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The 2000 Taxi challenge


Recalculation done.

Excel calculation will be published here this weekend to give you a first insight and alter the tension. Beam part is also finished but its’ tough giving the Points wisely…

@Caligo seing the screenshot above … your car is a bee…


So, here you can see the stats in comparison of all entrants.
I removed the scored points as this overloaded the table, and I am still struggling a little with the Beam part.

But at least you can now see that I am acutally working on it and not telling you bullshit.


Looks at engines

:musical_note: one of these things is not like the other :musical_note:


Damn, I have cut the table accidentally, some cars are missing. I will re-upload it after work.


Uh, I just noticed. What the hell did the update do to the price of my entries? 71k??? I think there’s a reason all the other contests right now are using material costs…


the way the estimated price is calculated has significantly changed with the last few updates and now also includes a (what the game thinks) reasonale markup.

thus the high price


Totally correct.

As you cant be blamed for the update I wont insist on that price limit, but surely one thing is sure: The cheaper, the better.

And I met with a friend who actually drives taxi, and he told me comfort is superior to drivability, and I gave reliability and service cost not enough points to score, as this is by far more important than I calculated.
Damn, here we go again…

But now before posting the points, a last glimpse at the statistics, now with ALL cars finally (and the new point balancing).


I like how my V12 van is the only one with a performance score xD


I always mark top and low end first.
And “performance” is a new point as I formerly considered only the acceleration, because a taxi is rarely going topspeed. But there are some cars that accelerate slow but speed up to amazing speed, so performance is appprox. 70% acceleration and 30% topspeed to be realistic.

Drivability is far easier, as this is mathematically easy, 72,6 is the highest score in the field, and 1% is 0,726. The Frunian has 69,1, this divided through 0,726 means 95,18, and 95 % of 40 maximum points are 38, so Frunian car gets 38.
This does not work if lower score is demanded, p.e. in consumption. I am doing this more or less over the thumb.

So this is how it already worked in the 1990 challenge from its basic principes.