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The 2009 Three Desert Race


That’s… peculiar, In that case I will do some further testing and just go with 110km/h cruise rating for the fuel if problems arise. If you want to help me with that, PM the car you used for your Beam.NG testing to compare do we get same results.


Any updates on this? You should have received the car a few days ago.


Ah sorry sorry, a bit busy with life, I’ll change the rules right now


For clarification sake, no, not the zip file for beam, a zip file with .car and a .txt inside


I am withdrawing from this competition.

However, since I already put in some time and like the way it looks, here’s the Gnoo Ibex Desert Run edition. Party pieces are 105 offroad, 74/67 reliability and an anti-glare bonnet for those sunny desert runs.

Yes, the anti-glare bonnet is my favourite bit.


Closing this off at author’s request - don’t think any entries will be lost from a quick skim over? Apologies for anyone that’s stuck time into it.