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The 1966 Great Archanian Trek


Fair enough, makes sense, your company’s lore precludes any of their product from being eligible. However, maybe you could enter one of your other company’s products to collect some sweet RP storyline…

Like Monolith perhaps?

Might make for an interesting special edition trim?


Monolith is the brand name for IMPs trucks, vans and SUVs. However there currently aren’t any bodies I like for 1966.

LV, Barricada, Doberman, Rockway and Jager are separated from IMP. The problem is four of those are american, and I don’t want to enter an american style vehicle. Well, maybe a Jager Voodoo…


Do it!!! :sunglasses:

Make an awesome off-road Voodoo, have it run by an ameteur or unsanctioned “official” team to avoid lore clashes and come join in the fun! :star_struck:

The more entrants, the merrier everyone will be!!!


JHW Sparrow Panamerica

Here to compete are a JHW works-backed squad and their purpose built buggy based on a 1950’s JHW Sparrow FHC.
Driver: Fred Jones, 31
Navigator: Ken Crowley, 35

The team entrant name is Ecurie Crowley. see you on the trails!


Enter an amateur millionaire that stripped the hell out of an IMP he bought? Although probably the engine would be too big to allow for the budget limit? Mhhh, I understand the problem. Feel free to join with any other company though.


This is the Bramble Flint.

It is a small, rear wheel drive, fibreglass sports car designed for narrow country roads, or mountain passes. It is certainly not fast, using a small four-cylinder engine to power it. With such a car, Bramble could happily take the fight to the racetrack, and rely on agility of the flint to do the talking for them.

But there were rumours that, with the fuel crisis Britain experienced in the mid ‘50s, Bramble had created a monster in the name of downsizing.

Instead of a ‘large’ inline four, some people spoke of some flints having been tested with an incredibly small V12, codenamed Watchmaker due to the intricacies of the parts involved. This engine powered the front wheels, and by all accounts, apparently made the flint rather nice to drive. The legend of these Flint Watchmakers persisted for a while, until early this year, when William Moore, the Son of Co-Founder Samuel, found the legend in an abandoned warehouse off on the edges of the Bramble factory complex.

Now, William wanted to give this unusual car an even more unusual sending off, so decided to enter the Great Archanian Trek. This astonishing plan was sent all the way to the top and, while Samuel refused to allow it, the other founder, Robert Chamberlain, allowed it to go underway as a factory venture under one condition – he could co-drive it.

The resulting car is now rear wheel drive, and almost double the power of the original design – the small 1.2 litre V12 producing 93hp, with a redline at 9100rpm – despite being tuned for a lower quality of fuel than the ‘standard’ version. Externally, The Flint has nearly quadruple the ride height, and tires big enough to remove any obstacle in it’s path. Extra vents have been cut, more robust mirrors and a radio have been added, and Canvas bags (storing everything from fuel to the tent the two will sleep in) have been installed. Two pigeonholes in the rear of the Flint, a tow bar, spotlights, mudguards, running boards, and a snorkel, complete the conversion to an off-road monster.

The Flint Chert is ready to carry the flag for Bramble, although William and Robert just want to send the car off with a bang. Although they’d prefer if it didn’t actually go bang – Those canvas fuel bags aren’t exactly sturdy……


Yeaaaah… there’s a reason Indy switched to methanol in '65 and started using “RaceSafe” fuel cells instead of bladders… cough Dave MacDonald cough Eddie Sachs cough


I hadn’t heard about either of those two (I don’t really follow Indycar) but after a quick search…yeah, that’s…ouch…probably wise…


The deadline is nearing. Of the people who posted a car I’ve not yet received @JohnWaldock’s submission.

I will preview the first 2 stages and will allow you to vote on the modalities for repair between stages on Monday after I return home from abroad. Stage 1 is planned for Thursday.


i’ll ping it to you today


Team OneShot

Base car is a 1957 Deer And Hunt Hawg
For the rally, the V8 got upgraded with another carb. The Suspension got reworked. Swapping the normal springs to hydrophy. springs and giving the car front and back brake discs.

Of course the outside also changed!
But the roof stays ! Heard it could be really hot.

Driver : James Parker (US)
Navigator : Henry Carlson (US)


KMC (Kevin Michaels Creations) entering their Avventurer for the Great American Trek as a professional team this year. Featuring a torque-y inline 6, a 3 speed manual and no sway bars for maximum offroad capabilities, no drivability, and more roll angle than a Citroen 2CV. If this makes it to the end in one piece I will be supersized surprised.
Kevin Michaels, the founder of the company will be driving along side Herman Livingston as his codriver.



Not sure we want to hear you automotive erotic fantasies there…


:laughing::laughing: selected the wrong spellcheck :laughing::laughing:


Speak for yourself there buddy!


Who doesn’t like last minute silly entries? 110hp/l and a 8.2k redline, nearly 250hp/tonne thanks to a fibreglass body and front wheel drive memes, at only 443kg they can carry the thing over the line if it breaks. It also does sub 14L/100km so eco memes as a bonus to 60’s race engine 4 pot


In 1964, Ponni Motors Company introduced the Ponni Weekend. A wagon aimed for the average family guy with children, who needed a big, efficient and comfortable wagon, but also a capable off-roader for the weekend. It featured lots of cargo space, selectable 4WD (with manual diff-locks), good ground clearance and plenty of creature comforts, such as leather seats and an AM/FM radio.

Basic technical specs:

  • Engine: inline 4, 3.0l of capacity, OHV with 2 valves per cylinder and two single barrel carbs (around 100 hp / 200 Nm of torque).
  • Transmission layout: floor mounted 4 speed manual with selectable 4WD and manual differential lock for both front and rear axle.
  • Suspension layout: front and rear solid axle w/coils, and progressive springs all around.

Two years later, and having heard of the upcoming Great Archanian Trek, a group of five friends wanted to join in. They decided to use one of their own cars, so the driver took his own '64 Weekend for the race, but, as you might expect, the original car would probably not be quick nor stiff enough to tackle on the challenge, so they did some modifications to it. They are the following:

  • Suspension: beefier suspension components that the guys took from a contemporary pick-up truck, on all four corners, resulting in an improved ground clearance by 110 mm.
  • Wheels: bigger and wider wheels, with off-road tires, also taken from that truck, this made the track width increase in around 200 mm.
  • Exterior: bullbar, roof rack, sidesteps and four off-road lights were fitted.
  • Interior: all of the creature comforts were removed (radio, back seats, etc.), fitted a home made roll bar, as well as the communication equipment. Also, they installed a net to the cage behind the front seats, to ensure everything that they throwed at the back of the car wouldn’t hit the driver and navigator in case of an accident.

As you can see, the drivetrain was kept as standard, as well as the engine, they thought that it was a good idea to leave it that way to ensure them good reliability through the race.

  • Driver: Bruno Volponi.
  • Navigator: Enzo Lombardo.

Excuse me if I’ve misspelled something, I’m Argentinian.


The price was somewhere in the $98xx range, I’d like to submit my entry as an Amateur racer.

Edit: Team Name: Ferreira Family Crashing Team
Driver: Bruce Ferreira (57)
Co-Pilot: Buster Ferreira (35 - Son)

Edit: Made some cosmetic updates only. Added snorkel and found proper aux lights mod.


Submissions are closed. Overview of contestants and first 2 stages incoming.

Regarding repairs, I have two questions:
As stated in the OP, you have 4 levels of damage:

  • minor
  • significant
  • catastrophic
  • complete breakdown

The fate of those breaking down:

  • Those who reach the final stage of damage are out of the Trek.
  • Those who reach the final stage of damage get a 12h time penalty, but can continue in the next stage.

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The repairs of all others:

  • No repairs between stages
  • Automatic repair to the previous level between stages (no time penalty)
  • Automatic full repair between stages (no time penalty)
  • Repair to the previous level between stages with added time for those repairs based on the service costs of the vehicle.
  • Full repair between stages with added time for those repairs based on the service costs of the vehicle.

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Little guide to help you with voting.