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The 2020 Trafikjournalen 24h clunker run (Final results at last.)



Part 0.75 : Skrrt

Previous Part

1:00 PM the same day as the previous part

Johnny and Mandy have been tinkering with the JESA’s carburettor and ignition timing, trying to regain some lost horsepower. The increase in advance has made the idle a bit irregular but more responsiveness mid range is a benefit.

Connor pulled up outside in his Mums Ceder Korab Diesel, coming to a stop in the parking area outside the workshop pulling the handle brake just before the car halted sending the back of the car into a squat

Mandy: ‘‘That’s why I didn’t let you drive in America’’ She said walking over the to Connor in the carpark “And why are you in your mum’s car agAIN”

Connor: ''Because MY car is getting it’s clutch replaced after I had to tow that bloody off roader out of that field" He said pointing to the field across the road to the Jackdaw workshop.

As much as Connor insists the clutch was burnt out because it was over stressed pulling Johnny’s Enactor Estate Roamer out of a ditch that wasn’t the case. In fact Connor’s Maesima Prova had been subject to years of 2nd and 3rd gear pull aways and rocking on the clutch on hills, and it decided when pulling Johnny’s E.R out of the ditch to give up

Connor: “I still don’t understand why you used my car anyway” Connor said sulkily.

Mandy: “Because it was the only car that had good enough towing eyes”

Connor: “Anyways I’ve been meaning to say I’ve been brushing up on my driving skills since last time if you don’t mind me showing you … I could drive this time” He said it rather gingerly testing the waters of Mandy’s approval

Mandy: “Sure be nice not to drive all day for once”

Connor: “REALLY!” he gasped in shock

Mandy: “Well do you wanna practice in the JESA or my car?”

Connor: “Go for the JESA I might as well get used to it”

The two walked over the parking lot to the workshop where the JESA was kept, Mandy started it up, it started with ease, one: because Mandy was more sympathetic than her brother and two: it was already warmed from when they started it earlier.

Johnny: “Alright Connor?” He said from underneath a customers car

Connor: “Yeah cheers”

Johnny: “Good good”

Mandy jumped in with Connor in the passenger seat, and she reversed the car out of the workshop into the parking lot and then swapped seats.

Connor: “It’s left hand drive so I might be a bit rusty with the gears” with the air of panic on his voice.

Mandy: “Christ you’ll be fine”

Connor slowly pulled away slipping the clutch a bit, changing into 2nd gear very early labouring the engine. He continued acclerating around the industrial estate reaching 2500rpm and changing into third.

Mandy: “Right now try the brakes”"

Connor pressed very firmly on the brakes, bringing the JESA from 30 to 0 very quickly with a small squeal from the tyres.

Mandy: “Christ not that bloody hard” She said pulling her hair from her face.

Connor continued driving around the car park getting the hang of the brakes and changing gear at a higher rpm and learning the ways of non power assisted steering.


PART 1 - 6AM-10AM

Hello and welcome to the 2020 24 hour clunker run by Trafikjournalen. Now the race is on and it seems like our own hope, Erik Carlén in the Revolve, is trying to pull out some kind of smoke show, because he seems to be either underestimating the power of the engine, or overestimating the grip, because it seems like most of the Revolve’s rear rubber is going up in smoke. Another surprise is that the Seikatsu appears to have had power enough to chirp its tyres, also the BAM, Hitomoji and Ssanvan is doing far from perfect in the start. The Harris comes away slowly after some sputtering, but the Kurokama, however, is maybe doing the worst start, since it stalls and has a hard time to start again, since it’s pulling off another smokescreen when it starts, but now from the tailpipe, we can guess that the engine was flooded for some reason. Already at Banhammerhead, the GMI is trying to overtake the JESA, which seems to have been a bad move, the GMI touches the JESA and it results in a visit in the pits to tape together the sad dangling mess that became of the front, the JESA seems to be largely unaffected by the crash though. But it might have been too early to be stubborn about coming out as a winner in that crash, because the JESA is entering Killrobs Chicane with a little bit too much speed which results in ending up on the grass, giving the Bogliq’s driver a heck of a job avoiding the skidding JESA. It seems like there is some trouble getting the GMI in the right gear when getting out of the pits, maybe the long shift linkage in the rear engined car is starting to show its age and wear. We see a puff of blue smoke coming out of the Revolve’s tailpipe, not a good sign, and we hear some grinding from the Mikadzuki when gearing down. Also, we hear some reports about the Bardot having to take it easy due to the engine running a bit hot.

Now the GMI is in its second crash in under an hour when trying to overtake the Anhultz, the rear-heavy car becomes a bit tail happy and goes sideways into the Anhultz, that seems to be pretty unaffected by the crash except for some skidding, but it seems like the GMI bent its rim and has to enter the pits one more time. The Ursula and Kurokama barely avoids the crash, after some heavy skidding, and in turn, the Puttzalong and the Alba has to maneuver to avoid the skidding cars, but manages to do it without too much of a hassle. The temperature problems with the Bardot engine seems to go on and we see some black smoke and hear some crackling and sputtering from the JESA every now and then, seems like it is running a bit rich. Also, there is reports of the brakes in the National having some fading problems, but what now? UNBELIEVABLE! The driver of the Bonhomme is losing control of the vehicle completely, ramming the Renwoo, which seems to come out of the crash with only a few dings, but the Bonhomme is a total mess, it’s obvious that it has done its last lap now, yellow flag is out and the Bonhomme is towed to the pits, RIP Bonhomme. Due to the brake fade problems in the National earlier, it was impossible to get the speed down so the National spun around when trying to avoid getting into the Renwoo-Bonhomme crash, but at least there was no contact. The Legion however, gets the speed down, only to be rammed from behind by the Mikadzuki. The Legion appears to be able to keep on running, but the fragile aluminium bodywork on the Mikadzuki has taken quite a hit and has to be straightened out in the pits since there is clearance problems for the front wheels now. The Jinsu is entering Adams Apex with kind of too much speed and almost goes off track, but it goes well this time, take it easier next time! The grinding problem on downshift in the Mikadzuki doesn’t seem to be getting any better either, rather worse.

I don’t know if there is some kind of magnet in the JESA, because next car to hit it is the Supo that is taking quite a hit and will need some quick repairs in the pits, while the JESA is about as unaffected as it was last time, a dutch-italian tank maybe? The Ursula, Puttzalong, Hitomoji and Ssanvan has to do some tricky maneuvering to avoid the crash. The GMI seems to be stuck in neutral for a while and instead of upshifting, the driver has to go back in the previous gear when he finally gets the gearstick moving again. There is reports of the Ssanvan having to take it easy due to brake fade, just like the National, and for some strange reason, the Seikatsu seems to be even slower than usual for a while, but appears to get its power back. The National is spinning out at Banhammerhead, coming in the way for the Seikatsu, Kuma, Jinsu and Tycoon, but there’s no contact at least. We hear a chirping drive belt from the Jinsu, that appears to have some problems with the charging due to the slipping belt, but it seems like stomping on the accelerator in neutral might have solved the problem, at least for now.

The FM has been running like a freight train, but now it’s spinning out at Cossacks corner, causing the Supo to swerwe. Reports from the Kiran says that there must be something dodgy with the temp sensor to the cooling fan, because it both starts and switches off at too high temperatures. The Legion has been running well but as we said earlier, one should not get too confident because now it has some problems at Adams Apex, entering with too high speed. One cylinder in the Puttzalong seems to have started misfiring once in a while, let’s hope that it is nothing serious. Also, reports from the Alba says that the dashboard seems to have some dodgy electrics because sometimes the instrumentation cuts out, other times it behaves like a pinball machine. Maybe that’s what took the concentration away because it just took a less than ideal route through Killrobs Chicane, on the other hand, the Renwoo followed the same strange route. Maneuvering a big 4x4 pickup on a track is not an easy task, which becomes clear for the driver of the Seikatsu, going straight forward at Banhammerhead into the guardrail, they seems to be thinking “better safe than sorry” since the truck is going into the pits because some strange rattling sound appeared after that. Maybe the crash distracted the drivers of the Jinsu and the National, because their route through Banhammerhead is, well…interesting to say the least. The sputtering from the Harris seems to be a continuios problem too.

The Supo is almost spinning out at Caswals Carousel causing the FM, GMI and Kiran to swerwe. The BAM seems to have some kind of fuel delivery problem in the sharp turns, and the Puttzalong still has that one cylinder cutting out every now and then. The next car to spin out is the Alba, which seems to get many cars in trouble at the same time, both the Revolve, the Ssanvan, Renwoo, Harris, National and JESA. The Bogliq coming after them is not quite as lucky, taking the same route as the Alba. The engine in the Bardot is still running at a temperature that’s on the limits and the Ssanvan brake fade problems seems to be back, even worse in the National that really seems to have to let off the gas now. The nose heavy FWD Cheval is struggling in the bends.

The Supo is also struggling a bit in the bends now, and speaking of Supo, it seems like it has a slipping clutch, let’s hope that it holds together the whole race. The dodgy shift linkage of the GMI is maybe what’s causing something that seems to be a loss of concentration, because it’s really taking some strange routes on the track now. The BAM and the Kiran also does some small skids, and speaking of the BAM, the fuel delivery doesn’t seem to be completely reliable now. The Legion has been running well so the team seems to be a bit worried about the check engine light flickering for some seconds. The Puttzalong seems to have kind of a hard time through Killrobs Chicane, and the Kurokamas aggressive approach at Caswals carousel seems to have been kind of too aggressive, and it seems like the punishment is not only the car skidding, because from the sputtering and smoke we see now, it seems like it might be running a bit rich again. Remembering the JESA having similar problems? They are back, too. And taking an offroader like a Tycoon to a racetrack can be interesting since now it’s almost tipping over but back at all 4 wheels again, but it seems like it scared the Alba, National, Renwoo and Jinsu drivers that tried to avoid getting into a mess. The Bardot is still taking it easy due to the engine running hot, and we still hear some belt chirping every once in a while from the Jinsu.

Still not reliable is the BAM fuel pump, or whatever might cause the fuel starvation in some of the bends, and we still hear some sputtering from the Harris sometimes. The Kurokama tries to overtake the Revolve but probably a little bit too aggressive, causing a skid, which in turn even causes the Revolve to spin around trying to miss the Kurokama, which means that the drivers of the Harris and the Puttzalong has to slow down. It seems like there might be some clutch slipping in the Bogliq which is not a good sign, they were known for being easy to fry. The Anhultz is going a bit too fast through some bends at the moment, just like the Jinsu.

And now, our own team in the Revolve is overtaking the Bardot at quite a high speed, when a tyre explosion happens, causing Erik Carlén to lose control over the Revolve, being hit in the side by the Bardot. There is steam coming out from the Bardot engine bay and the Revolve looks to be in quite a sad shape. Yellow flag is out and both vehicles goes into the pits, the Revolve is unfortunately the next vehicle having to end this race way too early since the rear suspension is bent completely out of shape. Team Cierzo Dynamics, however, has made it clear that they will try to solder the Bardot radiator. When the Mikadzuki wass passing the Renwoo, it was quite near that we had another crash because the Mikadzuki spun out after passing, causing even the Renwoo to spin out, getting the Hitomoji, Jesa, Tycoon and Jinsu in trouble. The Bardot is back on track but the question is if it might be out of alignment after the crash because it seems to behave a bit strange on the track, and the automatic gearbox in the Cheval seems to have its own ideas about how it should shift now.

We’re getting a report from Team Testikelpung that they found some really shoddy earlier crash repairs on the Bonhomme, which probably was the reason why it crumpled up like a beer can in the crash with the Renwoo earlier.


  1. Team Boost Foxes Customs / 1985 Kurokama SC AeroR ( @ST1Letho ) - lap 96
  2. Team Blue Team / 1988 Kuma GP-E ( @Xepy ) - lap 93
  3. Team Bavarian Racing Crew / 1976 BAM Bavaria SB620SB ( @Der_Bayer ) - lap 92
  4. Team Platshållare / 1998 Legion CrAVe Espresso ( @donutsnail ) - lap 92
  5. Team Japanese Shame / 1992 Kiran Jidosha Wagon TRS ( @Hilbert ) - lap 91
  6. Team Harcourt-Entwhistle / 2005 FM Hi-Way Outrider ( @Jaimz ) - lap 90
  7. Team Midlife Crisis / 1984 Sanfrecce Supo 1.4T ( @piglet916 ) - lap 90
  8. Team Broke Racers / 1989 Jinsu Charade ( @Edballistic ) - lap 90
  9. Team Slow Car Goog Car / 1991 Hitomoji Alteron Sport ( @GetWrekt01 ) - lap 89
  10. Team Kyung-Yeong Nostalgic / 1969 Ssanvan GT ( @Aruna ) - lap 89
  11. Team “But…stickers, Bro!” / 1982 Puttzalong GC2500 ( @stm316 ) - lap 89
  12. Team The Enforcers / 1986 National Vanguard 1000 ( @DukeOFhazards ) - lap 87
  13. Team Bakusho Racing / 1973 Mikadzuki Yuro 150 ( @KactusPantah ) - lap 87
  14. Team Project Overdrive / 1980 Ursula F7 300i ( @BannedByAndroid ) - lap 86
  15. Team “The Wild bunch” / 1975 Bogliq Bazooka ( @HighOctaneLove ) - lap 86
  16. Team RK Series Racing / 1985 Anhultz Dione C ( @Elizipeazie ) - lap 86
  17. Team Alba Racing / 1972 Alba Saline DL-40 ( @TheLapTopX20 ) - lap 85
  18. Team Cierzo Dynamics / 1987 Bardot Foudre 150T ( @Petakabras ) - lap 84
  19. Team Clapper Snapper / 1975 GMI 221 ( @LinkLuke) - lap 83
  20. Team Collapsing Sun / 1990 Tycoon Offroader ( @Ryan93 / @mat1476 ) - lap 83
  21. Team Buccaneer XA / 1980 Cheval Buccaneer ( @nicholasrams774) - lap 81
  22. Team Bakewell Boxer / 1975 J.E.S.A Bianchi Nuova 300 Series ( @Mythrin ) - lap 80
  23. Team Korsika / 1998 Renwoo Mingle ( @Mikonp7 ) - lap 79
  24. Team Seikatsu (?) / 1985 Seikatsu 10K FX ( @Tzuyu_main) - lap 79
  25. Team Knightwick Owners Club / 1959 Harris Riviera Four ( @mart1n2005 ) - lap 79
  26. Team Trafikjournalen / 1970 Revolve Manaoz ( @Knugcab ) - DNF (75 laps)
  27. Team Testikelpung / 1996 Bonhomme Redfin 2.3 SX ( @variationofvariables ) - DNF (10 laps)


RK Series Racing

Part 0.75: delivery successful

16 hours before race start; Schrant’s vacation rental home

Redwood had already been there for a few days, patiently awaiting delivery of both the car and Connor in his crate.
They are having a good time having beer, watching films and such, when the door bell goes.

DInnng DAnnng DOnnng

Schrant: “I’ll get that.”
Rewood: “That must be Connor!”

Both of them practically rush to the door to, somehow encounter a familiar face. Familiar to Redwood, that is.

Guy: “Yeah Hello there. Your Space-y AI thing’s here…”

Both of them get excited like children on christmas and immediately rush of´ver to the already unloaded crate in which Connor is curled up.

Guy: “Still need a signature to confirm delivery…”

Schrant hastily skribbles what vaguely is a signature onto the delivery form and geads back to the now upside-down crate, trying to figere out a way to open it.

Guy: “Sorry about it being upside-down, could not get it out of my truck otherwise…”
Schrant: “U have a crowbar or a tire iron or something?”
Guy: “Let me have a look.”

He digs around in some compartments and manages to find a stupidly large flathead screwdriver and some piping for extension.

Guy: “I found this…”
Schrant: “That should do…”

Some attempts later, the crate’s floor is torn off, Connor and clothing inside.

Schrant: [handing back borrowed tools] “Thanks. See 'ya around.”

The guy just nods, gets in his truck and drives off.

Schrant: “Why is he near-naked?”
Redwood: “His choice. Probably has to do with him only having that set of clothes…”
Schrant: “Err… okay… We’re in an enormous time-crunch as the race is gonna start soon.”
Redwood: “Well he’s still hibernating… and as far as he told me this will continue for at most 24 hours…”
Schrant: “Either way… let’s just get him seated and we’ll head off to collect the car. At least we loaded up the spare parts and camping stuff.”

The two manage to haul the still-topless Connor into the car used to haul the Dione to the race and head off.
Collecting has been rather uneventful and they immediately head off to the start line.

a few hours later

The team rolls up onto the pit area, Connor still in hibernation, and two of three members immediately head off to safety briefing, explaining Connor’s absense reasonably convincingly.
They then set up basic camp with a tent and some minor preparations like sorting tools among other things. They also set up a phone-call based connection with a bluetooth earpiece for the driver.
Then it was time to discuss a plan:

Schrant: “I’d say you start, cuz your car, me next and possibly some more changing around to account for the night…”
Redwood: “Fine by me, here we go then…”

RK Series Racing

Part 1: 6am to 10am

Redwood enters the car and the race starts. The first hour-ish is rather uneventful, until a competitor car skids into the side of the Dione.


Redwood instinctively depresses the clutch and countersteers, allowing him to save the car from completely spinning.

Redwood: “Fucking Asshole! Some rando rammed me!”
Schrant: “Car’s good?”
Redwood: “Can’t tell yet, seems fine for now. I’ll tell ya in a few laps.”

few laps later

Redwood: “Seems fine from what i can tell…”
Scharnt: “Good, keep going then. Seems just like a dented door from here.”

some two uneventful hours later

Redwood: “Yo i keep going deep into some of those corners…”
Schrant: “Err… really?”
Redwood: “Dunno if the brakes are going or if it’s just me, but… [concentration pause] …am still going deep.”
Schrant: “May be because those brake pads are not really meant for continuous racing. Try to take it a bit easier through the corners and see how they do. Also, i’ll check out the other teams and see if i recognize anyone.”
Redwood: “Will do.”

to be continued


13th OF JUNE 2020

FILIP: “You know, I thought that Erik was skilled when it came to motorsports. Then he should know that this is not drag racing. Why is he doing a burn out?”
MATS: “Ehm…you know, this is my old tyres and wheels that have been occupying the space in the garage at work for years, and when I bought them, well…I guess the tyres weren’t new back then either.”
FILIP: “Are they very old?”
MATS: “To put it this way, the name “Samyang”, does that say anything to you?”
FILIP: “Never heard of. Some cheap chinese rubber?”
MATS: “Well, not exactly, Samyang is Kumho.”
FILIP: “I thought Kumhos were OK?”
MATS: “They are… but Samyang became Kumho in…1987, I think. So they are probably 35 years old.”
FILIP: “Holy crap, do you think they will cope with this race?”
MATS: “…no…”

A while later…

FILIP: “HOLY CRAP! Are Bonhommes made of card board? Look how it folded like a piece of paper!”
MATS: “Yeah, and the Renwoo is hardly damaged at all, to put it this way, I think something is VERY wrong with that car.”
FILIP: “There is no chance that they will continue the race, just look at the front suspension, you can see the brake calipers from the front of the car FFS! Oh well, just another less competitor I guess.”
MATS: “Yeah, like we will stand any chance anyway, it seems like something is shoddy with our engine too, considering all the blue smoke, and our tyres are 35 years old. We should be happy if we finish this.”

A while later, the Revolve comes into the pits for a fuel stop.

ERIK: “This thing is GULPING fuel. Nobody has been in for refuelling yet I think, not even the Bogliq, and that damn thing has a V8!”
MATS; “Two words, Revolve Rallysport! There is a reason why the 2 barrel intakes had scrap value until the classic rallying crowd started looking for them. The fuel is practically running from the tank through the carb down into the cylinders. Why do you think everybody is building fuel injection on the yellowblocks nowadays?”
ERIK: “Sometimes Arvid is so stuck in the 60s so it becomes tragic…”

Yet a while later:
MATS: “Please little Bardot, don’t crash, don’t cr…”
FILIP: “It’s over.”
MATS: “It’s so over it’s not even funny anymore. If Arvid only could have listened to me, but NOOOO…”
FILIP: “Lesson learned, no more racing with tyres from the 80s”

The car arrives at the pits:

MATS: “There’s no way we can continue racing with this. Just look at the control arms! The only bananas in the world that has a Revolve parts number stamped on them.”
FILIP: “One thing is for sure, this car will do four tracks in the snow…”
MATS: “Well, at least, two years ago people laughed when I came last with my IP Pandora, but I managed to finish, how about this, even worse!”
FILIP: “No, actually slightly better. At least we ended up higher than the Bonhomme this time!”

…a silent pause…

ERIK: “I think that we should forget this for a while and see if café Erin Lomaron has something to offer, I guess that there’s some left in the thermos…”



Boost Foxes | Part 0.48 : Pre-Race

The panda Kurokama was still sitting on the lift, the wheels sitting on the ground next to it as the team did the final inspections before they let this lightweight powerhouse on the track
The young asian gal was sitting inside the car, setting up the electronics, completely ignoring the manual that has been placed by her, thinking that it is easy job. This decision would prove problematic to the team later, but so far it was not evident, since the ECU memory booted up correctly

“All booted up, Jan! It is ready to slide around the track!” She said excited, peeking out of the open window at the two guys working on the suspension and engine

“It should do everything but slide, the suspension should be set up for grip” The czech tightening the setting rings at the coilvers assured her

“Aw, that’s no fun, make it a bit looser- it will pay off” She pouted, sitting back in the sport seat

“Kidding me? I just did all four” He looked to her, clenching the wrench

“Please! i will show you some maneuvres if you will”

“Eh, fine- but make sure the interior is faultless meanwhile”


“The turbo is running at full boost, the exhaust does not leak anywhere”

“Good, final touches, then we starting it”

Some time later

The white menace was now sitting on the ground, with Jan tightening the wheels. The engine was quitely humming at idle, and the rallye lights were brightly shining at the garage front

Once done with the wheels, Jan called for a team briefing
“Okay guys, i will be driving first- so i can fix any problems we might have overlooked, and to slow us down the least. Akari here will go second, she can do for the most of the race, and will be able to take advantage of other cars failing. She also knows how to handle the car during busy situations”
“As third, Ethan will go and use his skills to eventually catch up or get us to lead, he can drive the fastest here”



“So let’s move some metal, guys” Akari offered a fist bump, and as they bumped the three fists together, the announcement to get ready sounded through the pits


Team Blue Team

Part 0

Before the race, in the pits…

There was still some time before the race started, and our imaginatively named ‘Blue Team’, well, at least the Peterson siblings, had just taken a stroll around the garages, a quick peek at what their opponents were running. Thomas himself felt fairly confident, but Katrina…

“You know what’s one thing I noticed? Basically every car looks to be in better condition than ours!” Katrina exclaimed as they returned to the garage.

“Look, Kat, its not a beauty contest.” Thomas replied, opening up a bottle of water. “Mechanically we’re good. Trust me”

“If you say so… “ Katrina looked over at the Kuma that her brother had brought. She had to admit the drive over was surprisingly decent - even if it was a bit stiff, and at the very least they had a sports car to compete. She then went over to Nicole. “Anyone take a peek in here while we were walking?”

Nicole looked up from her phone, brushing her brown hair out of her face and shrugged. She then yawned and went back to looking at her phone.

“Figures, its not much to look at.” Katrina sighed.

“And that’s entirely your fault, I did ask you to do the paint…” Thomas said offhandedly.

“Hey, I was busy with other projects!” Katrina defensively shot back. “Plus its your car.”

“Yeah, and I got the important parts done.”

“Okay whatever, what’s the plan?” Katrina switched topics, noticing the race was close to starting.

“Right, yeah. I’ll take the first stint. Make sure everything is running smoothly and do any adjustments or repairs needed after the car goes hard for a few hours. Though I don’t foresee anything coming up, aside maybe avoiding traffic. Or any accidents that happen.” Thomas looked at the Kuma. “But I’m pretty sure I can keep us out of any trouble.”

“Okay, and what about us?”

“Oh right. Uhh… well Nikki is going to do her thing so she can take the second, then you can take third in case she doesn’t tell me anything that went wrong as usual.”

Nicole shot Thomas a glare, who shrugged and said “You know I’m right.”

“Yeah okay. By the way Tom do you think we can race with the roof off?” Katrina then asked.

“Uhh… no?”

“Aw come on, that’ll be cool and weight reduction or something.”

“Yeah, okay, I’ll ask one of the race orgs or something.” Thoma replied, with no intention of doing so.

Part 1

With just a small moment with a spinning pseudo-police car, Blue Team’s first leg was quiet, efficient, reliable - and most importantly had put them into second with a lap ahead of third.

The blue rusty Kuma GP pulled into the pits for the driver change. Nicole silently went in after Thomas exited.

“Car is running good. Honk twice if you have any issues.” Thomas said.

Nicole nodded.

“Second place eh Tom. Pretty good.” Katrina said.

“Yeah, but that Kurokama is no joke. We’re getting gapped while the others behind us are still in hitting distance - relatively speaking.” Thomas replied.

“Think we can take first?”

“20 hours to go Kat. Anything can happen.”


The Kuma and the Kurokama was actually pretty close, but the Kurokama has not refuelled yet, which the Kuma had to do, and that put it back a bit. However, the fuel economy on the Kuma is much worse than the Kurokama, so it has a big drawback there that maybe can’t compensate for better driveability and reliability…

LAP 75

A car gets into the Cierzo Dynamics´ pits. A figure emerges from a cloud of white smoke…

Adrian- Does someone know how to fix this piece of shit!? It´s been a mess since the f***ing start, seriously, Who bought this?

Joaquin- Well, he is already dead.

[ AKWARD SILENCE] Meanwhile, the other two other members of the team decide to do something, so they open the hood

Marla- It seems like only a tube has been damaged, or at least that´s what I can see from here, but that doesn´t explain your performance, or actually lack of it, in the previous laps…

Adrian- The engine is overheating like crazy, I though these pieces of junk were reliable at least

Marla- We know the previous owner swapped the turbo for a new one, probably the extra horsepower are too much for the cooling…

While everyone was speaking, Ricardo closes the hood

Ricardo- There´s nothing duck tape can´t fix, so the car needs a gentle driver huh. Thankfully “Mr Safety in the road” is here to save you [Puts on his helmet] So, I have to avoid crashing… Is that all?

Ricardo presses the throttle and gets the Bardot into the race again

Marla- DON´T REV OVER 5000!! [She turns to the rest of the team] We have probably lost the race. And the car, too.



Part 0.99 : Pre Race

Previous Part

2:00 PM in Sweden at the hotel: 2 days before the race started

Johnny, Mandy and Connor have arrived in Sweden, having arranged for the JESA to be transported to the hotel the next day.

The three got out of the taxi and headed into the hotel, booked a room, with 3 separate beds and headed up the elevator.

Mandy: ‘‘There we are Room 101, sounds ominous’’ She said plipping the door card on the scanner “thank God! 3 actually separate beds this time.”

Connor: ''Best make the most of it we’re camping tomorrow and the day after that"

The three ate at the hotel’s restaurant and discussed who would drive first, they decided one Johnny driving first to have him driving at his most awake, rather than later in the day, the team took an early night to get in the groove of early waking up early for the race in two days.

Part 1 : That’s a Bit Rich

Previous Part - See Above

9:00 AM at the track

Johnny was out in the car still sore from the bollocking Mandy gave him after his off-track excursion

Johnny roared past the pit straight changing into 3rd causing a belch of black smoke to come from the exhaust.

Mandy Walkie-Talkie : ''What the hell is it doing that for!" she yelled into the device.

Johnny Walkie-Talkie: 'I dunno Mand, it started fluffing every now and then and is down on power"

A backfire POP was heard through the device

Mandy Walkie-Talkie : ''It might have been the shunt from one of the other racers jolted something in the carb!" she yelled into the device for the second time. “Try not to over labour the engine so you don’t blacken up the plugs, it’s over fuelling”

A couple minutes later the JESA came flying past the pit straights whisping black smoke out of the exhaust and belching an even larger cloud onto the front of the slip streaming Renwoo.

Mandy: “Connor where’s that bloody Haynes manual, it might be that the choke cable has slackened off and is dropping the flap shut in the carb, or the air filter has sucked something big onto the filter paper?”

Connor ran over to the bench where Mandy was stood passing her the Haynes manual, she fumbled it open to the carburettor diagram

Mandy: “See because the choke cable on Series 1’s goes through the gauge cluster it can fray over time wearing the cable down and extending it by only a centimetre”

Connor: “Right” He nodded like he had been listening.

Connor hadn’t really been concentrating, mechanics were not really his area of expertise, he had however been looking over at other teams pit lane, and noticed a very tall man walking briskly in his direction.


this post is in direct continuation of above post of @Mythrin

RK Series Racing

Part 1.5: “Familiar” Faces

Johnson is casually looking around from the team’s designated pit-box, noticing a freakishly tall young man vaguely approaching his team’s area. He giant does not seam to be aiming for anything in particular. Carter is focused on keeping track of the race.
Johnson coughs to grab Carters attention and gestures with his head toward the strangely tall man walking toward their pit.

Johnson: “I think he’s coming over here Mandy.”

The unknown man continues to approach at a for him leisurly pace, yet brisk for people of average height. He is casually looking around at the way other teams have set up their operations on this event. He is carring a cell phone of sorts, on which he isn’t doing anything of interest at the moment.
Carter having noticed the man observing other teams shuffles the JESA’s Haynes manual, which was open on the chapter about it’s carburettor, and turns down the volume on the walkie-talkie which was linked with her brother’s in the car.
Johnson rolled his eyes at Carters minor paranoia and continued looking nonchalantly into the pit lane, trying not to make eye contact with the approaching man.
He manages to establish eye contact successfully and the giant looks at Johnson, waving and smiling at him. He seems to be in a very good mood to Johnson.
Johnson eases up seeing the giants friendly greeting, and as said giant man approaches he greets him with a smile.

Johnson: “Alright… hey are you with them lot?”

He points to the pit about 4 lanes away noticing a car with a figure slumped in the back seat.

Johnson: “You weren’t in America were you?”

The man approaches to a point where regular talking volume is useable, then he turns around looking at the car Connor is seated in.

Schrant: “Err… i AM with them, but not American, nor have i been to the US as of yet. Why asking?”
a second of silence
Schrant: “And good morning, since we are talking now. [smiling]”

The two members of Bakewell Boxer peer up to the giant man.

Johnson: “Oh pardon me, goodmorning, you must certainly be enjoying the new days weather up there”

Carter drew in her breathe and rolled her eyes, facing away from the giant as if she were in a sitcom.

Johnson: “Oh and it’s just that WE, well more so I, have met your teammates before… in America.”
Carter: “Yes, we were in another competition sort of like this.”
Schrant: [sarcastic chuckle] “Yeah thanks… weather’s nice here… Either way, you know my newly found friends? i Knew of Redwood being an American, but him knowing people internationally is new to me.”
The phone: “Who are you talking to there??”
Schrant: [into phone] “Some other racers claiming they know you and Connor.”
Phone: “WHAAT?”
Phone: “What team do they belong to?”
Schrant: “I dunno, ask them.”

Schrant is holding up his phone for Johnson to speak into.
Johnson leans forward slightly to speak into the mic.

Johnson: “Hello… yes we met in America, I gave you my phone number in the restaurant, we’re Team Bakewell Boxer.”
Phone: “Oh Hello there! … Glad you’re Here … Talk to you once done driving.”

Carter notices Connor straightening his seating position, followed by some undefined movements. He then gets out of the car, wearing only jeans and shoes while also revealing a yellow, then blue dot on his head, looks around a bit and then briskly aims at the group of three. She also notices an unusual but unexplained movement of his right arm.

Carter: [Talking to the giant man but gesturing toward Connor who was coming over at quite a pace] “Your friend over there he was in America too, is he alright?”

Carter was now noticing the lack of clothing on his top half and furrowed her brow as Connor approached.
Schrant turns around seeing Connor approaching topless and was not exactly surprised.

Schrant: “I still haven’t been to america, but he kinda is american. At least as far as i know…”

Carter catches herself staring as Connor approaches, but averts her gaze as he stands with the group.

Johnson: [Briefly looking Connor up and down] “Hey um… Connor isn’t it, we have the same name hopefully it doesn’t get too confusing.”

Johnson laughs awkwardly and holds out his hand for Connor to shake.

Connor: “Greetings, Ms. Carter and Mr. Johnson. Confusion is bound to set in at some point, given potentially identical spelling.”
Schrant: “What are you doing here?”
Connor: “I am geographically bound to Redwood instead of Captain Tonsom for the duration of our stay in sweden. And since he currently is driving, i am now here.”

Connor rejects the handshake and is looking confused.

Johnson: [Johnson pulls his hand away and puts it in his pocket] “Yes hello, geographically bound what d…”
Carter: [Clears her throat and interrupts her teammate, her eyes darting around Connor’s surrounding] “I don’t remember seeing you drive last time, you here for moral support again?”
Connor: “I did drive last time, if you are referring to the Once More event, and i do intend to drive here as well, but there might be some control issues on that front…”
Schrant: “What are you on about?”
Connor: “Not exactly sure, but i lost any and all control of my right arm from and including elbow and down.”
Schrant: [annoyed] “Really?”
Connor: “Yes… Also, is there a problem, Miss?”

Mandy blushed bright red even through her already rosy complexion courtesy of the cold breeze going of the Swedish air.

Carter: [Caught of guard] “No! Problem? No… it’s just… isn’t it a bit cold to not be wearing a shirt?”
Johnson: [Butting in] “Lost all control of your right arm! Are you alright, do you need to go to a hospital!”

Johnson was wearing a very shocked expression at the description of Connor’s arm’s mobility.

Connor: “I am sorry about that, but apparently the set of clothes i have got lost in transit. Also i appreciate you trying to help, but i doubt that a hospital would be of much use for me…”
Schrant: [confused] “Wait what? I remember Tim pulling a bundle out of the crate you came in. [Into phone] Do you know where Connor’s clothes are?”
Phone: “No. Haven’t you packed them?”
Schrant: “I thought you did?? Just keep driving, we’ll find a way…”
Connor: “It’s not cold to the degree of it being an issue, and being topless is not forbidden.”
Schrant: “Problem [finger quotes] solved…”

In the meantime, Connor is investigating his arm by holding it up using the other one, showing a white spot with what both members of the Bakewell Boxers would consider a cut in the middle.
The two teammates of Bakewell Boxer both stared at each other eyes wide.

Johnson: “The crate…”

Carter cut him off swiping her hand back an forth by her neck

Carter: “No I guess it’s not forbidden, I was just wondering whether you were…” [She looked Connor up and down] “a bit chilly.”

Carter looked at Connor examining his arm more closely.

Connor: [confused; still examining arm] “Chilly?”
Schrant: “Erm… cold.”
Connor: [now looking at Carter and Johnson, still holding on arm with the other] “No.”
Johnson: “I was bloody freezing this morning after being in that tent all night, I don’t know how you do it.”

Carter was subtly scanning over Connor, looking at his chest, neck, injured arm and finally his temple; she furrowed her brown again and thought deeply, then straightened her posture.

Carter: “Well do make sure you look after yourself anyway, even if you don’t put a shirt on.”
Schrant: “Has been a pleasure meeting you! Hope your car is doing good. See ya later, maybe. [chuckles]”
Connor: “Temperatures are not an issue if above freezing. Have a nice day then. [polite nod]”

Schrant and Connor turn around and head off for their pit box.
The two teammates turn and look at each other.

Johnson: “Why were you acting so strangely?”
Carter: “I bloody well was not! Never mind me acting strange what about that Connor guy?”
Johnson: “That’s what I was tal…”
Carter: “There’s something weirder than normal weird going on with that lot, I mean a 7ft man comes blundering over then his topless friend comes over in the freezing cold wearing jeans and a belt, and starts talking about how it’s not cold enough to cause problems, I’m gonna get to the bottom of this.”
Johnson: “Something is certainly amiss Mandy but…”
Carter: “No buts, I’m gonna solve this.”

to be continued


smol clip:
tom: Hey, ya think we might be able to finish?
terry: nah
tom: what if we did
terry: that’d be cool
tom: ye


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PART 2 10 AM - 2 PM

Both the Ssanvan and the Harris is struggling a bit with getting through Killrob’s chicane. We hear some slight misfiring from the Alba, which stops quite immediately though, and keep getting reports of dodgy electrics in the Kiran. The Bardot is really not doing well on the track now, it starts skidding in the Bavarian bend, causing the Puttzalong driver to swerve. The National keeps taking it easy due to the brake fade problem. Next car to spin out is the Kurokama, coming in the way for the GMI and the Anhultz, however without any contact. Also, we don’t know why but the Seikatsu seems unusually slow again.

The Harris is only running worse and worse, now it’s barely running at all and goes to the pits for a checkup. The BAM and the JESA takes some less than ideal routes on the track, and the Supo seems to keep having problems with a slipping clutch, and there’s some strange rattling sound going on in the Tycoon. The Harris is back on track, but instead the FM seems to be running rough after a fuel stop, maybe some contaminated fuel. The Puttzalong, however, touches the Cheval, making the Cheval spin out, meaning that the Ursula and the National has to swerve to dodge the Cheval. The Puttzalong needs some adjustments of the damaged sheetmetal in the pits. Once again, we hear grinding from the Mikadzuki gearbox, and just like we saw earlier with the National and the Ssanvan, the hard driving seems to have been a bit much for the Anhultz brakes too, meaning that it has to take it easy for a while. There is another cloud of soot coming from the rough running Kurokama’s tailpipe.

The JESA is oversteering a bit at Caswals carousel, meaning that the Harris, Alba and BAM has to slow down, we hear the Cheval automatic transmission do some really crazy shiftings, but the manual Bogliq doesn’t seem to be in any better shape considering that the clutch slippage seems to be getting worse. The Jinsu drive belt is squealing like a pig now, but what’s even worse, the Tycoon crashes into the FM causing the FM to spin around and the hood of the Tycoon to fly open, meaning that it has to be repaired in the pits to at least be good enough to close again. The FM only suffers cosmetical damage though. The Supo skids off the track when trying to avoid getting into the crash. The FM still has some hiccups after its fuel stop. For some reason, the engine in the Ursula is stalled, but manages to come to life again after a downshift, and we keep seing things like the bad bite in the National brakes and the problems with shifting the GMI. The Kurokama is skidding off the track at Caswals carousel, being in the way for the Anhultz and Seikatsu that manages to avoid the spinning Kurokama after some tricky maneuvers. Afterwards, there is huge smoke clouds coming out of the barely running Kurokamas tailpipe, meaning that the problems has to be checked up in the pits.

After the Kurokama comes the Harris, skidding off the track at almost the same place but managing to get back on track again. Some of the problems we’ve seen all the time keeps appearing, the BAM seems to be starved of fuel in the bends sometimes and the Ssanvan brakes is more than tired. The Alba is also doing a spinout, causing the JESA to crash into the guardrail while trying to dodge it. The JESA has to go to the pits for some small front end repairs, but when leaving the pits, we hear the familiar crackling popping sound and see the thick black smoke from the exhaust. The Jinsu is entering Adams apex with a little bit too much speed, and the FM is following, probably not wanting to let off the gas and let the distance to the Jinsu in front grow bigger, but it results in both of the cars having a little trouble getting around. The Bardot that has been running at a somewhat more sane temperature for a long while is now reported to run hot again, meaning that it has to take it easy, like the National has to do to not constantly overheat its brakes. The next car to arrive with too much speed at Adams Apex is the Kuma, spinning around almost crashing into the Renwoo. Even though the Kurokama is out of the pits now, it’s hardly running any better, every now and then it’s sputtering, smoking and appears to be running too rich.

I seriously don’t know what’s wrong at Adams Apex at the moment, the Bogliq is spinning out completely too, and the Kiran and Hitomoji also has troubles getting through. The Ursula seems to be stalling as soon as the driver gets off the gas. The Puttzalong does some heavy skidding at Killrobs Chicane, almost hitting the Renwoo, Seikatsu and Kuma. The intermittent rich running Kurokama engine is still coming and going.

The Harris is the next car to suffer a tyre explosion, however, with no other car coming in the way it ends better than for the Revolve, though it ends up in the guardrail, so it’s a visit in the pits for the Harris. The JESA is spinning around, the BAM manages to avoid the JESA, just to be hit by the Bogliq, causing also the BAM to spin around, with only cosmetical damage though, while the Bogliq has to go to the pits. The FM is really running bad now, as it has done every now and then after the fuel stop. While the Kuma is slowing down before a bend, it seems like there has been some overestimating of the Renwoos brake capacity, causing it to crash into the Kuma, with very bad front end damage. The Kuma is just a bit wrinkled but able to continue, but the Renwoo is very mangled up front, yellow flag is out and Renwoo is going into the pits for quite a time now. The Puttzalong and the Legion almost got into the crash too, but managed to escape. Shifting the GMI seems to be a harder and harder task all the time.

Speaking about the GMI, after a visit in the guardrail there is another crash for the team in the Harris, into the GMI, meaning another pitstop for the Harris and a heavily spinning GMI, and it’s quite busy at that section of the track at the moment, meaning that the BAM, JESA, Bogliq, Cheval and Kiran gets busy in trying to avoid crashing into the GMI. The BAM seems to have some fuel starvage problems again when trying to get away, and the Cheval transmission seems to be from another planet with it’s strange shifting. We hear reports that there still is some strange rattling going on from underneath the Tycoon, and there was some slight misfires from the Hitomoji. The Mikadzuki is having another crash in the guardrail, with its fragile aluminium bodywork needing some straightening out again, it’s probably as soft as a paper tissue by now. The Puttzalong, Kuma and Anhultz is not showing from their best side now, losing some time by taking some not so well-planned routes, while the Seikatsu seems to be losing power again.

The Harris is sputtering again, but all of a sudden regaining power, causing it to spin. The Ssanvan, Alba and JESA manages to avoid it, though it ends up in the guardrail for the Bogliq, meaning yet another trip to the pits. When coming out of the pits, we hear some worrying clutch slippage again. Once again, the Tycoon is almost flipping over, taking a turn with too much speed, the Mikadzuki, National and Jinsu almost spins out when trying to avoid it, which in turn also causes problems for the Kiran, GMI and Kuma. Downshifting the Mikadzuki doesn’t seem to be an easy task, the grinding is getting worse and worse.


  1. Team Boost Foxes Customs / 1985 Kurokama SC AeroR ( @ST1Letho ) - lap 189
  2. Team Blue Team / 1988 Kuma GP-E ( @Xepy ) - lap 187
  3. Team Bavarian Racing Crew / 1976 BAM Bavaria SB620BRC ( @Der_Bayer ) - lap 184
  4. Team Platshållare / 1998 Legion CrAVe Espresso ( @donutsnail ) - lap 183
  5. Team Midlife Crisis / 1984 Sanfrecce Supo 1.4T ( @piglet916 ) - lap 182
  6. Team Japanese Shame / 1992 Kiran Jidosha Wagon TRS ( @Hilbert ) - lap 180
  7. Team Broke Racers / 1989 Jinsu Charade ( @Edballistic ) - lap 180
  8. Team Harcourt-Entwhistle / 2005 FM Hi-Way Outrider ( @Jaimz ) - lap 179
  9. Team Kyung-Yeong Nostalgic / 1969 Ssanvan GT ( @Aruna ) - lap 178
  10. Team “But…stickers, Bro!” / 1982 Puttzalong GC2500 ( @stm316 ) - lap 177
  11. Team Slow Car Goog Car / 1991 Hitomoji Alteron Sport ( @GetWrekt01 ) - lap 176
  12. Team Bakusho Racing / 1973 Mikadzuki Yuro 150 ( @KactusPantah ) - lap 175
  13. Team The Enforcers / 1986 National Vanguard 1000 ( @DukeOFhazards ) - lap 174
  14. Team Project Overdrive / 1980 Ursula F7 300i ( @BannedByAndroid ) - lap 173
  15. Team Cierzo Dynamics / 1987 Bardot Foudre 150T ( @Petakabras ) - lap 172
  16. Team Alba Racing / 1972 Alba Saline DL-40 ( @TheLapTopX20 ) - lap 170
  17. Team RK Series Racing / 1985 Anhultz Dione C ( @Elizipeazie ) - lap 170
  18. Team “The Wild bunch” / 1975 Bogliq Bazooka ( @HighOctaneLove ) - lap 169
  19. Team Clapper Snapper / 1975 GMI 221 ( @LinkLuke) - lap 169
  20. Team Buccaneer XA / 1980 Cheval Buccaneer ( @nicholasrams774) - lap 163
  21. Team Collapsing Sun / 1990 Tycoon Offroader ( @Ryan93 / @mat1476 ) - lap 163
  22. Team Seikatsu (?) / 1985 Seikatsu 10K FX ( @Tzuyu_main) - lap 161
  23. Team Bakewell Boxer / 1975 J.E.S.A Bianchi Nuova 300 Series ( @Mythrin ) - lap 158
  24. Team Korsika / 1998 Renwoo Mingle ( @Mikonp7 ) - lap 155
  25. Team Knightwick Owners Club / 1959 Harris Riviera Four ( @mart1n2005 ) - lap 152


OOC: Ah yes, the one time I spit out a reliable piece of shit, RNG decides to slowly and collectively fuck me over. I love RNG yes


hello there, a little question before any RP is written

My team and the Bakewell Boxers (@Mythrin) know each other in person from the Once More race and their JESA seems to not be running all to well.

I’d like to ask if (and under which conditions) it would be possible for MY team to help fix THEIR car, given that mine is running flawlessly (apart from expectable brake fade)

would it be possible to include a per-car condition summary after each stint?

thanks in advance

  • Elizipeazie
    RK Series Racing


Well, I guess that I’m totally giving you the answer you don’t want to hear now…

But I think that your ideas are interesting and i understand why you are having them. And, I am a little bit biased towards freedom when it comes to RPing in itself. So my view is, do what you want in the RP, but on the other hand, it clashes a bit with how this challenge is being ran at the moment. It is partly to build the right car for the challenge, partly luck, and even if RPing is encouraged, I really can’t let it change more than basic trivial stuff in this case. If the JESA comes into the pits, surely you can help to repair, but I am not going to mess with the car stats because of it. The idea here is a little bit that the car never reaches the condition it had before after getting into the pits, because they are repairs that should be done quickly and probably not with much tools and parts available. I might sound a little bit like a crybaby now when I say “if you fix his car, someone else has a spaceship full of overly competent aliens crashing into his pits, tuning his car to 2000 hp”, but still I guess you understand my point. Unfortunately, good RP won’t pay off here in any more ways than making it a bit more fun for everyone maybe.

However, if it makes you happier, I have an idea for how my next challenge should look, and there is many more possibilities to let RPing change the outcome in that case… and also, a fast car won’t help you there. Maybe that sounds more like your taste?

On the other hand I have seen people that seems to be afraid to post in this thread because they “can’t do good enough RPing”. :frowning: That’s quite sad IMO, a ten word RP is better than nothing and this is no writing contest, nor is it even possible to change the outcome with RPing so there is nothing to be afraid of, and maybe it’s good to keep some challenges being like that if it scares away contestants with too much RP. :confused:


i did not expect in any way to influence car stats by this, it makes sense to avoid exploit of the challenges theme for the sake of being better (tho since we are at the bottom of the grid anyway…)

i was mainly asking from a lore standpoint, since there may be rule/ regulations limiting such actions

also for the next one, i’m all ears and hoping for it to last
(not meaning to be rude, but there’s a dodgy track record there)

two things…

building “the right car” kinda is difficult given the heavy RNG in the way reliability works


plans are being made to change the way the actual interaction works so as to avoid direct contact with other competitors cars and/ or their stock of parts/ tools


Then just do what feels right, as long as the two of you are fine with it! :slight_smile:


"The Wild Bunch"

Team strategy: Change of drivers every 2 hours with each driver having six hours between turns to get rest, food etc. Drivers are to do their best to go fast but are erring on the side of caution as it’s John’s car, lol.

Part One

6AM to 10AM

John felt his heart lurch in his chest. Today was the day he’d be driving his dream car, in anger, doing real racing! Lining up on the starting grid, he was surrounded by a motley collection of sub-par cars from all over the world. This didn’t surprise him too much, since the good stuff was priced too high and was too precious for this kind of racing anyway…

When the starters flag fell, John gunned the woofly old V8 and dropped the hammer. That was when he noticed the rev flare. The clutch wasn’t in good shape, causing the Bazooka to lurch off the line like a drunkard trying to walk across the street. John then proceeded to drive the Bogliq with as few gear changes as possible; second for the tight turns, fourth for the back straight and third everywhere else.

His run was uneventful, but productive, and John was tired, wired and a little relieved to pull into the pits for fuel and hand over to Neil; Sometimes it pays to never meet your heroes!

About an hour later there was a roar of frustration from the team radio! Neil had spun at Caswals Carousel. The car was undamaged but Neil was saying some rather nasty things about manual gearboxes, old Bazooka’s and Bogliqs in general! Neil had been warned about the clutch, but had clearly not heard Johns warning, which resulted in compression braking just when Neil was trying to avoid other cars…

Position 15 - Lap 86 - Slipping Clutch

Part Two

10AM to 2PM

Neil pitted at the end of his run, still fuming at the stubborn drabness that was the Bazooka, kicked the door open and stalked away. David, the next to race, was clipped by the door but ignored the pain and attempted to roar away from the pits “Like they do in Le Mans”. David immediately found out that Neil had been flogging the clutch so now it was slipping rather badly.

David did his best to try and go fast but he was over-enthusiastic; he’d pass cars awkwardly then they’d just sail on past due to his terrible racing line. This why he then spun at Adams Apex. He tried a wonky pass, had the door closed on him, he reflexively swerved and unloaded the Bogliq’s rear end. Unfortunately for David, this wouldn’t be his last error.

David saw some cars coming to grief, tried to “duck past” hoping for some free positions, then slammed into an unnoticed car who was also trying to avoid the crash. The Bogliq’s safety bumpers seemed to bounce the BAM out of the way, then collapsed internally, obstructing the radiator and front LH wheel. David then had to pit; he was due to change soon anyway!

Roger then took the helm. The damage was race-taped back into a semblance of normalcy and Roger eased the huuge (for him anyway, lol) Bogliq back onto the track. Roger manages to keep the big ole Bazooka running cleanly when disaster struck! While following a clump of competitors, the lead car power-oversteers off the track, leaving Roger no room for maneuver, with the Bogliq tank slapping the guardrail. Roger is shaken but not stirred; He’d much rather be driving his Womble than this lumbering tank of a Bogliq…

Position18 - Lap 169 - Bad clutch, cosmetic damage (hopefully) to the front and LH side of the car