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The 2018 Meatball run - Day 2 4PM-7PM


Well, I don’t know and I am not going to count on it since that would be a bit of cheating from my side since I know a little more about the route than anyone else. Part of the challenge is to find a balance between having enough money left to make the trip and having a car that is going to cut it.


From my calculations, if it is one checkpoint per day you will need at least $5000 just for hotel rooms in a 3 person team


Oh, no, you will not stay over noght at every checkpoint. Every checkpoint is a city in a new county, but it’s between circa 80 and 500 km between them so you will pass many of them per day, sorry if I was unclear there!


I have a car that would still leave me with 2500$


The race is 5395 km all in all so it really shouldn’t take more than a handful of days…


So…I feel kinda finished with the rules and have set a deadline, so now just start making cars for this. :wink:


Team Shitbox Brothers

The Shitbox Brothers are two 21 year old twin brothers from Cadiz, Andalusia with a soft spot for tuned shitboxes and speed.

Alejandro is the male twin brother. Making a living by being a mechanic and tuner, he’s the one that will take care of the repairs the car might need and whatnot. Laidback and calculating, he’ll be doing all of the planning and is always planning ahead.

Cars: '86 Maesima Celento.

Ana is the female twin sister. She works full time for the post service, and a track day hobbyist, she’ll be the one doing all of the driving and quick decision making. Energetic and competitive, she never gives up without some hard racing first.

Cars: Cavallera Kunai '15.

The car of choice: Caliban Type SC '87.

The newly reborn Type SC has all the go they need from the get go, and with some mods, should be economical enough while remaining a mid engine missile. And that’s why it became their car of choice.

The Shitbox Brothers wishes everyone good luck and good racing!



ANDREAS: Janne, WTF is this? You was supposed to buy a car? You bought a frog!
JANNE: I know. I was drunk when I bought it so it looked like a Caliban then…
ANDREAS: So, what is this? Except for the ugliest mess of a car ever produced.
JANNE: It’s a 1989 IP Celestia Mk3 Sport Sedan. Faster than it looks at least.
ANDREAS: And uglier than it looks! I refuse to drive this!
MARIE: Give me the brush!
ANDREAS: Are you sure that’s a g…
JANNE: And while you’re at it, go behind the barn and look if I have something useful there…


ANDREAS: WOW! This sure is a beauty!
MARIE: Yes, I told you, everything has potential!
JANNE: Wow, almost as beautiful as my Royalist hearse! You sure know what you’re doing!
ANDREAS: But…why do the paint smell as tar?


There might be a couple of young adults in a huge pickup truck, if I can get the price down low enough.


Choo Choo it’s the Redneck Express.


Team V6 Vandals

The Team:

Luke Light
Age: 18
Interests: Running Storm Automotive, tinkering with computers and robotics, repairing some of the damage age has done to him.
Personal Vehicles: 2004 Storm Surge (1,289,792.8 miles, Hybrid, XR-3, Company Car)

While he may be an android, time has not been kind to him. After suffering a major hydraulic pump failure in a junk run, and running another junkyard bash on two-of-three pumps, he’s developed a rather annoying fluid leak. Requiring an oil top-up twice a day, Luke isn’t particularly impressed, but he’s signed on for another challenge anyway. He’s the primary driver, though has admitted to the rest of the team that he can’t quite handle all of it this time.

Amy Storm
Age: 54
Interests: Fast cars, racing on tracks, and junkyard bashes.
Personal Cars: 1976 Ishu Myriad, bought from Luke after One Last Hurrah, 1985 Sinistra Sunbolt.

Racing driver, mechanic, crew chief, and the team’s unofficial “Lady of the Heavy Right Foot.” Not afraid to get rough with the car or other teams, though respects good fair races. Also bears a lot of the responsibility for blowing up the engine in the One Last Hurrah junkyard car bash, though she’ll argue that because Luke was behind the wheel when the engine let go, he’s the one who killed it, and that her rev-tapping the aging V6 didn’t cause squat.

Jake Storm
Age: 30
Personal Cars: 1996 Storm Knight GS-E, with Manual Gearbox (and half-blown clutch)

After spending much time deflecting why he couldn’t drive stick, he finally bought his first stickshift car, and to ensure he drove it, he sold off his Storm Galaxy hybrid. As bad as he is with a manual gearbox, he’s a technological wizard when it comes to engines. He still gets a lot of flak from the rest of the team for murdering their Minerva’s gearbox during the 24-hour Clunker Race, but he’s doing much better now.

Cody Acorne
Age: 34
Interests: Street racing, high-speed driving, back-country roads, and FWD shitboxes.
Personal Cars: 1979 Sinistra Traville LC-2600

The team’s parts-guy and general purpose mechanic. He’s also the guy who found the car they’ll be driving through this event, and told the others that it exceeded his expectations for what they needed. This, of course, made everyone a little nervous.

The Car:

This is a 1987 Sinistra Swift, specifically the Sweepback 5-door hatchback. Sinistra Motors, after realizing that the Traville and the Swift were both compacts, decided one of them needed to become a midsize. The Traville was the first car, so it stayed a compact, which meant the Swift grew up.

Even more specifically, this particular Swift Sweepback is gifted with the Performance Package, including the HPO 3.9 V6, a vicious V6 packing 200+ horses, just because the SPD (Sinistra Performance Division) felt it was needed.

Team V6 Vandals picked this one up in Dark Royalty Blue, and they plan on giving everyone a good run, even if their 80’s wedge-box can’t quite live up to its name anymore.

Road Rally - 1952 Corso di Fruinia [FINAL RESULTS]

I remember a variant of this car taking second place in CSR74. Fingers crossed that this earlier version does well in this challenge as well.


Sorry, but I think this NEEDS to be expanded on


Is the trim year allowed to be higher than the model year? eg: 1960’s car with a 2015 trim year and a 1990’s engine swap with a 2015 variant year, meaning the car has been modified to race using up to date parts on an older base.

Edit: Are there any limits on the amount of lips and wings, quality points or drivetrain swaps? Also do we need to send the standard trim variant of the car as well as the Meatball prepared car?


Team ThunderStruck
Oh hey, Look Who’s back.

The name, again, comes from the car. But firstly the team.

The Team

Lyra Sunshard: She has an online following as a YouTube-Turned-Twitch Streamer, and this is an excuse to go back into racing, this time being livestreamed the entire time. She’s 21.

Charlotte Mathews: Childhood friend of Lyra, and steady accompaniment on these challenges. They’re going to try and push this more than last time.

The Car

As the team name suggests, this is something, well, Thunderous.

A, uh, Caliban Thunder does the trick quite well if you ask me.

It’s fun, fast, and cheap. What else could you ask for?


Drag Queens

  • Vihtori Vaaratie - Partial outlaw, due to his hobby of tuning mopeds to go over the 45 km/h limit. He has driven a lawnmower for the past 20 years, which makes him a pretty skillful driver.

  • Elias Suomalainen - Very skillful driver as well, but he has never driven a car. Elias has been unemployed for his whole life due to his criminal record, it includes such things as trying to pull over police with a DIY police bulldozer.

  • Jukka Orpo - Ex police officer. He got fired, because he once got pulled over by a shady bulldozer and he thought that the driver of the dozer was a actual police officer. Also Elias and Vihtori don’t like him, because he doesn’t drink alcohol.

  • This team was formed when all three current members of this team invested their money on bitconnect and so lost 90% of their savings. To get back this lost money they decided to join this 2018 Meatball run, even though it was unclear if there was even a prize for the winner.

LSV Mark

A rally car modified for road use.


@stm316 - I don’t think you want to know more…
@Mythrin - Yes, engine swaps, any trim year, anything goes in that way. Hmm, lips and spoilers, didn’t think of that… coming back to that later… And I only need the final trim of the car.

I was hoping that this would NOT become like the clunker challenge when I changed the rules about 1000 times, but this is still only my second challenge and it’s obvious that I don’t think about everything…

I am thinking about a rule change to make it more realistic. Like @Dragawn was talking about earlier, I felt that it would be more realistic and I think fun too, if it didn’t mean that the game was over for people running out of money for hotels. It’s not reason enough to give up when I think about it. It would then force the team to sleep in their car, which would not restore the fatigue nearly as much as a good nights sleep would. Also, running out of money for food could mean that they simply could not eat, reducing driveability (because of hunger making it harder to concentrate), raising the risk of an accident (and at zero driveability, game over).

How about that rule change? I am positive myself, but since @Mr.Computah, @LS-Vehicles @Madrias and @Vri404 already seems to have their cars done, I feel like I have to ask them first for their opinions.

Also…aero? How much does it affect the cars performance to load it with an unrealistic amount of lips and wings? I can’t think of any car IRL having more than one lip up front and two wings/spoilers in the back (like the Ford Sierra XR4i) so the question is if more of them should be allowed if it has any effect on performance…


I havent even send the car yet so I dont mind


Okay cool :grinning:, I think the purchase price may need to be fiddled with as the price goes up with trim year.


On the other hand, you get so many more chances to build a good car when using a newer trim year so I think that it’s more fair to leave it like this… Didn’t really want it to turn up like the clunker challenge when 2000s sports cars completely dominated the field because of this.