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The 2020 VLN Endurance Series [DESIGN FOCUS] [GRID WALK 2/2]


Yes, I did… Its… very painful process to say the very least… :smile:


The Vernon Talisman VTR
Competing in Class VLN SPX

VLN_SPX_Micz244_-_Vernon_Talisman_VTR.car (479.8 KB)


Yorvik T-57 #6

Let’s start at the beginning. This is the Yorvik T-57, a purpose-built race car for GT1. Featuring a ground-breaking carbon fibre monocoque with a massive 6 litre engine from a Bramble group C project, the T-57 should have been a success. Indeed, it was…. when the engine worked. However, what usually happened was the T-57 shot off the starting line….and then the conrod would go. Or the pistons. Or the injection system. Or the…you get the idea. As a result, only seven of these ‘glass cannons’ were ever produced.

This is chassis number 6, found by amateur racer Simon Polter (GB) in a warehouse in Bologna on a business trip. After spending 3 years restoring it to race-worthy specification and adding more modern touches where needed (including upgrading the conrods so they don’t, y’know, spit themselves all across Eifel) it is finally ready to run. The car will be run by Retech Scuderia Bologna, driven by Polter and co-drivers Andrea Landi (IT) and Riccardo Deisler (DE).


1988 Morton Gambol TA

I wanted to do more with the livery but life got in the way

Originally built to contest the 1988 American Trans Am series and go head to head with the Audi 200 Quattro TA

Refreshed as recently as 2018 this car has been detuned to keep it on track longer as a historic display car


1977 Schneider 835 #286
FIA Group 5
Historic class H2

Original spec Group 5 car. Detuned to “only” 650hp, this flame spitting monster slurps fuel like no tommorow. Feared by both drivers and spectators alike, this machine has been known to explode in a shower of hot oil. Slow off the line, once the twin JJJ turbos spool up this car will almost snap the neck of the driver when the torque more than doubles in the space of 800rpm, reaching 43psi. The car features the original fiberglass body, glued aluminium chassis and 4 speed manual transmission.

Featuring the classic Gasol livery straight from the 1977 1000km of Monza.

2011 Carrera Cup winner and all-round cool guy M.Olsen :new_zealand:
2002 BTCC winner and 2008 Le Mans runner up B.Craptree :uk:
Up and coming young Indycar driver J.Hill :us:


2003 Kazuki Kita Sport BTCC

RWD touring car hatcback hours, bois!

:jp: JGTC driver, Hitomi Aruna
:uk: BTCC driver, Benjamin Nevis


psst, it’s not been JGTC since 2004 :wink:


I wasn’t saying she’s pre-2004. :wink:


Glas Motoren Werke 460 “Hayek Spezial” - H2 - #44
:de: Mike Hayek - :de: Andreas Gülden

Details (The plan was to have more pictures with the writeup but apparently I can only upload a single pic right now)

Thomas Hayek is a household name in german racing cricles, with a career starting in the mid 1980s, leading him to victory at the Nürburgring 24h Race twice in the 90s and culminating in clinching the independent’s Trophy of the 2009 World Touring Car Championship. Always driving GMW sports sedans, later run by his own racing team. But in 2010 the “Super2000” regulations were replaced by a less open ruleset that only allowed for front wheel drive cars with four cylinder engines. “At that point I was done with professional motorsports, but we’re still running some TCR cars for customers.” Hayek says as he pulls the cover of a familiar silhouette.

“This a 1985 Glas 460, the same type of car I had back in the 80s. This shell was in the back of our shop for a few years, until a deal fell through and we suddenly had a few leftover Super2000-spec engines lying around as well.” A loophole allowed these naturally aspirated inline sixes to rev all the way to 9000rpm, with and output of almost 300hp out of just two liters. Fed through a sextette of independent throttle bodies, these high strung engines powered Hayek to many victouries.

“The car was built over last winter to run in VLN’s H2 class. We used TCR components everywhere we could, since these are our daily business. Brakes, electrics, the endurance spec fuel system, electric power steering, racing ABS, everything right off the shelf” he adds.
That seems to include an imposing swan-neck style rear wing.

Hayek can’t wait to hit the track: “It’s not just the car and its tech that’s intergenerational, the same can be said about my team of mechanics and drivers that developed it. This was a fascinating progress.”

For now, the driving will be done by Hayek’s son Mike and Nordschleife specialist Andreas Gülden.

I can’t upload a .car file, (not here or in a PM), and I can’t send a PM to Simmer so how did everyone submit their entry?
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first time doing anything like this so this is going to be intresting

770 Celestial BSR-10 SP9

There were a lot of negative internet rumors about the longevity of Celestial V12 replacement so they took the damn thing endurance racing with the car showing up in the Sp10, Sp9 and class V. the engineering Teams took the existing SP10 and 9 cars and Dropped the V12 out and slotted the V8 units in there place Dieling in the performance appropriately for each car. For the Road car class the engineering team literally took one off the production line and made the bare minimum modifications to it to enter. Celestials’ only goal from this is to make it to the line at the other end of the Green Hell.



The Serafini SVS-07 Gr. 3 (Team RETECH #765) - SP9 (FIA GT3)

Showcase Video (w/ Music :loud_sound:)

:musical_note: Final Fantasy 7 Remake OST - Tonight’s Corneo Cup

The Serafini SVS-7 Gr. 3 Race Car is an Italian-Fruinian Race Car Collaboration between Sunder (Car Design), @Ryan93 (Chassis & Engine) and @Quotex (Race Package Design, Livery Design, and Suspension & Brake Tuning)

Team RETECH will be bringing the first SVS-07 Gr. 3 to the Green Hell, entering in the SP9 / FIA GT3 Category with the following drivers:

Adriano Zarro (Gasmean Professional FIA GT3 Driver)
Ryan Stegen (Fruinian Professional FIA GT3 Driver)
Rena Hayami (Japanese-Fruinian Professional WRC, GT3, GT2, GT1 Driver & Former Ambulance Driver)


Extra Tasty Pictures


2016-2019 Markman Sabre Aussie V8 Supercar

This one in particular is the CometBar-PolyFuel Backed Marksman Sabre, acquired for use by Comet-Bar by the end of the 2019 V8 Supercars season and modified for use in VLN SP8, and to be seriously behind the pack.

Comet-Bar #57, Raced by:
:australia: Jack Kelly - V8 Supercars Driver, Australian Offroad racing Extreme 2WD (yes… you heard that right)
:jp: Rikuto Ken - Super GT driver (other driver unavailable, so we asked for one in the Marksman-Suisei Alliance)
:australia: Ray Kochie - V8 Supercars Driver


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2020 Dabtushi Fodia (SP3T)

This car is surprisingly fast for it’s size, even with a 1.3 liter engine.
It is based on a 180 horsepower turbo version of the car.
drivers: (i just cant make some up, ugh)
VLN_SP3T_-sausageyeeter-Dabtushi_Fodia__20_1_3_turbo.car (106.6 KB)
.car file if anyone wants it for themselves



The 1985 Rhisuki Kuesa - H4 #8 - Ryū Racing Team

Drivers: :jp: Venti Iwata - :canada: Brandon Lloyd

Design Choices (Lore)

The Overall goal

The goal of the engineering was not to be the fastest, but to be the most fuel efficient while remaining at least somewhat competitive in terms of lap time. This design route was chosen due to the fact the Kuesa has a steel chassis and only partial aluminium panels, making it heavy compared to the rest of the competition. The benefit of this however was that much of the cost could be put towards the engine and other part to increase reliability and fuel efficiency.

The Drivetrain

Due to the focus on efficiency, the 3.5L TT B6 has a late spool of around 5200rpm with a peak horsepower of 592 at 8000rpm. While sending power to the rear wheels, the 7 speed DCT's shift points were carefully designed to keep the revs in with the boost range while flat out on the track.


Play to Win.

Don’t let that cute little face fool you, this is a monster of a car. In fact, what you’re looking at could be viewed as a Indy Lights car with clothes. Running a mere 690kg will certainly help with that image; the turbocharged midship four-cylinder will reinforce it, with 450 HP leaving quite the impression. Top it off with enough downforce, and whatever reasonable doubts existed before, well, don’t. Our selection of drivers would have to agree as well, with most of them having braved the fine art of open-wheel battle.

Feel free to laugh at it though. Whether it be the big ol’ eyes at the front, the comically large scoop up top, third driver’s name, the terrible Tetris plays on one side, or the wall of eyes on the other side, we know this is a goofy proposition. Though when you find a casual game of Puyo Puyo Tetris being played in front of you, take some time to appreciate the art while we check you out through the dual rear camera.

Hopefully we’ll demonstrate this car is no joke.

The 2020 RetroniX-Zacspeed L1GP. Now waging war in SP4T and beyond.

Made in collaboration with @yurimacs

Car #33 fielded by Zacspeed Racing, driven by:

:portugal: Salazar Chezo - Formula 2 driver, GP3 2018 champion, Zacspeed Challenge 2016 runner-up

:australia: Charlie Rash - IndyCar driver, Indy Lights 2019 champion, Toyota Racing Series 2017 runner-up

:us: Richard Leeroy “Dick” Trickle - Silver-York Racing GT3 driver, CART 2002 and Indy Lights 2015 runner-up, Zacspeed Challenge 1996 champion

How have you not been nuked by Sega?

lol Sega’s chill

“The SP4T racer is at a slight disadvantage…”



If you have submitted a car, you can continue making a showcase post on this thread. Thanks everyone for your entries, if I counted correctly, there are 26 entries!

There will be two parts to the conclusion, a grid walk, and then a fairly simplistic race overview.


"Magic Touch #888" RGN Avarus H4


:australia: @Centurion_23
:uk: @Dorifto_Dorito

Designed by Centurion_23, Livery by Dorifto_Dorito

…and heres a showcase vod :stuck_out_tongue:

Music Source


Alfora Sagui SP10 DragonSpecial

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Depends If German tvs Will accept show our car in screen

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