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The 2020 Trafikjournalen 24h clunker run (Final results at last.)


Originality is just encouraged! :slight_smile:


"The Wild Bunch"

Car no. 86 will hopefully propel the six Brit’s to victory in Sweden

The Car.

In 1975 Bogliq USA debuted the third generation of their very popular Bazooka. Basically a refinement of the second gen Bazooka, the third gen car was hobbled by anti pollution equipment and engine reductions, which reduced the excitement for petrol-heads substantially. Export versions were equipped with the same line-up of engines as the USA where applicable but leaded fuel markets, such as Sweden, were equipped with 60’s era leaded motors as they were proven to work well with lead based additives.

Because Sweden was a niche market that valued US cars for their “American-ness”, the Bazooka was fitted with the same engine which debuted in the Mk III Bison in 1963. Five litres of capacity, V8 power and smoothness with renowned (lol) Bogliq reliability. The powertrain was selected also because the car would be imported by Bogliq Sweden on an “on demand” system; basically they were optioned, paid for then ordered for the next available delivery.

The Wild Bunch’s car was a prized possession of a Bogliq Sweden workshop controller who bought it new in late 1975, then drove the car extensively until he was too incapacitated by age to drive any longer. It sat in a garage for 10 years, original and pristine, until the car was bequeathed to his grandson on his death (old age, in his bed). The grandson had played too much NFSII and proceeded to change the wheels for cheap alloys, respray the car a poor variation of Bogliq Orange, then installed an ugly hood scoop on the carburettor without bothering to connect it to the air cleaner. Yup, the scoop’s non-functional! The grandson drove it for a while then dumped it in the backyard when he could afford a new Znopresk hot hatch.

The Wild Bunch added the stickers and numbers, changed the oil and replaced the brake fluid and coolant. That’s it… Brave men, brave men indeed!

The Team:

John Smith: 61 years old, bought the Bogliq sight unseen because he “loves the underdog”. Works in a financial institution as a management accountant, fancies himself a bit of a tin-top hero.

Neil Jones: 59 years old, named the team and wouldn’t change it despite it being lame… Works with John and considers himself a ladies man. Is hoping there’ll be grid girls so he can pretend to be Jeremy Clarkson.

David Williams: 51 years old, John’s brother-in-law, loves cars and racing, is also terrible at cars and racing!

Roger Taylor: 65 years old. Works with John, kinda, in HR. Has structured the trip as a business expense so no-one has to pay for anything… Owns an MX-5 so knows how to drive underpowered cars quickly.

Tiff Davies: 63 years old. Head mechanic at the dealership where John gets his car serviced. Is rumoured to know how to fix carburettors (hasn’t seen one since late 1999, lol) and is the grease monkey for the team.

Michael Evans: 57 years old. Owner of the pop-up cafe in the building foyer of John’s workplace. Owns classic cars but has never owned anything older than the 00’s… The team brought him for his quality coffee logistical abilities and his ability to attract the ladies!

So, with high hopes and low expectations, the Wild Bunch are hoping to win the 2020 Clunker 24hrs!!!



Part 0.5 : Teething Trouble

Previous Part

8:04 AM

Mandy and Johnny were at the Jackdaw Engineering workshop in the UK trying to get used to the JESA Bianchi’s road feel and little niggles

Johnny was sitting inside the J.B turning the engine over with a little splutter and cough as it tried to kick into life

Johnny: ‘‘IT WON’T START MANDY!’’ Johnny shouted sticking his head out of the drivers side window, trying to be heard over the sound of angle grinding from the next door section of the business.

Mandy : ‘‘PULL THE BLOODY CHOKE OUT’’ Mandy shouted back.

Johnny did so, the car started turning over lumpily and chugging as the fuel flooded the engine

Mandy: “HOLD YOUR EFFING FOOT DOWN YOU’VE FLOODED IT NOW!” Mandy walked over at a pace putting down her tea with a slop on the roof of her project ‘Hot PAZ’ 200 which was parked just behind the JESA.

Mandy “You’ve got to clear it out now keep your foot down” She said sticking her head through the passenger side window

As the words left her mouth the JESA chugged into life with a cloud of black soot and condensation spraying the front of Mandy’s PAZ

Mandy: “Johnny middle name: lack of mechanical sympathy Carter we should have called you” she said drily.

Johnny: “Well it wouldn’t hurt if they’d’ve put the choke pull in a normal place like everyone else why put it in between the speedo and rev counter” Johnny replied.

Mandy: “Because it was made my the Dutch and the Italians, one team was smoking weed and the other was drinking wine whilst they were designing this car, if you’d have got a S2 they fixed that with the new dashboard” Mandy plonked herself down at the desk amongst a mound of invoices…

She sifted through her emails on the company laptop

Mandy: “Did that moron with that Mark 1 Kadett Beat get back to you about that camshaft upgrade by the way” she said looking over the rim of the screen.

Johnny: "No he went quiet after Dad said ‘no one with a brain would swap a Piper Ultimate Rally cam into a completely standard engine’ "

Mandy: “Right, that’ll explain the radio silence then. Dad wasn’t wrong tho…”

Johnny: “Still effectively lost us a job though”

Mandy: “Eh we’ve still go that Žnop Zenit turbo job to finish anyway…”

Later on Mandy took the J.B out for a test drive, the 1648cc engine was torquey and pulled nicely with the long ratio 5 speed box, but it wasn’t the rev happy, high lift cam, big carburettored classic she was used to, but all seemed fine, so long as the competition isn’t too rapid that it…



On lap 56, driver Adrian Perez has a collision while attempting to overtake the car 42. The fuel tank seems to be ruptured.
Oh yeah it has bursted into flames! Oh my god is the driver still inside!?


Marla- Thankfully he managed to scape before it finally exploded… Do you think we will be able to keep running this season?

Joaquin- There´s no money for another car, remember that the 1100R was expensive as [REDACTED]. And even if we had the money, Adrian seems quite shocked, i dont´t know if he will be able to drive again…

Ricardo- [REDACTED][REDACTED][REDACTED]!!! Why can´t we win a [REDACTED] race?!? [REDACTED]!

Joaquin- Calm down please, I think the only option left for us is retiring. But don´t worry guys, i have the hunch next year will be much better…


I started to wonder what the… you were doing when the race wasn’t even started yet, then I saw the date…now this might be interesting.


PART 2- Can this be considered good news?

Cristina- Where was your phone?!? I´ve been trying to call you for hours!

Joaquin- uhhhhh i was sleeping sorry, it´s been a wild night, you know

Cristina- Please this is serious, we had a call from the hospital, your uncle had an infart and… he… is no longer with us. I´m so sorry… he was your greatest fan.

Joaquin- Wow…that´s… hard to swallow mom

Cristina- I know this is a hard moment but… he was preparing you a surprise, for your birthday, you know how much he loved you. I´ll send you a link, open it when you feel ready.




The car is in a pretty good condition, some small signs of wear in places like the front seats or the dashboard, but all is minor stuff. The mechanicals are all working as new, the turbo was substitued 6 years ago and we installed a much more reliable unit, which would help a lot if you are aiming for daily driving this car.

This unit came equipped with the 1500cc turbo engine, equipped with multipoint injection, but it won´t be a big hassle. It looks sporty but don´t expect a lot from it, it´s engine situated over the front axle grants tons of understeer to work with.

Anyways, this car was a pioneer in several technologies, and it looks like a clear candidate to become a future classic. All this for the affordable price of 2500€


The car

1973 Mikadzuki Yoru 150

The Company
Mikadzuki was a Japanese lawn mower company, in 1968 the new owner wanted to enter the car industry. After 5 years of testing and designing the car, the Yoru 150 was their creation, a cheap sprotive car. It was the beginning of a successful sports car company.

The Racing Team
3 Young people with a passion for racing and a dream to ever drive a race saw a great opportunity in this 24 hour race, they decided to join with their father’s car. They are The Bakusho Racing Team.

The drivers

  • Miku Hatsoune
  • Taro Mori
  • Yumi Sakamoto

Car File
Mikadzuki_-_Yoru_150.car (29.2 KB)


To make the starting grid look less stupid, I randomized the numbers that was #1-3 earlier and changed them, I hope that nobody objects that…you can get your number back if you want to.


Team Clapper Snapper: Issue 1

Bill: Hey guys have you seen this 24 hour race thing in Sweden?

Kyle: No, but sounds fun. What are the rules?

Harold: Says here that you bring an old beater, your mates and some toold and see how long ypu can keep the things running.

Kyle: So I guess we’re gonna give it a try then??

Bill: I guess so. I’ll pop down to the wreckers tomorrow morning and see if I can Grab anything worthy.

Harold: please don’t get something non interesting like the time you got us a Corolla for a demo derby, damn things are like cockroaches.

The Next Morning

Bill shows up outside the garage in an old GMI 221

Harold: I told you not Boring!

Bill: this ain’t boring… it’s a gen 2 Rally

  • SideNote in 1972 GMI facelifted their famous 221, a rear engined flat 4 powered commuter car, know for lively handling and semi decent economy. The '72 facelift offered a newer F4 with overhead cams and larger intake ports for more power. The '75 brought by Bill is the Rally model with a slightly better gearbox and the 1750cc engine. These were often bought by teenagers ast first cars since they felt fast even though they weren’t that fast at all.

Kyle: I think my dad had one of these…

Bill: Same here, although this one is in need of new tyres… and a roll cage with Harolds driving

Harold: Heyy you [Beep]


Team Collapsing Sun

By @Ryan93 and @mat1476

Driving a crusty 1990 Tycoon offroader with upgrades of questionable taste.

Blinding competitors with the zillions of auxiliary spotlights on the front while draining the battery in seconds.

Driver: David Gordon
  • 23 years old (USA)
  • Moved to Sweden for university and eventually found a job there.
  • First car: 1973 Sierra Durante (still owns it and wants to eventually import it to Sweden.) He wished the team opted for a big unstressed v8 like in his Sierra for the race.
Driver: Lucas Carlsson
  • 21 years old (Sweden)
  • University Student in Mechanical engineering
  • First car: The 1993 Tycoon in question (He crashed it in 2017. After that it stopped working properly and sat outside and rusted for 2 years until we met in school and decided to bring it back to life for the 2020 race.
  • He told David to sod off with his V8 idea and suggested they should use the stock engine and bring it to unprecedented levels of insanity instead.

The thing, when Lucas daily drove it 3 years ago, great for offroading and sunday roadtrips.

Ah Jesus Christ Lucas, how can you be such a bad driver... Crashed it in a ditch during a foggy and drizzly day.

After that crash it just stopped working properly, so he got a reliable daily and the Tycoon sat in his backyard for almost 3 years... Until we decided it could be a great project car to bring it back to life, and why not making it absolutely insane in the process? I mean, you only live once...

More info soon, maybe. And no, we didnt bother to repair the windshield, because we are broke college students, remember?

Car file soon


Spanners - So Mopey, what we got this time?

Mopey - I found a cheap 2005 Franklin Marshall StreetSport!

Spanners - Awesome. Is it the mid-engined, 2L, V6, AWD with active aero?

Mopey - No…it’s the 850T…

Spanners - The what?

Mopey - The 850T…tubocharged i3, 850cc…113hp…it’s the base model.

Spanners - i3…850cc…113hp…

Mopey - Yeah, top speed is 137mph, 0-60 is 8.4 seconds.

Spanners - But it’s a 2 seater…what about Mrs E?

Mopey - Because of the “cough” that’s going around she’s under house arrest until 2024.

Spanners - Oh…so any redeeming features to this car?

Mopey - 145mpg…

Spanners - WHAT???

Mopey - …at 30mph…average of 71mpg.

Spanners - And at racing speeds?

Mopey - 75mpg at 75mph.

Spanners - OK, not so worried now! Let’s see what it looks like.

Spanners - It’ll do, I suppose. Time for a service!


A new competitor has arrived…

Eddie: Hello my name’s Ed
Lance: And my name’s Lance
Eddie: We are the founders of Team “Broke Racers”. We found this 24H race advertisement and i thought it is a good idea to compete in this race!
Lance: We have prepared Our car… it is the 1989 Jinsu Charade.
Eddie: Want to see our car? Well here it is…

Changes to the car:

  • Added Ebay turbos
  • Changed the brakes
  • Stripped the interior a bit
  • Added some decals
  • Drilled a hole in the front bumper so air can go to the engine+the new brakes

Total price: 15.300$

(Please forgive me if i made any mistakes, this is my first time competing a challenge in this forum)


You are not supposed to leave the car file there, DM it to host.


I already have downloaded the car file so I don’t need it DMed though. But yeah, Hilbert has a point, that makes it more fair to everybody in the end.


Oh sorry, thanks for the info.


PART 3- Drivers… assemble!

Last message, 1 year ago

Joaquin- Hey guys... it´s been a long time, I know I know, but I got something new to race with, maybe you would want to see it before rejecting it
Ricardo- What shitbox have you bought this time? Come on, you have to get over it. Racing wasn´t for us.
Joaquin- As positive as always. Anyways, I acquired a Bardot Fouvre Turbo. A tragic story for another day, but the car is pretty good anyways, I see potential in it.
Marla- Didn´t they have that annoying tendency to blow up their turbos?
Joaquin- New turbo, I promise this one won´t explode. So, Can I count with you?
Ricardo- You son of a [REDACTED], I´m in.
Marla- I´m pretty bored right now, so why not huh. But we still need our main driver, you know we can´t compete without him.
Joaquin- Don´t worry, I have a plan for that...

Adrian hears a car revving his engine in his garden and goes out to see

Adrian- Come on! A green car?! You can´t be serious!

Joaquin- It´s good to see you too! I see you like my new car, but I´m not planning to use it for long, I have bigger plans for it.

Adrian- That´s not gonna happen, you know how things turned out to be the last time. I´ve gotten too old for racing.

Joaquin- You´re 28… Come on! Excuses and more excuses!

Adrian- You will be better without me, I always end up messing it.

Joaquin- That´s why this car will be the number 13, if something happens to you, you can always say it was because of the number. Give it a last chance…

Adrian- You were always such a persuasive [REDACTED]… I´m in too. If this car sets of fire again I´m gonna kill you, remember that.

And so, the team Cierzo Dynamics, with the number 13, assembles again for a new challenge.


Team Japanese Shame

I found a couple of drivers
Oscar Nilsson
  • 19 years old, born in Sweden
  • Swedish, works in his dad’s company.
First car: 1993 Altra XCv

Kalle Virtanen
  • 22 years old, born in Finland
  • Moved to Sweden after making friends with Oscar and realizing how much better country Sweden is, currently working as mechaníc
First (and current) car: 1985 Kiran Hinode Special Edition

Mikael Heikkilä
  • 26 years old, born in Finland
  • Lives in Finland, talks with the other boys on Skype every Saturday. Currently working as a cashier in the local supermarket
First car: 2003 SJG Dan

And the car?

Japanese Shame

1992 Kiran Jidosha TRS Wagon


Team Midlife Crisis

Three men who spent their youth driving hot and not-so-hot hatches too quickly around the North-West of England finally get their hands on a pristine example of the car they could never attain back in the eighties.

  • Steve Henderson - Tall and lean, the de facto group leader who makes things happen, this whole endeavour was his idea. He’s the best driver, in fact he’s the best at most things he attempts, but he stands to lose the most if the car doesn’t survive the race; it’ll be him taking whatever’s left home for repairs. Forever the optimist, he probably hasn’t thought that far ahead.

  • Mark Pennock - Physically Steve’s opposite, the stocky, chain-smoking Mark is happy to race, as long as Steve is bearing the costs. Calculating and intelligent, he’s got a plan for any situation but can grow sullen and withdrawn if things are going poorly.

  • David Debuchy - Typically the last to be noticed of the three, David’s quiet nature sees him referee the many petty squabbles between Mark and Steve. Conservative by nature, he won’t set many lap records but his rock-solid emotional stability may be just what’s needed when things grow fraught deep into this marathon event.

The Sanfrecce Supo 1.4T
The Supo wasn’t a common car on British roads, better suited to the tiny side-streets of Tokyo and Osaka, dominated in the UK market by better outfitted and more robust cars like the Fiesta or Golf.
There was one model that caught the team’s attention, though. Hot on the coattails of hot hatches like the Golf GTi, Sanfrecce opted to go one step further and turn the non-assuming city car into something white-hot.
Gone was the reliable 750cc i3 and crammed into the engine bay in it’s place was a high-revving turbocharged 1.4L i4 kicking out 153hp, challenging the Astra GTE in a package some 100kg lighter.
Ultimately, the 1.4T didn’t sell well and few made their way outside Japan. While performance was eye-watering with the car capable of 60mph in 8.5s in skilled hands and a top speed of 145mph for the very brave, the car had a reputation for capriciousness when full power was applied and the somewhat spartan interior and harsh ride put off those who would use it as a daily driver. Eventually, emissions regulations and safety standards killed the 1.4T off entirely and Sanfrecce would return to the trusty econobox cars that brought it so much success.
However, the car was truly a one-off that couldn’t have existed at any other time and it’s performance figures, quirkiness and appearances in many video games in the 90s elevated it to cult classic status, just the type of car some middle-aged Englishmen might consider throwing some money at just to fulfil a two-decade old fantasy.


hmmm what are spacers again?


ring ring
ring ring
ring ri…

Gran - Hello?

Spanners - Hey Mrs E, how are you doing?

Gran - Oh, hello David, I’m fine thanks…going a bit stir crazy but what can you do? How can I help you?

Spanners - Is Mo…George there please?

Gran - Yes dear, I’ll just call for him. Erm, wouldn’t you normally call him on his mobile telephone?

Spanners - Yes, but I think he’s out of power again.

Muffled shout… George, David’s on the phone.

Gran - He’s coming dear.

Mopey - Hey, what’s up?

Spanners - You know you got that StreetSport cheap…

Mopey - Yeah…

Spanners - Well I found out why it was cheap…it was 2 parts “cheap”.

Mopey - Huh?

Spanners - 2 cars, cut in half and welded together again…welded badly!

Mopey - How…badly?

Spanners - Well, I raised it up on the ramp…and the 2 halves split apart.

Mopey - Oh FU… OW!!!

Gran in background LANGUAGE GEORGE!

Mopey - So what do we do?

Spanners - Well, I’ve got a mate who owes me…so I’m getting a car off him at a knock down price.

Mopey - What is it?

Spanners - It’s a HiWay.

Mopey - Well they’ve certainly been good for us in the past…is it sporty and fast?

Spanners - It’s a pickup…photo’s incoming.

Mopey - Can we get the one in the background?

Spanners - That’s an XS…he doesn’t owe me THAT much!

Mopey - I suppose it will have to do. See ya soon.