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The 2020 Trafikjournalen 24h clunker run (Final results at last.)


I could always have a try at this… with a car just as bad as my Oldman from last time (you could maybe use that for a minimum benchmark).


I have more or less decided on the rules at this point, it’s just that all the arguing about what the idea behind this competition was and how a realistic car should look was driving me nuts, especially since most of it was completely wrong…


Hey Dude, about the rules,i build a very small SUV (like the jimny) do i have 2 Plus 2 seats on it also ? Or are you ok with 2 seats ? Bc its a offroader not a Sportscar. Pls let me know :slight_smile:


The Jimny had rear seats.


Random idea. Make tire grade factor into the reliability of the car. If the car is running on Ys, then it’s probably not going to be the most reliable of beasts?


I know that, but we build Hobbytunned cars so the first thing to do is removing the backseats. Also the next point is i am building the pickup Version, so are 2 seats enuff?


I would be suspicious of allowing 2 seats because you want to use the lightest frame you can find and due to being a pickup, justifies no interior or safety or aids and a beefy engine.


Advanced saftey and 100 HP and Standard interrior here :stuck_out_tongue: How do you fit your 185 HP hatch btw :smiley: i am at 16k with a small offroader


people will then minmax for for that and gear-limit the car to… say… 180kph


Sounds good, maybe the rule should be two rows available on the body rather than 4 seat minimum.

My hatch is pretty spartan and it’s took a lot of finessing; I dropped the power a bit to get acceptable fuel economy despite being light.


If you just relax for a while I will put up some preliminary rules in a couple of days, I am busy at the moment. I have more or less decided on them as I said, and I don’t want tons of them TBH. Keep in mind that the more rules, the more I have to check on every car, and the more I have to PM people about violations because there is always someone that will miss to read something (I am guilty myself too in that case so I don’t mean to be offensive). It’s just so much easier if everyone is trying to think before sending a car in. “Could I get a car like this cheap enough on the used car market to kill it in a race like this?”. If the honest answer is “No”, maybe you should consider building something else, even if the rules aren’t violated.

But just to make it clear, I know he was banned, but costco was completely wrong about almost everything even though he was talking like of I had been on his side. To start with, all the irrelevant entries from last time is the whole reason for this long and sometimes pointless discussion that I could have done without. Also, unlike what he said, this is a competition where I want realistic cars, not wild products of your imagination. The fact that this is not a CSR does not make minmaxing irrelevant, it’s IMO an even worse problem here, in a CSR I can instabin goofy cars and let the most sane one win. It’s not as easy here. Also, my approval of his car was just about a 70s design built in the 90s, since a few cars like that actually did exist. I haven’t said that his engineering decisions were wise.

IMO one of the most suitable cars last time was @DeusExMackia s Erin. If you feel unsure about what kind of spirit I am talking about you can check that one up.


OK, here is a preliminary rule set for the cars, it won’t be changed much and I don’t want to discuss small details for days. Do you see any MAJOR flaw, please tell me now, and by major I don’t mean “maybe you should allow for 1.01 bar of boost instead” or “I would prefer if it looked like this because I put this stuff in all my cars”, rather “we can’t use this because of this major failure”.

Model/Trim year:2010 or earlier/2010 or earlier.
Body type:
At least one of the bodystyles available of the same type must allow 2 rows of seats. So it’s for example OK to use an ute variant of a sedan, but not a type where all variants are 1 row.
Mods allowed as long as it is a car or light truck body.

All types of metal panels allowed. Fiberglass allowed but will have a crash resistance penalty. Carbon fiber not allowed.
Only ladder chassis, monocoque or light truck monocoque allowed. Space frames not allowed.
All types of steel chassis allowed. Glued alu or carbon fiber not allowed.

Engine trim year should not be newer than car trim year.
No engines with more than 8 cylinders will be allowed. Magnesium blocks not allowed.
No billet or titanium internals
Cam or VVL profile should not exceed 75.
Turbochargers allowed. Maximum boost 1 bar.
Racing intakes not allowed.
Maximum octane rating 98. Cars produced 1989 or later has to be able to run on unleaded.
Racing tubular headers not allowed.
Cars produced 1989 or later has to be equipped with a catalytic converter.
At least one muffler is required.

Sequential gearboxes not allowed.
More than 6 gears not allowed.

Only hard long life tyres allowed.
Maximum tyre width 255 mm
Maximum rim size 17 inch
Magnesium rims not allowed.

Ceramic discs not allowed

Downforce undertray not allowed.
Active aero not allowed.

Since we are going for more stock spec cars this time, a minimum of 2 seats is required. Unrealistic seating choices will be penalized, like large sedans with only 2 seats.
Safety have to be at least at the most basic level for the era, “none” safety not allowed.

Active springs not allowed.
Adaptive or semi active dampers not allowed.
Active or semi active sway bars not allowed.

Car has to have a viability rating of 60 or more in at least one segment in at least one market.
Quality sliders between -3 and +3 are allowed. The exception are for wheels/tyres where the maximum quality is 0.
Cars with 0.1-0.12 kW per kg will get a lighter reliability penalty, cars above 0.12 kW per kg will get a heavier one.
Cars that is unrealistic for its era and type or have strange engineering decisions will automatically get the highest possible reliability penalty. This is going to be judged from case to case. Contestant will in this case be warned and get ONE chance to fix the car, with no discussion about it. If that is not done at the time the race starts, it will enter with the same reliability penalty as a turbo V8 vehicle.
The maximum budget is 18000.

So, is anything completely wrong or do you agree with the ruleset?


Besides the fact that you can :cheese: Archana to get +60 in a market, looks good.


i would love to remove the cat because we driving on a racetrack and not on legal streets so why is this iilegal ? but all in all i am mostly 90% fine with it.


Maybe a progressive reliability penalty up to the 160hp/ton limit.

Eg: starting at 130hp getting more severe to prevent cars just being built to the maximum.


Nice idea. I think that I’ll do that and skip the cylinder/turbo reliability penalties then. 0.1-0.12 kW per kg will get the lighter reliability penalty, anything above 0.12 will get the heavy one.


uff 160hp/ton ? :smiley: I am at 100 hp with 1.2t :smiley: so maybe 100hp per ton :smiley: haha


Is that at the flywheel? Or rwhp? Because fudging the figures.


I was counting on flywheel output, didn’t even remember that wheel output did exist, lol.

But I think I will set this as the final rules then.

One more question then, is anybody objecting to start the contest as soon as possible in OB and hope for the best? I don’t know if I want to wait very much longer to get this done and there is after all no set date for the stable release either…


I’m definitely fine with an earlier start, but tbh it’s better to wait until the UE4.24 build to actually finish to prevent any further issues with entries.