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Warren Corporation

Warren Corporation was founded in 1904 in the city of Ann Arbor, Michigan, a few miles west of Detroit. Warren rapidly made its way into one of the largest automative companies of America. In 1946, they bought the small luxury automobile brand called The Lafayette Motor Company, in which Warren introduced a wide range of luxury products.


Current production models:

 Kelowna soon (tm)
 XLT City Crew  
 XLT City Cargo

XLT 200

Truck of the Year 2019

Automation EOTY Awards


XLT 300



 Out of production / classic vehicles soon

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Warren Corporation - New Thread, New Look

Now this is how a late-10s/early-20s full-size truck should look! I reckon that its flagship engine option - a 5.7L V8 - could also be used in a muscle car or sports car with the right amount of tuning.


Looks like F-150 and a Subaru without going too much for a strict replica. Not bad.


1981-1985 Warren Maricourt LS station Wagon with optional wood trim



1969 Warren LS Countryside Wagon


(yes, another wagon :grin:) it has lift up headlights


Where did you find a mod or otherwise wood paneling?


It’s all custom made with bumper bars, Gizmo fixtures (mod) and brown color!


Nice, that’s what I figured but I wasn’t sure


1959 Warren Toledo Convertible


I’ve always struggled with 50’s and 60’s car design, it seems so tough to make something original… that my friend, that is NSFW car content.


Whatever NSFW is, but that car is a masterpiece that makes me green with envy.


A four-door convertible land yacht from the 50s? Now that is something so rarely seen that the mere presence of one leaves me in awe. What about other body styles (two-door wagon, coupe and convertible, four-door sedan and wagon, etc)? Does the Toledo come in any of those as well?


(Not Safe For Work) basically porn. this car is automotive pornography


Eventually! But the convertible is top of the line for 1959


1969 Warren LS Toledo Sedan And Ute


More pictures of my 1959 Toledo


2016 SLE


Available engines are 2.0L Naturally aspirated, 2.0L turbo, 3.6 L v6 NA
9 Speed Automatic Transmission

Police Package with an exclusive Twin-Turbo 3.6L v6, stonger brakes, 6 speed transmission and AWD.


1991 Warren Maricourt LS Station Wagon
4.6L SOHC V8
Electronic fuel injection
4 speed automatic


How is that such a Crown Vic, and such a Buick Roadmaster… yet still a unique design? It looks phenomenal!!


1965 Warren Belleisle LS
428ci V8 engine with 4 Barrel carburetor
3 speed automatic transmission
Warren’s flagship model for 1965.