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The 2020 Trafikjournalen 24h clunker run (Final results at last.)


PART 5: 10PM-2AM

The mushy brakes of the National is showing from its bad side again, it’s entering a corner with too much speed, resulting in a skid, which causes the Harris to swerve. Speaking of the Harris it seems to be running kind of rough at the moment. Once again, it seems like they are overestimating the handling capabilities of the Tycoon, going up on two wheels again which leads to a tricky situation to dodge for the Ursula and Puttzalong. Afterwards, the Puttzalong does not look like it is overly stable, maybe the suspension is on its last toll. As we said before it seems like it is no easy task to maneuver the bold and big Seikatsu around the track, and the Anhultz has its share of troubles too. The JESA driver gets a bit optimistic and is planting the car in the guardrail, leading to a short stop in the pits.

We see that the National is driven very carefully now with its almost smoking brakes. The Harris is maybe a bit out of alignment after the crashing it has done because it’s certainly unstable and does a hefty skid through a curve. There is some slight misfiring from the Ursula and the next car to spin out is once again the tail happy GMI, which has to be avoided by the Jinsu and Mikadzuki. The BAM is starved for fuel once in a while. There is a crash between the Ssanvan and the Alba, where the Ssanvan has to go into the pits for a short time while the Alba can continue as usual. The Hitomoji and Kurokama is spinning out while trying to avoid it. When getting back out on the track again, there is some quite serious sputtering from the Hitomoji.

The Harris is once again spinning around leading to some trouble for the Mikadzuki. The GMI seems to be rolling around in neutral for a while before it finally can be put into gear again. The Bogliq and Puttzalong almost gets into a crash which causes the Tycoon to swerve. The Cheval transmission keeps shifting strange and there is some small sputtering from the Hitomoji again. Now, the Seikatsu and Jinsu gets into a really serious crash. The Jinsu is still driveable even though it got tossed around, but the Seikatsu has some heavy damage and has to be towed to the pits, yellow flag is out. The team says that they will try getting it back on the track though. While trying not to get into the crash, the Kiran eats the guardrail instead and has to do a small visit in the pits, and also the JESA gets into some trouble, but manages to stay on track. Also, there is some rough running plaguing the FM again.

The Supo has some troubles in the corners and we hear a little misfire from the Kuma. The Mikadzuki gearbox is grinding on downshifts every now and then. The BAM and the Harris has a little crash meaning both of the vehicles have to go to the pits for small repairs. The Jinsu has to do some tricky maneuvers to not get into the crash. After just a short while the BAM has to go back into the pits because now it seems like the fuel pump have given up completely. The next vehicles to get into some serious contact are the Tycoon and the Hitomoji, sending both cars to the pits. The Seikatsu and the Alba seems to be able to avoid getting into trouble but the Kurokama is spinning out, ending up stalled at the side of the track, and we hear the starter freewheeling for a couple of times before it comes alive again and gets back on track. The Kiran seems to only have parking lights for a while but we get reports that it only tooks some flicking on the light switch to get the low beams back. The Ssanvan is taking it easy with its kind of mushy brakes and we hear some rough running from the FM again.

The Harris, the GMI and the Ursula is driven a bit too offensive at the moment, meaning that they get some troubles getting through the corners. We also hear some misfires from the Ursula and the usual grinding from the Mikadzuki gearbox. The Legion, now with its CEL on constantly, seems to lose its power for a while. Handling the little Tycoon around the track is not the easiest task, it has some troubles getting around. Every now and then the Jinsu fan belt is squealing, and the Kurokama, JESA and Alba almost tangles together, causing the Hitomoji and Seikatsu to swerve. It seems to be hard for the Seikatsu to regain any power afterwards. The FM is still running rough.

The Kuma takes some strange routes around the track now. The Ursula completely stalls for a while but comes to life again when put in gear while rolling. Maybe fatigue is striking lots of the drivers now, since we see some less than perfect driving from the Tycoon, the Jinsu, the Puttzalong, the BAM, the Hitomoji, Seikatsu, Anhultz and Ssanvan. Despite the new fuel pump, the BAM seems to be running a bit lean sometimes, and the Puttzalong misfires slightly.

The Harris and the Ursula slides around a little bit, and we hear some grinding from the Mikadzuki gearbox once again. The Bardot overheats and start spewing coolant again and goes to the pits for a refill. The Bogliq is not only plagued by its slipping clutch, the mediocre handling seems to take its toll around the track too. The Seikatsu and the Anhultz is spinning out while trying to avoid each other, causing some troubles for the drivers in the Puttzalong, Cheval, Seikatsu and JESA. For a short while, the Alba is not running very well.

The Harris is once again spinning around, the Kuma does some slight misfiring and the Ursula really seems to cope badly with low RPMs. The GMI seems to be hard to get in gear sometimes, and the rattling in the Tycoon is back. The slipping belt on the Jinsu is at least more promising than the slipping clutch in the Bogliq. While trying to avoid the sliding Cheval, the Jinsu, BAM and Alba has to do some minor maneuvers, but the JESA eats the guardrail in its try to avoid it and has to go to the pits. The Ssanvan brakes is smoking hot and we don’t mean it as something positively.


  1. Team Blue Team / 1988 Kuma GP-E ( @Xepy ) - lap 464
  2. Team Boost Foxes Customs / 1985 Kurokama SC AeroR ( @ST1Letho) - lap 464
  3. Team Midlife Crisis / 1984 Sanfrecce Supo 1.4T ( @piglet916 ) - lap 458
  4. Team Platshållare / 1998 Legion CrAVe Espresso ( @donutsnail ) - lap 455
  5. Team Bavarian Racing Crew / 1976 BAM Bavaria SB620BRC ( @Der_Bayer ) - lap 450
  6. Team Broke Racers / 1989 Jinsu Charade ( @Edballistic ) - lap 447
  7. Team Harcourt-Entwhistle / 2005 FM Hi-Way Outrider ( @Jaimz ) - lap 446
  8. Team Japanese Shame / 1992 Kiran Jidosha Wagon TRS ( @Hilbert ) - lap 446
  9. Team “But…stickers, Bro!” / 1982 Puttzalong GC2500 ( @stm316 ) - lap 440
  10. Team Bakusho Racing / 1973 Mikadzuki Yuro 150 ( @KactusPantah ) - lap 438
  11. Team Kyung-Yeong Nostalgic / 1969 Ssanvan GT ( @Aruna ) - lap 437
  12. Team Slow Car Goog Car / 1991 Hitomoji Alteron Sport ( @GetWrekt01 ) - lap 436
  13. Team Cierzo Dynamics / 1987 Bardot Foudre 150T ( @Petakabras ) - lap 433
  14. Team The Enforcers / 1986 National Vanguard 1000 ( @DukeOFhazards ) - lap 431
  15. Team Project Overdrive / 1980 Ursula F7 300i ( @BannedByAndroid ) - lap 428
  16. Team “The Wild bunch” / 1975 Bogliq Bazooka ( @HighOctaneLove ) - lap 426
  17. Team Clapper Snapper / 1975 GMI 221 ( @LinkLuke) - lap 425
  18. Team Alba Racing / 1972 Alba Saline DL-40 ( @TheLapTopX20 ) - lap 424
  19. Team RK Series Racing / 1985 Anhultz Dione C ( @Elizipeazie ) - lap 421
  20. Team Buccaneer XA / 1980 Cheval Buccaneer ( @nicholasrams774) - lap 407
  21. Team Collapsing Sun / 1990 Tycoon Offroader ( @Ryan93 / @mat1476 ) - lap 407
  22. Team Seikatsu (?) / 1985 Seikatsu 10K FX ( @Tzuyu_main) - lap 396
  23. Team Korsika / 1998 Renwoo Mingle ( @Mikonp7 ) - lap 391
  24. Team Bakewell Boxer / 1975 J.E.S.A Bianchi Nuova 300 Series ( @Mythrin ) - lap 390
  25. Team Knightwick Owners Club / 1959 Harris Riviera Four ( @mart1n2005 ) - lap 383


Driver error or car malfunction?
if it’s the car, how so?


"The Wild Bunch"

Link to base car data
Link to team bio

Part 4 & Part 5

6PM to 2AM

…They had a radio link to the fugitive sports car!

Michael explained the issue of the running order and the rest of the team, now aware of the reason, accepted Michael’s premise and justification. Michael then proceeded to do his best to stay awake and avoid trouble as the light finally failed, with night descending upon the racetrack.

Michael had an incident, around 7:30PM, where he was following a couple of other racers. The lead car lost control and spun, causing the car just behind it to violently evade, which startled Michael badly. He was following too close, with fatigue and frustration distracting him from the drama, then panic shifted into second. This spat the rear end of the Bogliq sideways and Michael, by pure luck, managed to avoid broadsiding either the wall or one of the spun out cars! Michael then took a deep breath, calmed his jangled nerves and tried to focus; only thirty minutes to go…

Right on the dot at 8PM, Michael pitted and handed over the Bazooka back to Tiff. The rest of the team had decided to go reverse order with the drivers to ensure that John was fully rested for his final stint. Tiff had a magic run, apart from the ever worsening clutch, smoothly putting in lap after lap without any hint of trouble from either the car or the competition. He then pitted at 10PM, warned Roger that the clutch is pretty much cactus, then went off in search of a hot meal and somewhere to get some sleep.

Roger then heads out into the night, OEM headlights weakly ablaze, looking to keep the Bogliq working and in one piece, at least until John’s run anyway! His run was going as well as Tiff’s until, at about 11PM, he came into a corner a little to quickly and almost rammed an old German saloon. Cursing the Bogliq’s lights, gearbox and brakes, Roger managed to avoid the crash and keep on going. He suffered no further incidents and successfully swapped with David at midnight, thankful that his American adventure slash nightmare was now over!

David heads out, determined to make up for lost time, increasing his pace and hoping to gain some ground. This hope proved illusory, unfortunately, since the simple suspension and open differential conspired to make the Bogliq feel much faster than it really was. Sure, it was a rocket down the straights, but all that momentum was lost once you entered the corners.

So Michael managed to generate lots of tyre smoke, which was wasted in the dark, without making any improvements in the team’s overall race position. He managed to keep the car out of trouble though, and pitted at 2AM, handing over to the penultimate driver; Neil Jones.

Position 16 - Lap 426 - Bad clutch (worsening), cosmetic damage to front and LH side



Ah, just small driving errors causing a slight time penalty or what I should say.

(I know, it’s getting a bit half assed now, but despite IRL coming in the way again I want to finish this and not ruining everything a second time, so…use some imagination. Sorry.)


finishing at all (albeit with lesser writing quality) is WAAAY better than killing it off

so imma not rush you into things

just wanted to know wether the tank Dione was at faulr or the giant Swede driving it


Spanners - Mopey, the car’s still running rough. Did you speak to someone technical before the last stop?

Mopey - Yeah, well sortof……

Spanners - Sortof?

Mopey - Yeah,I found a cleaner…he told me nobody was around.

Spanners - A “cleaner” tells you that nobody’s around the track…on race day…SERIOUSLY???

Mopey - Mmmmmm……well…erm……

Spanners - Nevermind, I’ll think of something when I stop.

muttering on radio

Spoke to a cleaner…no-one’s here…it’s a fucking race day and nobody’s about…hang in there girl…….


Tom: Hey, How are ya holding up outthere?
Jose: can i switch in already
Tom: Alex has shown no hint of wanting to switch in- Come at any time you want.
Jose: hhh finally



Not forgotten, going to sum the last part up soon. (Yes I know, #youhearditbefore)
Probably during the weekend.


Auto Action race report…

They finally found Mopey on the outskirts of turn 2.

The long grass obscured his car.

Our photographers managed to capture this image for our readers.




the weekends two weeks ahead?


Haha, yeah, I am in the middle of the writeup but absolutely ZERO inspiration. Will try to see tonight if I can come to an end though.


OOC: I have really been in a mood where I am tired of everything for a long while now, and also, I don’t feel inspired to write at all. So, I guess the writeup will suck, but finishing this is better than leaving it alone. Also, I leave the results for some days later, to leave room for some RPing.


After all abuse on the track, the Harris seems to be a little bit hard to maneuver. It gets into some heavy skidding, the JESA and National tries to avoid it but that results in them spinning around too, and the Bogliq and Ssanvan also has to take off some speed and do some tricky maneuvering to not get into a mess. The Hitomoji is misfiring a little for a while, as well as the Anhultz. The lights of the Kiran is flickering for a while, probably making it hard for the driver to see the track since it is taking some very strange routes. The Kurokama and the Mikadzuki are close to having some contact, but the drivers manages to avoid it. The BAM is still running a bit lean, it seems like.

The Bardot has its fair shares of understeering problems, and the JESA is not running very well anymore. The Bogliq eats some guardrail and has to do a small checkup in the pits, the Jinsu and the National has to swerwe to avoid the Bogliq bouncing back from the rail. It seems like the Kiran keeps having its electrical gremlins, and that the BAM is a bit starved on fuel. The grinding gearbox is plaguing the Mikadzuki, and it also has some problem when it comes to keeping track, so has the Kuma.

The Cheval keeps showing from its worst side with a fair share of understeering problems and an auto gearbox that seems to be completely lost. The GMI is doing the opposite and oversteers a lot, resulting in a spinout that also puts the Hitomoji in some troubles. We hear the squealing drive belt on the Jinsu and one can wonder if it will hold up for the rest of the race. Maybe the drivers are getting a bit tired, because we see some erratic driving in the Supo, Anhultz, BAM and National. The Renwoo seems to have gotten a bit tired too since we see some blue smoke from it and it seems to have lost some of its power. Even if the FM does not suffer from the fuel problem it had before as much anymore there is some small hiccups.

Probably all the abuse have taken its toll on the Harris because it seems to have a hard time to keep on track, but even the Jinsu has its share of troubles when it comes to that. The Supo clutch seems to be on its last legs, and the Kiran electrics are getting very dodgy, cutting out completely every now and then. The Renwoo, Ursula and BAM skids a little and there is some misfiring from the Puttzalong.

The Cheval seems to keep plowing forward in the corners, and the National is having some trouble with its mushy brakes, also the Anhultz seems to keep having some fading problems, albeit small. The Ursula is spinning around, so is also the BAM while trying to avoid it, slightly better off is the Renwoo that manages to avoid getting into the mess with just some small troubles. There is even more misfiring from the Puttzalong, the Mikadzuki has a crash into the rail and has to do a checkup in the pits, the Kurokama is spinning around trying to avoid the Mikadzuki on the rebound, and also the Kuma is skidding a little, but without losing control.

As said earlier, wrestling the large Seikatsu around the track does not look like an easy task and it is plowing a bit in the corners, but also the Legion has some problems keeping track now. The GMI has to enter the pits because there is some serious trouble with the gear linkage now. The Harris is the next vehicle to enter the pits for a small checkup after a crash into the guardrail, and the Hitomoji and Tycoon has to try to avoid getting into that mess. Soon after that there is a new crash between the JESA and the Kiran, the Kiran only suffers some small cosmetic damage but the JESA has to go to the pits. Brake fade continues to plague the Ssanvan and the Anhultz. The Kiran keeps having problems with dodgy electrics, cutting out completely for a short while. The Kurokama, Mikadzuki and FM does some less than ideal driving, spinning a little in the corners.

The Hitomoji does a wild spinout and the Seikatsu barely avoids getting into a mess there. The Bardot seems to keep having troubles keeping a steady temperature and has to take it easy for a while. The Bogliq clutch keeps slipping but for some reason refuses to give up. Seems like we start to know the troubles now, the Anhultz fading brakes, the Kiran electrical gremlins… Speaking of the Anhultz it also has to avoid a wildly spinning Renwoo ending up stalled at the side of the track, and for some reason requiring a lot of cranking before it finally starts again. The Ursula crashes into the Hitomoji sending both cars into the pits. The Mikadzuki is spinning out trying to avoid getting into the mess and also the BAM, Kuma and Puttzalong has its share of troubles with that. We also hear some sputtering from the Mikadzuki.

Now there is some real troubles though. The JESA crashes into the Tycoon and once again has to visit the pits for some repairs while the Tycoon doesn’t seem to suffer very much damage. The Bardot and GMI is spinning out when trying to avoid them, and the Cheval, Legion and Bogliq also has to avoid a crash there. We start to wonder how long the Bogliq clutch will hold up by the way. Soon after that the Tycoon is hit AGAIN, this time by the Puttzalong, but it only spins it around with no serious damage, unlike the Puttzalong that has to go to the pits. The Kuma is spinning around in a try to avoid the spinning Tycoon and also the Ssanvan, Jinsu, Anhultz, Ursula and BAM barely manages to escape some serious trouble there. Now the Alba starts to run very badly, will it finish the race without a total breakdown?

Yes it did. The 24 hours of racing now has ended and results are coming in soon.


still waiting…


Whooops! :flushed: Well I have to admit that I forgot that completely. :joy: Have to finish this when I have internet connection again om the computer I guess.



  1. Team Boost Foxes Customs / 1985 Kurokama SC AeroR ( @ST1Letho) - lap 560
  2. Team Blue Team / 1988 Kuma GP-E ( @Xepy ) - lap 556
  3. Team Midlife Crisis / 1984 Sanfrecce Supo 1.4T ( @piglet916 ) - lap 551
  4. Team Platshållare / 1998 Legion CrAVe Espresso ( @donutsnail ) - lap 547
  5. Team Bavarian Racing Crew / 1976 BAM Bavaria SB620BRC ( @Der_Bayer ) - lap 542
  6. Team Japanese Shame / 1992 Kiran Jidosha Wagon TRS ( @Hilbert ) - lap 538
  7. Team Broke Racers / 1989 Jinsu Charade ( @Edballistic ) - lap 536
  8. Team Harcourt-Entwhistle / 2005 FM Hi-Way Outrider ( @Jaimz ) - lap 535
  9. Team “But…stickers, Bro!” / 1982 Puttzalong GC2500 ( @stm316 ) - lap 526
  10. Team Kyung-Yeong Nostalgic / 1969 Ssanvan GT ( @Aruna ) - lap 526
  11. Team Bakusho Racing / 1973 Mikadzuki Yuro 150 ( @KactusPantah ) - lap 524
  12. Team Slow Car Goog Car / 1991 Hitomoji Alteron Sport ( @GetWrekt01 ) - lap 524
  13. Team Cierzo Dynamics / 1987 Bardot Foudre 150T ( @Petakabras ) - lap 523
  14. Team The Enforcers / 1986 National Vanguard 1000 ( @DukeOFhazards ) - lap 518
  15. Team Project Overdrive / 1980 Ursula F7 300i ( @BannedByAndroid ) - lap 514
  16. Team Clapper Snapper / 1975 GMI 221 ( @LinkLuke) - lap 510
  17. Team Alba Racing / 1972 Alba Saline DL-40 ( @TheLapTopX20 ) - lap 510
  18. Team “The Wild bunch” / 1975 Bogliq Bazooka ( @HighOctaneLove ) - lap 509
  19. Team RK Series Racing / 1985 Anhultz Dione C ( @Elizipeazie ) - lap 506
  20. Team Buccaneer XA / 1980 Cheval Buccaneer ( @nicholasrams774) - lap 489
  21. Team Collapsing Sun / 1990 Tycoon Offroader ( @Ryan93 / @mat1476 ) - lap 489
  22. Team Seikatsu (?) / 1985 Seikatsu 10K FX ( @Tzuyu_main) - lap 478
  23. Team Korsika / 1998 Renwoo Mingle ( @Mikonp7 ) - lap 471
  24. Team Bakewell Boxer / 1975 J.E.S.A Bianchi Nuova 300 Series ( @Mythrin ) - lap 467
  25. Team Knightwick Owners Club / 1959 Harris Riviera Four ( @mart1n2005 ) - lap 462

(OOC: Yeah, I am sorry that it took such time, but now I finally felt like I could sit down, relax, count and finish this without messing everything up. And, TBH, St1Letho being the obvious winner while being banned from the board didn’t spark inspiration but I realize that the rest of you would like to hear how everything went.

The results are maybe far from a surprise. But I should honestly say that ONE car surprised me, and it was the Jinsu driven by Team Broke Racers and @Edballistic. It had really dodgy reliability to start with and it got in trouble that just made it worse and worse all the time, but just by pure luck it managed to continue to the end, countless times. It would have been out of the race almost immediately if it wasn’t for getting one lucky strike after another.)


Condensed version:
Vroom, screech, bump, crack…
Vroom, vroom, knock, thump shatter…
Vroom, cough, smoke cloud vroom…
Yay! we finished.

Insert 3 stooges slapstick segment… then, Joe, Pat and Hugh went and got plastered at the local.


Post race, Alba Racing garage

Tom: can’t believe we finished in that piece of junk
Alex: Yeah, can’t believe it either. I especially doubted it when i had to run entirely based on engine sound.
Tom: We should have expected something worse, Especially with how fragile the electic systems from alba were back then. We got lucky the Ignition didn’t die.
Alex: I guess so.
Terry: You guys did do a pretty OK job at not dying out there.
Jose: Thaenks.
Alex: Thanks?-


RK Series Racing; post race

Part: 5 or so? lost count…; the crack

With the last four hours being comparatively uneventful, the race comes to an end with Schrant screaming through the phone in joy and relief.

Schrant: “YEEEES!!! WE DIT IT!!!”

More screaming and celebrating ensues in person as the car rolls into the pit box, Connor standing next to the two others without much in the way of movement.
Not soon after, things calm down and plans are made for them to get home.

Schrant: “So. Here’s the deal. You need to get yourself and your ass back to the 'Muricas. Connor will probably be shipped by sea cuz god fuck OOPS air freight is expensive…”
Redwood: “We all heading to Rotterdam for departure then?”
Schrant: “Well i haven’t got a whole lot of time to lose, plus my annoying older brother wants me to sell a car of his for him cuz he is totally useless when it comes to anything that is not military tech…”
Redwood: “Wouldn’tt you need to head home then?”
Schrant: “He lives in Berlin for whatever reason, so i can come along for the ride and we split ways at Rotterdam.”
Redwood: “Sounds like a plan.”

The three pack their stuff and head off for Berlin in order to proceed with an attempt at selling the car.
They then set off for Rotterdam. Along the way, they find themselves in some highly spooky forest country road, Connor driving due to both of the others being too tired to drive themselves.
That road is poorly lit, wet and very twisty, making driving difficult for Connor, being stuck in third and only driving with one arm. Soon bad luck was to strike after a lunatic darted out of a forest road, leading to evasive action.

The banged-up Dione is sent into a Beyblade-like spin headed straight for a waist-high stone wall of a local settlement within the forest. Just as the car is about to collide with the wall, it and it’s surrounding flash up in a bight sky blue glow and…

cliffhanger to be continued in the current BRC thread

fucking finally i finished this off as well