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The 2018 Meatball run - Day 2 4PM-7PM


“So, you’ve bought a touring car then?” says the shady character as the CCi burbles into the garage, leaving no neighbours asleep on its way.
“Correct, and what a bloody awesome car it is at that, had great fun on the drive back, and I picked the whole lot up for just a shave over $12k.” Kyra replied briskly.
“Any modifications?” The shady character, who we shall now refer to as anonymous, inquired.
“Not that I can see, the intake manifold may need a checking over and the Vapour oil separator may need replacing as it coughs out Steam on start-up, but aside from that it should just be standard maintenance.” Is the reply.
“These were Rear-wheel driven, am I correct?” Asks anonymous, admiring the gleaming engine bay with the 314hp V6 nestled inside.
“Yes they were, and for the first half of the season they used open diffs. They were a nightmare to drive without viscous Limited Slip Diffs.” Kyra said.
“I did notice one thing as you drove in” anonymous adds “the axleback section of the exhaust pipe looks a little loose.”
“I can check that over, it’s fine.” Kyra brightly responds with.
“Also, this car doesn’t use ReveroTronic EFI does it? I’ve heard some horror stories, and my GL has suffered with injector failure before,” anonymous points out.
“It does but it’s one of the very late systems with all the issues ironed out since this is the last year they used EFI. Well, it’s the last year they were still Revero for before Amuna Performance bought them out,” Kyra says wistfully, peering over the bonnet at the strange-shaped wiring loom on the bootlid of anonymous’ SuperLuxe.
“Alright then, I’ll take it for a spin” anonymous quickly states before hopping in, blipping the 3.5L V6 into life with a roar, and proceeding to do a burnout before leaving.
To be continued…


Team KANSEI DORIFTO creative, right?

It’s a hot afternoon in Sunny California, (true story, it was 105 F today,) and a boxy sports car pulls up to the driveway.

“James why are you in a shitbox CMV? Weren’t you going to get that FR-S I found online?”
“Jess, you have no clue what I just found.”
“A fourth-gen C series with a ricer front splitter? Wow, what a find.”
“Ugh, maybe if you see whats under the hood, you’ll change your mind.”
"Sure, a 142 HP I4 with some ‘TURBO’ stickers, what a- WOAH. Is that a, is that-
“What, a 1.5L Turbo I6 making 285 HP and goes to 9500 RPM stock? Indeed it is, now what do you think?”
“An '89 C15? Those are homologation models! Magnesium wheels! 5-speed manual! Ventilated disc brakes! What did you have to spend to get this?”
“Uhh, let’s not worry about that, wanna go for a-”
“How much?”
“Ugh, 11,9.”
“I know, I know, but just, take it for a drive.”
“A $12,000 drive? You better beg whoever you got this from to take it back!”
“285 HP and less than 1850 lbs. means nothing to you? Come on, I know you too well.”
“Fine, I’ll go out for a bit :slight_smile:

Team KANSEI DORIFTO consist of James and Jessica, a couple with a love of cars and an unhealthy Initial D addiction.


Team Redneck

The family is out on the back porch having a get together Otis and his wife are snuggled in a single reclining lawn chair watching the grand children play in the sprinkler, which involves racing the power wheels through the mud. The oldest two boys are cooking at the grill, their wives are sitting at the patio table talking. Jake is sitting in another reclining chair teasing his mom and dad about being too old for all of that lovey dovey stuff in public when Suzie comes up and climbs into the chair on top of him.

Jake’s phone chimes with the announcement of a new message. Jake and Suzie read the message which contains the invitation to the race.

Suzie sequels “Lets do it, I love the stories you and your dad tell about your crazy trips.”

Otis, “What trip is this?”

Jake, “A 5400km illegal race through Sweden”

Otis, “A few suggestions… Think skinny winding roads, and a muffler, when I did that one before you were born I couldn’t hear for a week.

Jake, “So you don’t suggest the Express? Not to mention they are limiting total money, even fuel”

Otis, “Not if you want to win.”

A couple of weeks later the Redneck Express has been fixed up including the heater box. It doesn’t quite look the same, its lower, much lower.

Otis, “Well it ain’t gonna be the fastest, but it should do decently, and surprising good on gas.”

Suzie, “Its time to load it up, its shipping out tomorrow.”

Otis, “Good luck you two, drive… well safeish.”

Jake: 18, The youngest son of Otis, mechanic and driver. Redneck through and through. Big dirty black hat and all.

Suzie: 18, Jakes girlfriend Navigator and DJ. She is starting school next fall as an engineering student, only recently got into cars, racing, and engines in the last year due to Jake.

Redneck Express: 23 A big black 1995 T-25 ¾ ton truck that has been rebuilt several times now and has been run in so many competitions now that it might as well be a character.


As soon as I get home tomorrow, I’ll call some friends from the design shop, split some coins and buy a used Nimber, witch was one of the most successfull designs of our team. I hope to find something as good as the first prototype rolled out of the shop in 1962. Obviously I’ll look for a newer one since this 60’s versions are highly collectible nowadays.


Decided to do a diary tipe thing. Let’s see what happens.


Team New Life

Delta Flight 46 (JFK-AMS), over the Atlantic about 50 miles east of JFK airport

The flight attendant wheeled the drink cart to row 17, where a motley trio occupied the three center seats. Her straight blonde hair fell just past her shoulders, and her teeth glistened when she smiled.

“Can I get you gentlemen something?” she asked perkily.

Fuzz’s eyes darted around for a moment. “They said with these seats we get free drinks, right? Like, alcohol?”

“That’s right, sir!” she replied.

He giggled like a little boy before ordering two rum and cokes. Kyle put in for tequila, and Hank ordered an amber beer.

Once their beverages were in order, the attendant moved on to the next row.

“I can’t believe this. Free booze on this flight.” Fuzz was clearly amped up.

Hank’s eyebrows arched. “Just take it easy. It’s a long flight, and we don’t want you to get kicked off or arrested.”

“Or start an international incident,” Kyle added.

“Psh,” Fuzz dismissed their concerns. “I know how to handle my liquor. Besides. Me and the guys back at my old station got bored one night and played with the brethalyzers. I know what my body can do.”

Kyle leaned towards his cousin. “Are you sure this was a good idea?”

Hank shrugged. “He’s paying our airfare. Both ways. Comfort plus, too. It could be a lot worse.”

Fuzz pounded his first rum and coke, then prepared the second. “So, where is the starting point again? Rikafurgamurgin?”

The cousins exchanged glances again. Kyle pulled out his phone and looked it up. “Riksgränsen”

“Right. Uhm… we’re meeting at the Ikea there, right?”

Hank immediately reached for his attendant call button. It was going to be a long flight (with a short connection in the Netherlands), and one beer wasn’t going to cut it…


Bill: SANTA’S AN IDIOT! It’s bloody cold here!.. why is there a hole in the bonnet?
Ben: Cold air intake.
Bill: And what is the bonnet on? Is this is our ride? For the Meatball?
Ben: An 84 Godhap & Whent Wallis. Sure, it’s a bit on the “fat” side, but I like it. Cheap enough, prone to rust, easy to find spares. The hard bit was getting it to move… still not sure I’ve succeeded there.
Bill: You did this with parts from old Karl’s “Bil återvinnare”
Ben: From where?
Bill: Google Translate for “car recycler”.
Ben: Oh. Yup. Too bad he’s selling up, that place is FULL of cool stuff!
Bill: What have you done to it?
Ben: Head off for a quick port and polish, a dose of injector cleaner, that nifty intake, front and rear aero aids, and a bunch of lights. I also pulled out the broken bit of the back seat, so it’s only a four seater now. Four wheel drive from that buggy out the back, complete with wider rubber, most of the exhaust from next door’s shed, and brought the timing up because it’s running on 95 now, which was a little tricky. All told, it’s probably worth about as much today as it was new. So, same… but different.
Bill: Well, I suppose we’ll send the new application form in and see if it gets approved. Where’s what’s-his-name?
Ben: Joe. His name is Joe. Your brother’s name is Joe. He’s getting lunch.


Lol, are they recording a new Mad Max movie? :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, are Ben, Bill and Joe the members of the team, to clarify?


They are.

Edit: I had really good driveability, but my cars are supposed to fail, so I made it more "all-terrain"y. It should be broken enough now.


Team Green Gunners

Bob Thompson - Son of amateur racer and test driver Walter Thompson, who entered the 1995 Great Automation Run and 1999 Automation Sunday Cup.

Tom Norwell - Henry Norwell’s son, and now a budding amateur racer in his own right. His father’s company made a name for itself fettling other manufacturers’ cars.

Car: 1992 Genra GST-30 Coupe

A turbocharged Far Eastern RWD sports coupe designed to compete with Europe and America’s best. The Green Gunners have brought along a rare two-seat model (most examples were four-seaters) on account of its lighter weight. At any rate, it should be fast enough to be competitive over long distances… at least in theory.


U: Have you read the local newspaper today?

K: Nein. Should I?

U: Well apparently an LPG vehicle caught fire in one of the local body shops and blew the entire place up.

K: Suckers.

U: Now guess which one we sent our rallye car to for some last minute structural reinforcements.

K: Nein! What now? Shall we cancel our entry or what. Hang on a minute don’t you remember that one SUV thing we drove past two days ago?

U: SUVs are kind of a common occurence, you’ve gotta remind me idiot.

K: You know, the Italian one! With turbos and all?

U: o.O You’re not seriously suggesting we take that thing there?

K: Come on, there isn’t anything that could go more wrong than it already has.

U: With a 20 year old Italian Twin Turbo SUV you might be wrong, actually.

K: - picks up phone - Hello, I am interested in your car…

Insurance money: + $9635
1999 Galmarini GP3 TI: - $12,822 after some haggling

New Pre Race Balance: $2,178

New Vehicle:

Quoted from the internet:
The Galmarini GP3 was a sports SUV manufactured by Galmarini Automobili S.p.A between 1996 and 2005 […] the GP3 TI was equipped with a twin-turbocharged 3.0L Flat 6 which produced 277hp and 387Nm and sports tuned suspension. […] the TI was praised for its driving dynamics considering its size and weight due to a low center of gravity and near 50/50 weight distribution. It could reach 100kph in 6.8s and a top speed of 235kph, both very impressive numbers for SUVs of this era.

K: So now we’re broke lol.

U: Pretty much but you forget the GP3 should be both faster and more economical than the Taxi.

K: And more reliable oh wait definetely not that. But more fun.

U: OH HELLO WHAT DO WE HAVE HERE? I didn’t even know they made those with manual transmissions! I am starting to like this car.


Team Letto is Returning!
Main Driver: Lord Letto, 28, Some Mechanical Knowledge (4 Automotive Service Tech Classes in High School, Passed all of them), Gamer & Otaku
Navigator/Co-Driver: Coconut Letto, 27, Lords Best Friend, Also a Gamer & Otaku
Mechanic/Relief Driver: Markus Huttunen, 42, Strange Finnish guy they met during a adventure to Peräjärvi, Finland. Abandoned by Parents at the age of 18-19, he had to fend for himself, he rebuilt his fathers car & worked sucking septic tanks & chopping firewood.

The Car:
1995 Letto Barba, a small city car powered by the Letto LE-I420D, a 2L i4 that makes 97.6 hp@6300RPM & 116.3 ft-lbs of Torque@3100RPM paired to a simple 3 speed auto.


Team Bakewell Tart

‘‘So that’s the car then talk about Kardashian rear end’’ laughed Connor taking a look at the haunches of the car.

“Built back to original 90’s spec, apparently it was an original Wertgen Turbo Kit put on a Ditane 622 hence the massive arse. Dad got rid of the stupid 375mm rear tyres redid some of the cracking fibreglass and put in a CD player from an old Mirri” replied Mandy.

“Yes very understated” said Connor with a smile.

“Dad said that alot of the engine was shot 'cos the last owner thrashed it so he had to replace various bits with pieces from an old Averau” Mandy said opening the engine cover.

“Great so we’re going up against the likes of a Caliban with the engine from an old people carrier” said Connor eyeing up the rest of the competition from a distance. “Hey Mandy, isn’t that the same pick-up truck that your Mum told us about” looking over a the Redneck express.

“Yeah it is… we’'ll keep an eye on them” replied Mandy peering over the top of the car.


Team REE

Lauri Ojanen: The son of Teuvo Ojanen. Hot-headed, but a skillful driver. He likes big engines, rock music and thrashing his old beater on empty dirt roads. He’s 19.

Niko Auramaa: A friend of Lauri’s, he’s usually calmer, but has a tendency to suddenly snap into rage, especially if his friends are mistreated. He’s 22 and likes motocross, old weapons and is intrigued by communism.

Vito Gronchi: An Italian exchange student who’s residing at Niko’s, he’s an excuse so I can write this shit in English warm and friendly and tries to see the best in people and their intentions. He is proud of his home country and carries Italian symbols around with him.

-Um… Dad? Lauri asks carefully from the front door.
-What is it? Is something wrong? Teuvo asks as he comes from a room to the hallway. Lauri hands a piece of paper to him.
-Oh. This. Yeah, I signed you up to this.
-WHAT? A race across Sweden? Alone?
-No, no. Niko and Vito are coming with you. I left a good car with them, they’ve been tuning and polishing it up for two weeks now.
-Is it the Kiito? Lauri asked excitedly.
-You aren’t touching the Kiito for a long time. It carried me and Jorma through Europe…
-Yes, when you participated in the GAR. I remember.
Suddenly a car turns into the driveway. Neither Lauri or Teuvo can’t see anything as Niko flashes the many lights of the car. Niko turns off the car and the V8 sputters to a halt.

-What have you done to the car? Teuvo asks as Niko opens the door.
-We made it better! Look: 8 additional lights, big wheels, a lowering kit, pearlescent paint job… Niko started to list all of the modifications he and Vito had made to the car.
-Stop right there. What about power? Or handling? Teuvo asked, being clearly annoyed.
-Oh, we have those things too. The old V8 now has about 350 hp instead of the paltry 220, it has fat tires and to save weight, we threw out the passenger seat and most of the safety equipment. Niko was clearly proud of the car, and Teuvo was pleased to hear about the newfound performace. However, Lauri was skeptical.
-A Birch Motti? This is a van, not a sports car. How are we supposed to race with thing?
-I tried and tested it and it’s properly quick, Niko tried to assure him.
-Where’s Vito? Lauri asked as he looked around himself.
-He’s at the garage. We should get some sleep there and leave tomorrow as soon as possible. It’s going to be a long drive.


(Since @Elizipeazie cannot write this post, I’ve been asked to)

Team Operation BIRD

Meet the team!

Captain Frank Tomson: the head of the team, and a grumpy guy at that, with a soft side not many people have seen. He is a social guy, however, hating having to do stuff by his own; he hates Connor due to an accident both had some time ago. In his mid 50s.

Tim Redwood: The youngster in the team, 19 years old. Even though he’s not had too much of a formation as one, he’s the team mechanic, and keeps both Tomson and Connor in check, wanting everyone to be calm. He’s unable to stand too much pressure, though.

Connor: the smartest guy in the team, with extensive knowledge of various topics as well as the best driver in the team too. Shows little emotion, even when he’s pressed to his limit, and has neutral opinions of the rest of the team. He’ll instruct Redwood on how to repair stuff if needed, too.


Team #BunnySquad

Horrible Vlog Music starts playing

“HI MY BUNNIES”, the blond woman with blue bunny ears says, “Welcome to a brand nnneeeewwww VLOOOG on my channel. I am sooooooo happy to see all of you. Here is again, your Alpha Bunny, LizzyBunny and today i have something super to tell you all! We are in Sweden and yes ‘We’ because not only is my always helpful camara bunny ‘BunnyCuts’ here but also my brother! Say Hi BunnBrother!”

The camara pans to a man with orange hair leaving a hotel. In both in his hands he is carrying big suitcases, both coverd in bunny stickers.

“DONT FILM ME AND HELP ME! These are heavy Liz!”

The cam gets pointed back at Lizzy
she giggels " Why are you doing all your workout when you can’t even lift two bags!"

“It’s not the…ARGH whatever. Have you showed our bunnies our car?”

"I was just getting there! But first something from our sponsors:

“This episode is sponsored, by Audible dot com.The best source of Audiobooks. Thanks to them we can still continue what we and you love. In the description you will find a link for a free 30 day trail. You will even get a free audiobook just for signing up! Dont like the service? You can cancel it anytime you want. This month i recommend to you: Rock’n’Rallye! And now back to our program hehe.”

“You are getting better and better at these”, the voice behind the camara says.

“Well you get used to it. But yes. I haven’t told our bunny army why we are here in Sweden. We gonna join the Meatball Run! YEAHH!”

“Yeeahhh”, sounds from behind the camara.

“MYYY ARMMS”,BunnBrother scream from offscreen.

“Okay okay.For those who dont know: The Meatball Run is a car rallye thorugh aaaaalllll of Sweden and then back!And BunnyCuts, i think it is time! Toooooo shooooow the BunnyMobile!”

The cam pans to the right showing a car:

“This ummmmm…”

“Neko Panther, Lizzy” the man says as he puts the bags into the trunk.

“Yes that, will be our BunnyMobile for the next weekish! BunnyBrother will be driving, BunnyCuts will be sitting in the back to capture every last bit and i will do my best job to vlog and post everything we experience on this roads!”

“You think we will win Liz?” the voice from behind the cam sounds.

“I mean, it would be nice to. But lets try first to get safe to the end hehe. So yeah everybunny. Follow me and my Hashtag BunnySquad on this journey. Here on Youtube and all our other social media! And like always: BUNNYPOWERRRRRR!”

The red light of the camcorder goes out
“Annnd cut. Well done Lizzy”

“Thanks Carla. You also did good”

“Are you two ready to roll out?”

“Um yes Kevin. Just need to get some of my powerbanks and we are set”,Carla says.

Team #BunnySquad contains of:

LizzyBunny - 1,1 mio subs - does mainly vlogs
BunnBrother - 500k subs and Lizzys brother - something between vlogging, car videos and gaming
BunnyCuts - 200k subs and the cutter/camara gril - mostly just behind the scenes of how she cuts vids.

Thanks to my friend skywarriorstare for illustrating the team




Team sippppp

So yeah more of this will be filled in hopefully relatively shortly, just getting this post up so I’m actually entered


Driver 1; Danny

Driver 2; Denny

The team with the biggest meme, they saw the near 5kkm race as a challenge to do it on as little fuel as possible, and that’s exactly what they created The 1.8 LGE for, with an astonishing 1.8L/100km average fuel consumption and an alleged top speed of over 180mph, this should be extremely dangerous and entertaining.

All this came at a cost though, the money they saved on fuel (and then some of their savings too) went on the price of the car, setting back the duo a whopping $12,929

Will they be able to complete their mission? Will they have enough money for the race? Find out on the next episode of “What am I doing with my life”


Team Getaway Plan


Maria Miles: 20 years old. Chop shop owner and general mechanic for illegal activities, and leader of Team Getaway Plan. She’s aggressive, and doesn’t like to take no for an answer.

Skyler Newman: 18 years old. A street racer and getaway driver. Constantly has earphones in, listening to anything and everything. He’s quiet and prefers to go unnoticed.

In a workshop

Skyler walks in, humming along to some song. Maria hears him walking in, and quickly runs over to him. “So you’re finally here. Anyway, I got us an event.” He pulls out an earphone while Maria continues. “It’s called the Meatball Run. Over three thousand miles of high speed driving. So it’s simple. We have 15 grand to get us a ride, with a bit of change for food and stuff.”

“So what car are we using?”

“I found us a gem. A 1988 Keika Katana. It’s perfect as a base, but I have ideas…” She grins and runs over to an engine, hanging in a hoist. “Here’s the engine, 2.8L V6, quad cam, all that good stuff. Hand built by me. Just needs the turbos and we should be able to push 180hp from it on an eco tune. Some flat and easy to drive cams, you know?”


“That seems like not a lot of power…”

“Don’t worry about power. You let me get to work. And maybe go on Google Maps and scout out the route or whatever.”

“Got it.” Skyler walks off to an office in the back, earphones back in, and starts finding out info on the race.

A few hours later

“Hey Skyler! Get over here!” Maria screams. The door to the office opens and Skyler walks out to see the car, now with 4 extra rally lights. He does a lap of the car himself. “Not bad huh? 140hp of fury.”

He gives a confused look. “Umm… 140?”

“Well yeah. What’s wrong with 130hp? Don’t you trust that I know what I’m doing?” She grins, looking slightly sinister.

He sighs. “130 my ass… What else?”

“Well, the interior is less cheap and more comfortable. Nicer radio for you. Softer springs for some off-road capabilities, lighter wheels. All in all about 60KG heavier thanks to everything I shoved in."

“Do we really need the fog lights though? Will we be racing in the dark that much?”

“That’s not the point. Rally lights are badass!” Skyler sighs, then looks around the car himself. “Oh yeah, inside there’s a CB radio.” He opens the door and peers in. She opens the door on the other side and points at it. “That’s there to entertain me while you’re driving. I’ll shittalk everyone while you do your thing.” She then taps another part. “That’s our police tracking stuff, help us know exactly what’s happening to our friends in blue.” She pulls her head back out, “We leave in two hours.”

Sorry for bad car pictures, currently on my laptop and that one was all I had on me. And that hp figure is totally legit. Running a nice 120hp.


A little less than 3 hours left now, if you haven’t sent in a car, posted your team in this thread or, if you were planning to enter but forgot both of them, here’s your only reminder. I will not accept anyone entering after the deadline and I will not remind anyone in person.