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The Automation Compact Car Championship | Race 4, Sepang International Circuit + Final results!


Welcome to the Automation Compact Car Championship!

The Automation Compact Car Championship is a fictional series based on the one from Gran Turismo. Focused on small cars and compacts, this series consists of 4 races in different locations all around the world.

Car makers can modify and promote their smallest models in this championship!

The calculations:

Every car will run a number of laps each race. A random number will be generated every quarter of lap, meaning four random numbers will be generated per lap; if the number is higher than the car’s drivability divided by 100, the driver will have made a mistake, and the magnitude of the mistake, determined by a random number between 0.001 and 0.500, will be the number of seconds the driver has lost.

The formula is as it follows:


How the results will be punctuated:

1st place: 10 points.
2nd place: 8 points.
3rd place: 6 points.
4th place: 4 points.
5th place: 2 points.
6th place: 1 point.
From 7th place to last: 0 points.

The regulations:

You’ll need to make a car with two trims: stock car and race car, being the latter the one to take part in races.

Stock car:
Trim year: 2017 or 2018.
Maximum wheelbase: 2.70 metres.
Chassis material can’t be glued aluminium nor carbon fiber.
Panel material can’t be fiberglass nor carbon fiber.
Budget: 16000 monetary units with a 15% markup.

Race car:
VVT and VVL are allowed.
No pushrod suspension.
Minimum 2 seats.
Undertrays allowed: none, semiclad undertray. Fully clad undertray, offroad skidtray and downforce undertray are not allowed.
The cars will be running on RON 98 super fuel.
Engine layouts allowed are I3, I4, I6 and V6. Turbocharging is allowed, as well as naturally aspirated engines.
Minimum engine economy of 22%.
Minimum reliability value of 55 for the engine. Minimum 65 reliability overall.
Gearbox required: 5-speed single clutch sequential.
No electric LSD.
Maximum tyre width: 245mm.
No active, semi-active or adaptive suspension parts.
Driver aids: only ABS.
Safety: Standard 10s. Minimum safety value of 38.
Wing/lip limit: 2 lips, 1 wing.
Maximum power to weight (HP/KG) ratio: 0.200 for FWD cars, 0.193 for RWD cars, 0.186 for AWD.
Quality sliders: no more than 5 points per slider, no more than 15 positive points in total in the engine department. Negative sliders are allowed, but cannot exceed -2 either.
Budget: 16000 monetary units with 0% markup.

How can I submit my car?

Export it and send it to me via PM. The naming convention is:

Model name: ACCC - Username
Trim Name: [Introduce the car’s name and trim here].
Engine Family: ACCC - Username
Variant Name: [Introduce the engine’s name and variant here]

Write the driver’s name and the team’s name in the PM!

Submissions: Player - Driver name - Team name - Car name.

(I’ll be here as a ‘test car’. I’m not eligible as the championship winner).

  1. MrComputah - Karima Benalli - Contendiente Competición - Contendiente Ataque '18.
  2. TheMiltos21 - Miltos Paschalidis - CarhubGarage - Betta Ngage Si '17.
  3. Madrias - Tyler Greene - Dynamite Dash - Dinamyte O6 '17.
  4. one85db - Frank Martin - OMG - Termoil '18.
  5. RaduST - Andrei Mitrasca - Apulum Sport - Apulum Buzzard VSR '17.
  6. stm316 - Riley Stephenson - IDSport - Inne-De Haas Carthage C1 ACCC '17
  7. pHanta - David Gaillard - CAA Competition - CAA Serment R '17.
  8. DeusExMackia - Emily Bridnley - ErinSport Juniors Ribena - ErinSport Merna Touring '17.
  9. VicVictory - Freeman Glass - ArdentWorks Racing - Ardent Shrike GT-CR '17.
  10. Stryfe - Michael Rossi - Stryker - Stryker CMR '18.
  11. Mythrin - Mathew Baker - Orchid Autosport - Orchid Lyrel '18.
  12. HighOctaneLove - Loan Fierer - Team Bogliq - Bogliq Fox 250 '17
  13. Ornate - Alfonso Benevenstanciano - Scuderia Accursio - Accursio Criceto '17
  14. Rk38 - Sobong Yeong-ho - Kyung Cho Maesima Speedline - Maesima Prova '17.
  15. DoriftoDorito - Kobayashi Yuko - Nohda Panasonic JRT - Nohda Super Bop! '17
  16. GridGhost - Eric Olsen - Scarab/JET-racing - Scarab Cirrus R-spec '17
  17. Strop - Erika Harrison - Armada Racing (Driver Development Program) - Armada Fore Eagle '17
  18. JohnWaldock - Blathin Riordan - JHW Motor Racing Technologies - JHW Assoluto '17
  19. 4LGE - Han Gonhan - Taore MOSO - Taore Gordon '18
  20. DoctorNarfy - Augustus Biffle - Shromet Racing - Shromet Radiant RC '18


Changes in the rules:

The two seats must no longer be sports ones.
Added minimum safety rule.
Added minimum overall reliability.


Some balancing issues:

= not a whole lot of budget to play with, since sports interiors in the 10s are very expensive (think an extra 3 grand). Sports seats are for prestige applications.

Also, do you want to specify either a minimum weight or a minimum safety? That would probably be far fairer than simply specifying “standard 10s” safety. If not, do any special restrictions apply to tech sliders on the safety, or will everybody be pretty much submitting standard 10s -2 tech?


Gotcha! Changed these rules, I hope the designing phase is more balanced now.


There’ll probably be more questions, I already had a couple more lol.

  • Any restrictions on tyre type and also tech (frequently we’re locked to a single spec)
  • Must we continue to use standard safety or just shoot for a score of 38 minimum?
  • Is that reliability value for the engine or combined
  • Any restrictions on ventilation i.e. must we at least meet minimum engine cooling requirements or just to hit a score of 55 will do?
  • Are there any restrictions on total slider points in the trim and chassis sections?


-Tyre type and tech is open in this case.
-You must still continue using standard safety and, at the same time, shoot for the 38 score minimum.
-The reliability value is for the engine (will edit it, thanks for pointing it out!)
-Ventilation is unrestricted.
-There’s no limitation in total slider points in trim and chassis.


If ventilation is unrestricted, then we’ll need a total reliability value to shoot for too, otherwise we’d just aim for 55 in the engine tab and cut the ventilation to minimum possible to run the car. That’s probably not something you want happening!


Gotcha! Looks like I should’ve polished the idea a little bit more, but hopefully it is ready to go now. ^^U


I don’t think carbon-ceramic brakes will be allowed in this series. They’re too expensive for a compact car anyway…


Some suggentions:

This sould be under Stock car regulations

There is no rule that race car must be a trim of stock car. That’s quite a big rule hole to discver :slight_smile:

Why no I6?

Will there be standing start lap times or flying lap?

How about every third? Like every sector…it becomes more RL or comment friendly .

I’ll most likely join :slight_smile:

EDIT: Kee engine?

EDIT2: Are you sure all the bodies are allowed? And all the shapes? Maybe stock car must have 4+ seats?

EDIT3: my first prototype is doing sub 2.16 on ATT


Also is there a capacity limit on engines? An overall limit or specific limits for certain engine types ?

Edit: Is there a noise limit or restriction to using cooling flaps or active wings.


Going to pry here. What’s your top speed? I’m a few seconds behind you.


If there is power to weight limit I don’t see and need for extra limitations.

Around 290-300 km/h (180mph)


Lap times will be standing start. It will be done in Kee engine. Stock car doesn’t have to have 4 seats.


I may have something in the works that can be tweaked for it. Just me filling out the Dynamite Motors car list a bit, but… Well, I’m willing to show a picture of it.

(Still a work in progress on styling)

This is the Dynamite O6, their first attempt in years to make a budget ‘sports’ car. Don’t let the ugly looks fool you, though, because it will be quick. Hopefully.


100% want to submit a lore car to this, but being lightweight and FF is going to really hurt it on high speed tracks.

Could still do it for shits and giggles.


same… maybe we can race in the compact class? :smiley:


Does the race car engine have to be in the same family as the stock car? Or can we engineer an entirely different engine specifically for the race car?


You are allowed to engineer a different engine.


Will we have to make one car with two separate trims? Will the stock car race too? This challenge is too confusing


One car with two separate trims, yes. (Stock and race)