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The Automation Compact Car Championship | Race 4, Sepang International Circuit + Final results!


Ayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy a podium \o/ :tada:

That went way better than expected for the Armada Driver Development team. Possibly too good, hopefully it won’t all go to Erika’s head. But a good battle and close finish from 2nd through 5th should serve as a reminder that professional racing is competitive.

We’ll revise our goals for the next race to be a top 5 finish, in that case, and see how it holds up.


Certainly the series has started with a bang, but will it remain as intense as it is right now for the remaining three races? I hope it does…


How the heck is the lead car 4+ seconds faster than everyone else??


Great first race! Though i need to work out why I called my driver “Bridnley” and not “Brindley”…


I thought I sent you a file…


Just outside the top ten! :star_struck: A PB for sure!!! :sunglasses:


Use of an uncommon body, it’s light, has a short wheelbase and narrow track, and a good aero profile. My hatch is a bit of a brick compared to it and that’s not even counting the other entries…


How do you know? @Ornate didn’t post the car on this thread.


We discussed it on Discord, after submissions closed. I’ve also used the body before and found unusual properties but also its maximal potential is limited by its dimensions. It may also have weird suspension roll issues so I rarely use it myself.

I’ll test a retrospective build and see what I come up with.


I didn’t realize the discord was open again, I’ll rejoin.


Yey, podium finish :slight_smile:

Eric delivered as usual, but after a tough battle with young Erika from the Armada team. I predict she’ll become a fearsome driver in the not so far away future. Gratz to Alfonso and Ornate for an awesome race.

Now, off to prepare for next race…


Sounds like a pretty competition breaking body. My car ended up having the fastest raw time other than that car and I can tell you that there isn’t much I can do to make it any faster. Never mind a whole four seconds faster


roll with it. sometimes a car is just OP within the rules.


strop and I once had a car outlawed from a competition for being “OP within the rules”


Hmm… I have the slowest car on the track in raw time, but the least number of mistakes, and the lowest mistake magnitude. How undrivable are your cars!? I mean, they’re seriously quick, but I wasn’t expecting that.


I believe the drivability on mine is just a touch under 50


57.7 here, so I’m not entirely sure, then, how my car managed to escape getting whacked with the accident stick.


Wait, I DIDN’T end up dead last in that round?

AND I got points?

… My god, what is the world coming to?


Maybe you’re better than you think? :smiley:


History says otherwise. :smiley: