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The 2000 Taxi challenge


Well I don’t see my Tianjin PuTao in the list…


It’s coming later. Expect further results soon maybe still this evening or tomorrow afternoon.


15: Huangdou Shije, 292,82 points
The chinese car proves not everything from China is trash. The comfort isn’t great and it could be thriftier. Its overall Beam handling is no highlight and it’s not secure on difficult road conditions. But it is solid and performs good on the torture road and in reliability records, and the price is low.

14: Armor Briar, 293,45 points
Excellent reliability meets high service costs - maybe there were some high quality components? Who knows. A well-made car that suffers from weakness in the Beam part. It sure looks like a tank, but rather fails on the torture road and surface test. The overall handling is pretty medium, not bad but not among the best.

13: Tanaka Atlantis, 294,35 points
A very modest car with pleasant scores. Why only rank 13 then? It is among the thriftier ones so far, but it is not very cheap and neither cheap to maintain. The Beam handling suffers from severe understeer and it did not survive the torture road. If used carefully and under avoidance of extreme driving situations nevertheless something we wouldn’t stop you from buying.

12 Tianjin Gasmea, 296,08 points
Racing car technology in a van body - the V12 car is surely not suiting taxi use. The performance is great and so is the practicality. The comfort beats most sofa-sedans, and it makes up rather average safety with astonishingly low consumption… but I beg you… A V12? Price ($ 80.000) and terriffic service cost kill it here. Its handling is not great due to overpowering, and the brake fade is dangerous. The torture road kills the very complex axle construction. Surely a great VIP shuttle.

11: Washington Xenon, 300,53 points
The old one was a very solid and pleasant-looking car for a very low price, and so is the new model. Thrifty, cheap, relatively easy to maintain and besides brake fade and average surface test, this one is again a recommendation for those looking on a budget.

10: EKW Clipper, 302,59 points
Looks good, but accelerates a little dull. Unharmed by the torture road and having a solid performance in Beam. Reliable and very cheap to service, but drivability is astonishingly low and it is not really thrifty. But it’s a car to rely on in almost every situation… if not needing to merge on a highway under stress.

9: Brunator Fene: 302,82 points
Again a very fun to drive car from Brunator Gasmea. It drives very good and entertaining, and drivability scores reflect that. Not that cheap to service, but secure on ice and mud and proudly succeeding the torture run. Consumption is average.

8: Brunator Neda: 303,69 points
It is actually worse than the Fene, especially in comfort and handling. Still rock solid and returning to service unimpressed by the torture road. It overtakes the Fene with low price, cheaper running cost and excellent practicality. Remember: The fleet manager decides, not the driver…

7: CMT Lugo: 305,46 points
Drives and handles excellent under any conditions, consumes few gas and is affordable. Practicality is good, maintenance cost are not. CMTs are known for being expensive to fix, and so is the totally simple engineered Lugo… Another point against it is the rather unimpressing comfort.

6: Marquez Carrier, 306,25 points
Practical, comfortable and affordable - this helps the Marquez to be among the best cars. It is secure under any road condition, but disappoints with terrible understeer. Quick acceleration and average, definitely not too expensive running cost make it worth a look and we recommend a test drive to check if you can live with the bland handling.


hasn’t seen Anhultz yet.

also me:


5: CMT Atlas, 311,91 points
A very advanced midsize with many talents, but it is - typical CMT - overengineered. The complex active suspension is sensible and not what a fleet car needs. The engine isn’t very powerful either. A car that is good at everything, but nowhere perfect. A recommendation, but not our winner.

4: CMT L25, 313,96 points
The all-new L-Class is a real Premium sedan, and you notice that at any opportunity: Incredibly safe, powerful, spacious and riding like on a fluffy cloud, also decent reliability due to well-engineered components. Real premium means also: Very expensive to buy, horrendous service bills. The choice of the customers, but definitely not what a fleet manager prefers.

3: Tianjin PuTao Frunia: 319,71 points
Just like the V12 van, but with a lot more reasonnable I5T. Same practicality and almost the same comfort, but cheaper to buy and operate. Still even more expensive than an L25 in every way. For that reason - not our winner.

2: Anhultz Mimas, 320,38 points
Let’s start with the consuption: The Mimas needs barely any fuel and we thought the gauge is out of order. A miracle how thrifty it is while still performing ok and not too slow. The reliability is good, and besides having no weakness, it is so cheap to maintain you might give your mechanic a tip. Deserved silver medal!

1: Anhultz Dione, 323,47 points
It wins because it is by far more comfortable than the Mimas, and comfort is the most important for a taxi. It is also much faster with its stronger engine, but still incredibly thrifty with a consumption not a lot higher than the weaker Mimas. It handles even better than the already good cousin, and it impresses on the torture road where the Mimas had some damage after succeeding. Better safety and a not soooo much higher price finally decide:


Congratulations to @Elizipeazie for winning the 2000 Taxi Challenge!

I am sorry for the delay but I am proud to finally have finished this over-complex mammoth challenge.


Shitpost van got 3rd and 12th lmao I’ll take it


Mmm, I love the hosts own cars in a subjective challenge being 4th, 5th and 7th.

I don’t smell a lick of bias anywhere here at all


I have reviewed all cars totally objective. Based on complex excel calculations and careful driving that took days. Senseless comments like this will only discourage to host any challenge and just to give a proper answer: IF I WANTED MY CAR TO WIN IT WOULD HAVE BEEN VERY EASY TO MAKE IT WIN! I didn’t because I do this for fun and not a sick ego.


The fact that your cars gained an obscene amount of points from beam gives me a lot of suspicions


I have communicated open right from the beginning that I am taking part. I also took part in the 1990 challenge before this where I wasn’t bad but I was not among the very top. Others were better. Of course I scrutineered the winner to learn from it. But I failed to win this time because I overengineered. Something clearly mentioned in the - yes I must admit that - short reviews but naming major pros and cons to give everyone who has invested time and brain in bis or her entry hard facts what was well done and what not. And this is why you find my cars in my competitions: I want to learn and improve. In a fair and non-biased way.


I would not call this obscene. I tested my entries a lot and tuned the suspension after some test drives in Beam. Beam was included from day one and it also was in the challenge before. And yes, I have a certain style of driving I am adapting a car to. I like a slight oversteer in the rear and a minor understeer in the front. Quite strange but the Anhultz for example drove better than the PuTao. I can pass you some car files to make your own experience. And yes, everyone not having BeamNG has a disadvantage here, I can’t deny this. Nevertheless I made hundreds of digital miles on different maps NOT to prefer my own setup. On the other hand: What do I have from winning here and betraying everyone else? A larger p***s? A $1000 win? I have nothing from that so I must be completely DUMB if I am stealing the tension and fun from this.


TL;DR learn from your mistakes

Even though I never entered this challenge, I will say this. Never ever review your own car. Think of it this way, would you ever enter your own CSR round? Even if you say that you have nothing to gain from putting your cars in high positions, why enter them in the first place.

I get it, sometimes you come up with a cool idea for a challenge and you want to enter it yourself, but as a host/reviewer, you have to realise even if you try to be unbiased, there’s always gonna be a little bit of bias towards something you’ve designed and that’s almost impossible to eliminate. The only way to do so is to just not enter.

Like if this was the first time you’ve been called out for this fine, people make mistakes, people don’t understand the etiquette of running a challenge/review, but you’ve already been called out in the past during your review of your car vs someone else’s. You really should have learned from that considering that the complaints raised against you there are exactly the same as the ones being raised now.


You are right. When I started this challenge, the very first Silver-York wasn’t even published so this might explain why you find cars by me here. I could have deleted them before posting the results, but honestly, I did not see the people warming up old stories so obsessed. In the previous challenge nobody really complained. Where were all the people that are now insulting me back then?

I had a very intense discord discussion alongside to this thread.
I was accused of being biased, more or less only letting my cars win and celebrating myself. Some messages were truly offensive and way too emotional for my personal taste.
You know, I have definitely understood that most people here hate me for taking part in a challenge I host no matter how hard I try for being objective. In 2016 I hosted competitions where that was not a problem at all (I didnt cheat and I didnt win) and in the challenge before this, where I also took part mainly for comparison it wasn’t a problem either. Or maybe the people respected me too much for attacking me in public? Who knows.
Until Silver-York, obviously. When I started the 2000 challenge that event would be faaaar in the future, so this explains why I still included my builds, but I am repeating myself.

When I compared the 1984 Silver-York to a car I had built way before and added fictional content in a review to make it more “real-life” like, I didn’t write a text that was that good as I wanted it to be. This is true and I apologized as a good intention can end as the opposite if not properly thought to an end. Yep, I did a shitty review and I should have let the author of the other car proofread to avoid what happened. But I can not turn back the clock, and believe my, I definitely would if I could as my experiences here are everything but desirable.

I must have insulted a “holy cow”, as since then there is so much hostility I have rarely seen before in a very civillized and usually exemplary community.

If you believe me or not, I am a respected person in other game communities and even “employed” as a mod or admin there. So I presume I know what I am talking about. I consider this here as an intelligent and adult community, especially in comparison to other games. At the same time, I experience a saltiness and “resentfulness” like hardly anywhere else.

I am tired of being fingerpointed at for anything that could be used against me. This is odd and I am actually asking myself who is acutally biased. This challenge was a relic from days before “Silver-York” and I think I can’t say any more about it. When I offered to help in the HHD4 challenge this evening / this night, I already said that my car should be skipped, remembering latest incidents (and this was before this shitstorm even started). Because this is AFTER that Silver-York. I do have understood that the community changed since 2016 but I had no idea how hostile some reactions would become.

I totally underrated what would follow this challenge. I have a lot of better things to do than stirring up an old conflict, and if I had foreseen this I would not just exclude my cars from “own” challenges in the future but also removed my cars here right before publishing the scores. I guess now I am definitely warned and knowing the attitude here and that Silver-York is NOT history at all.


The forums have changed since 2016. A lot more people are playing the game now and their expectations of challenges come from stuff like CSR (its also why CSR is having a bit of a crisis). There’s also been a lot of issues regarding cheating in challenges that have come up and a lot of other stuff that would take a while to explain.

Also while the start of this challenge predates that review between your car and the SY, the final reviews have only come out recently and this was two months after the SY review. You really should have realised what would have happened if you continued the challenge with your cars in the mix.

I’ll say this much, considering that the first forum challenge I ever entered was one of yours. I never realised you entered your own challenges back then, mainly because I never knew how the forums worked when I first came along. But I can tell you now, that had I known back then, I probably would have raised some complaints about you doing so.


wait you’re talking about the review where he said that S-Y blatantly ripped off some other brand? lol


sitting at uni noticing the tag

reads the results

Front row lockout yay!

Anyway good challenge, yo!


Hmm yes, 11th place with an ancient design made back when i had no idea how to design cars :stuck_out_tongue: so im quite happy with these results!