volponi and Lombardo let themselves be seduced by the open space and push the Ponni Weekend to its limits, and over them. The car suffers a major breakdown and is bellowing black smoke. They might be able to still continue, but it will be a lot of repair work in the harsh sun.
Falling into the same trap, the Pengting Torra spins out of control and the engine turns off. It’s clear something broke somewhere, as whatever Jehu “Tripod” Kickoman tries with his car, it will not start again.

The Franklin Rhino of Harcourt-Entwhistle has also stopped, although the issue is unclear. The car was seen heavily shaking earlier though, so it might be a suspension issue. They are joined by a very overheated Team There and Back Again in a very overheated Bogliq.

The ACA Roadcruiser and Team Cops and Robbers hasn’t got lost this time and progress well. A small stop was needed when some issues with the automatic gearbox were encountered, but it appeared to be a small issue. The Bramble factory team in the meantime is truly lacking luck this stage. The whole suspension has collapsed and the car is leaking oil and fuel. On a more positive note, the Pengting Torra has managed to start again and is continuing.

Top ten cars, in alphabetical order to pass the second checkpoint are:

Bruce’s Loose Nut Jar
Caliban Thunder ‘Scafell’
FAAL Mesaia 152
Keika I Safari
KMC Avventurer
LSV Buccaneer - Halti Special
Puttzalong Inglese Rally
Rapido Motors (RM) Skylight DS
Sakura Empress S (E10) Baja Custom
SOCAUT Pyrénées V8


Stage 3: Zimbukto - Logo

Sector 3 – Maré – Lake Oro

From Maré, a small fishing village of about 2000 inhabitants, the TREK goes North towards Lake Oro. The lake is not directly part of the Omena river, but gets filled by the underground river basin into which the Omena flows.

Team Sechsmötörigewildsaü in the FAAL Mesaia, the legendary French car, have chosen to stop at Maré. It is unclear what the issue is. Either they need food or an extended toilet break or something else. It must be urgent in any case as they choose to waste some time.

True tragedy here as the Puttzalong team lose control of their car and hit a tree with their front right. The chassis of the old car is utterly destroyed; the engine thrown out of the car, and the cabin is thrown into the bushes. The medic helicopter lands and Contadino and Greco are extracted from the wreckage alive, but injured. The Puttzalong is the second car after the Ardent to certainly not finish the TREK.

At around the half-way mark the Ferreira Family Crashing Team in their Loose Nut Jar-nicknamed car get stuck in a mud pit. Although they manage to get out, they have to stop to let the engine and the clutch cool down. Kudos, by the way, to the LSVRT team in the LSV Buccaneer, who stopped to help out the Ferreira’s and lost time in doing so.

A small incident up ahead between the Epoch and the Cossack. Both cars have come into contact with each other and have stopped to discuss how that happened and to tend to damage. It becomes clear early on that the Epoch has suffered significant steering damage. Team No Name 1 is not intending to wait however and fire up the Cossack to continue their TREK. The Keika Safari is also standing still nearby, encountering some difficulties with their gearbox. Daniel Chase and Jack Williams are frantically trying to find the issue and to repair it.

Team OneShot in the Deer and Hunt are making up time after their breakdown early in the stage. However, in trying to take a shortcut, James Parker drives the car up a hill that sadly enough for them ends up with a cliff. They can see the lake from up there, but they see no way down except going back. From their position they also see the Rapido Motors standing still, smoking, agonisingly close to the lake. By the time they get there, the Rapido Motors has moved on, so apparently that was fixable.

Top ten cars, in alphabetical order to pass the third checkpoint are:

Caliban Thunder ‘Scafell’
FAAL Mesaia 152
Franklin Rhino G&EHE1966
IP Brigadeer 1900 DX2 4x4
JHW Sparrow Panamerica
KMC Avventurer
Ligrani La Follia
LSV Buccaneer - Halti Special
Sakura Empress S (E10) Baja Custom
SOCAUT Pyrénées V8


Stage 3: Zimbukto - Logo

Sector 4– Lake Oro - Yaouroudaboué

Though still mostly rocky and dusty, the proximity of the lake and the abundance of ground water ensure the occasional lush and even muddy spots.


Sector 5 – Yaouroudaboué - Logo

The last part of this stage takes us to the old Portuguese mining town of Logo. Will be taking the notoriously dangerous mountain road from Yaouroudaboué to Logo.

The FAAL of Team Sechsmötörigewildsaü breaks down in the middle of a mudpit. The Müllers are not amused at having to repair a driveline caked in mud while crawling around in even more mud. Minor issues for the KMC Aventurer at the front of the field. It only looks like a temporary loss of speed, but it might play a role in the final results. They make up time in the mountains over to Logo, on paths that clearly suit their car.

We have a second DNF in this stage, as the Bramble Flint, driving fast to catch up lost time, misses a corner and stops hanging half over a cliff. William Moore and Robert Chamberlain scurry out of the car in time, but soon after they do, the rocks holding the car up splinter and it rolls down the cliff. This is bad news for the LSV Buccaneer, which is driving below as the Bramble falls. Although managing to evade the Bramble a heavy rock hits the middle of their hood, damaging severely the carburator and the valve train.

The IP Brigadeer and the JHW Sparrow are both standing still in Yaouroudaboué. All four wheels have been removed from both vehicles. It is unclear what the issue exactly is. But we’ve heard they managed to cross the hill to Logo without issues afterwards.

And now, we wait until the official results role in.

There is some news though. This stage might very well be the end of this years edition of the Great Archanian Trek, as reports of civil war further South, where or next stage would take us, have put the continuation of the even under review. It might well be so that we have the ceremony here in Logo.

Official Results Stage 3

Position Car Team Status Driver Co-driver Stage 3
1 Sakura Empress S (E10) Baja Custom Sakura-Mathews America Factory Team Professional David Mathews Emerton Mathews 08:41,47
2 KMC Avventurer KMC Professional Kevin Michaels Herman Livingston 09:05,05
3 Keika I Safari Keika Automotive Professional Daniel Chase Jack Williams 09:22,55
4 BM Feather No Name 2 Amateur Unknown Unknown 09:30,04
5 Caliban Thunder ‘Scafell’ Tin Of Anchovies Professional Alec Henry “Insane Josh” Joshua Morgan 09:33,21
6 SOCAUT Pyrénées V8 Team Pyrénées Amateur Jean-Claude Cassenave André Lacassagne 09:37,03
7 ACA RoadCruiser 440 Police Interceptor Special Offroad Team Cops and Robbers Professional Blake Washington Alejandro Cervantes 09:38,48
8 Ligrani La Follia Hurry Squad Amateur Teodor Bajkiewicz Clive Stetbury 09:42,58
9 Bogliq GPDV TREK Car Team There and Back Again Amateur Stephen Nix Christopher Hind 09:47,56
10 TSR Ultra Rally Safari Edition Katana Racing Team Professional Cole Mendez Takumi Kakayama 09:49,35
11 Franklin Rhino G&EHE1966 Harcourt-Entwhistle Amateur Capt George Harcourt-Entwhistle, REME Elizabeth Harcourt-Entwhistle 09:49,39
12 Bruce’s Loose Nut Jar Ferreira Family Crashing Team Amateur Bruce Ferreira Buster Ferreira 09:54,43
13 Pengting Torra 273 NAAC (North Archanan Automobilist Club) Amateur Jehu “Tripod” Kickoman Sebastianos Kouho 09:55,28
14 Sinistra Savage Concept Sinistra Performance Division Professional Luke Sinistra Mark Jasper 10:14,06
15 FAAL Mesaia 152 Team Sechsmötörigewildsaü Amateur Xavier Müller Jean-Martin Müller 10:18,12
16 Cossack TT2500 (modified) No Name 1 Amateur Menelaus Daisun Cardiel Megalos 10:20,21
17 Rapido Motors (RM) Skylight DS Rapido Motors Factory Team Professional Rajha Mirada Daniel “Dany” Focada 10:23,44
18 Deer And Hunt Hawg GAT Team OneShot Professional James Parker Henry Carlson 10:48,17
19 Epoch M30 3.3 Trek Epoch Professional Yale Thomlinson Peter Kleinmann 10:50,13
20 JHW Sparrow Panamerica Ecurie Crowley Professional Fred Jones Ken Crowley 11:01,47
21 IP Brigadeer 1900 DX2 4x4 IP Motorsports Professional Chandawang Sangwat Pawoon Khaodai 11:12,43
22 Ninomiya Evron Coupe (Custom) Team Desert Stars Amateur Yuuki Akagi Haruto Aiba 11:31,38
23 LSV Buccaneer - Halti Special LSVRT team Professional Make Viljami 13:01,08
24 Ponni Weekend No Name 3 Amateur Bruno Volponi Enzo Lombardo 13:36,37
DNF Puttzalong Inglese Rally PRTF (Puttzalong Rally Team Fruinia) Professional Giuseppe Contadino Arturo Greco DNF1
DNF Bramble Flint Chert Bramble Factory Professional William Moore Robert Chamberlain DNF2
DNF Ardent Chesapeake GT Rally The Pride of Ohio Professional Bobby Morgan George Kowalczyk DNF3