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The 2000 Taxi challenge


It’s a city bus!

Made for ants!


I am not going to publicly show the .car file for my gasmean entry but I am showing the only photo of it as I am bored of hiding my “majestic” [spoiler]HIDEOUS[/spoiler] Taxi [spoiler]



Dude… What do you smoke?

That is something… Eeh… Eeeeeh… Special?


are you talkin to me or him?


he replied to caligo


ah ok its just that normally its my stuff that makes people want to run away due to the monstrosity that it is


Out of the dark sea of hopelessness, a ship of imagination emerges

Dimsul - Bilg.car (18.3 KB)
Here is a beamng mod file https://drive.google.com/open?id=1tk97ba74Hk_Ni99hY0xI2y0vJNWwpxY-
I have tested it and it drives excellently with a keyboard.


Don’t Double/Triple Post, just edit your previous posts.


I’m quietly laughing to myself, because I keep reading this as “The 2,000 Taxi” challenge.


why tho


Manter El vido - Gasmea entry-2015 vauxhall viva.car (25.9 KB)


I will do the conformity checks tomorrow if an entry is really terribly out of the stats.


Behold, The Crusader Universale by Kyuusoku Gotsui Binshou!



All Ameri… I mean, Gasmenian. The 1999 Armor Briar Fleet (because most Taxi companies bought their cars second-hand from rental agencies)


1995-2001 Taimania Saint Takushi.

“Ready for your open road.”
Taimania - Saint Takushi.car (36.1 KB)

Taimania Saint Base Photos

Takushi comes with an I6 instead of a V6 for more slightly more mpg.

P.S The Saint’s model years are 95-01. While the production years are 1995-2000.


2000 Maxton Senator FE

The Aussie turd is back! Hopefully, this time it’s less of a turd! Now available in Gasmea.

2000 EKW Clipper 200i

For the Fruinians!

Moar pics


Hello, here I present my 2 candidates

first one for gasmea, FENE. using a 6 cylinder engine, reliable and tuned for a low fuel comsumption. a clasical sedan body with FWD for improved reliability and low weight

for the fruinian drivers here is the NEDA, featuring a 1.4 4 cylinder turbo that will keep the power even with that low size. this one is a minivan body, allowing more room for the passengers with a smaller size


Is this thing even on going? If so I’d think CMT would’ve said that entries were closed by now…


It is ongoing, I am just very busy at the moment, as I am running daily to the veterinarian because my dog is very ill. But this weekend will be the official start the cars have already been imported.


what breed of dog is it?