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The Archives of Warren Corp


1958 Lafayette Mark 1 Woody station wagon.
Highly based on the toledo,
with a much more luxurious interior and some wood panels.


Speechless. Look at that!


This is possibly the best car yet, simply due to the new light mod. Honestly I can’t wait for more from you.


:open_mouth: How much time did it take for you to make such a detailed design? Best looking '50s car ever made for Automation.


I find it hard to disagree - in fact, it’s one of the best-looking cars ever made in the UE4 release, period.


Whoa! I didn’t expect that, I’m actually speechless about that comment, all I can say is a big thank you!!


This is by far the most reasonably detailed Automation car I’ve seen and I think many other community members would agree with me on this. Nothing to be surprised about lol. If you entered a saloon version of this in Aruna’s recent challenge, you’ll be guaranteeing an instant win.


The mighty 2018 Warren Sabre RS.
A RWD, 450 Horsepower DOHC V8 muscle car.


1984 Lafayette Mark IV Ocean Cruiser
Note that Lafayette is Part of Warren. It’s the more luxurious division.


My god, all your cars are just absolutely superb! Don’t stop!


Ikr, I want a 2018 Sabre RS…


1984-1987 Warren Bureaucrat.
Because you have reached your goal in life. You’ve become a grocery store manager. See your local Warren Dealer.



I’ve never even heard of the one you use.


Bidoof.us always worked like a charm, until yesterday. I’ll wait a couple days to see if the servers get back up and running again.


The small and fun 1991 Warren Pulse GSX Convertible.



1971 Lafayette Mark III Coupe, The Personal Luxury car at its best


It looks like a Foxbody Mustang, but I suspect it’s a FWD 4-cylinder cruiser due to its size. It still wouldn’t be out of place at Radwood, though.


2016 Warren XLT City

The van you told your boss you didn’t want, but he responded Deal with it.
The van you accept giving away your dignity when climbing abord.

Great for florists and small businesses.



Damn everything you create makes me want to create my own version of that thing.


Go for it!