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The Automation Compact Car Championship | Race 4, Sepang International Circuit + Final results!


The mistake generator probably plays a fair role given how close the field is in places, I have somewhere around 52 drivability as well.

P.s. confirmed that the little Aston-like coupe body has a rather low drag to weight ratio allowing for higher speeds. But I haven’t found the sweet spot that allows it to be ridiculously that much faster. I hope it isn’t the result of some bug or something, like the time the old Golf Mk I body was somehow found to be mad OP and destroyed all the track time records.


I went looking in the workshop last night to see if I could figure out what body you were referring too but wasn’t able to find it. Can you link? I’d like to check it out


It’s a vanilla Body. I believe the kei version of the Aston Martin body.


What year is the body? My trip through the workshop has resulted in waaaay too many bodies in my game hahah


Early 2000s IIRC. It also has weirdly high wheel arches.


Is it this one?


No, It is the body you used with OMG Termoil.


I think I found it


Race 2: Brands Hatch GP (Kent, United Kingdom), 5 laps.

Race report:

(Guest is a character created by @Oskiinus)

-Welcome to a new edition of Motor Nation! Aaron Coleman here. The second race of the ACCC has taken place today, at Brands Hatch GP, and we have a special guest with us today, Airborne’s CEO, Kacp…(Aaron looks at the script) scratch that! We’ve had a last minute change. Madoka Matsusaka, Airborne’s rep, will be with us tonight. Thank you for coming, Madoka.

-Thank you, Aaron. Unfortunately our CEO couldn’t come for several reasons, the most important being that we’re developing two cars who still need to be greenlighted for commercial and legal reasons.

-That sounds like a lot of work indeed. But about the race. We’ve had some nice dogfights today, first and more notable the battle for the first position between Benevenstanciano and Rossi. What do you think?

-Well Mr. Coleman, as we watched a few minutes ago, the dogfight between Rossi and Benevenstanciano has been pretty intense. They were constantly overtaking each other. On one side we saw the power of a MR car in the right hands and on the other side we’ve got a very skilled driver with extremely well tuned car, that is, the Criceto. I’ve seen another Criceto racing on mountain roads in Japan and damn, when you tune these cars properly they’re quicker than supercars.

-That explains why Benevenstanciano dominated the first race. We also had a pretty nice fight between Harrison and Gaillard for the third place, which was ultimately taken by Harrison. Some people say she’s got a lot of talent and is developing into an extremely skilled racer.

-Harrison and Gaillard, you ask? Those two guys caused a nice mayhem in general along with the first two - basicaly the first four places were the battleground of luck and “who will be first” tactics - I’m pretty sure I saw a bump or two, but those were minor and nothing special happened. I’m surprised however how close Galliard was to Harrison - a gap of one second may not seem small, but it isn’t too much either. Also, on the other hand, I consider Erika Harrison to be a rising talent, so if you’re watching this, Harrison, don’t miss this opportunity.

-Yeah, she seems to have quite some skill for this. I wonder if in a few years from now, we’ll see her rise to the top of the ATCC or maybe the AMWEC. But let’s not forget about the midpack!

-Mr. Coleman, midpack? Well, those drivers in the middle… Olsen, Fierer and Yeong-ho were driving so close that I’m surprised that they didn’t crash into each other. Seriously. Sometimes gaps between these cars could be, hm, five meters maximum regardless on the side and position. So, band of people risking it over there. Skilled too, because every normal driver would just crash after like 4 laps of continous driving like that? Look at go-kart tracks and how amateurs drive on there.

But, let’s move slightly upwards. Frank Martin, I think I know this guy from when I was younger. He had a nice result at the end and was pretty close to Gaillard. He’s known as a legend, and, I guess, it can still apply to him.

To end this almost monologue and let you speak, I’ll say that most other drivers from midpack were average at most, but Brindley seems to be rising talent despite a bad position. But, well, she’s 18 and that’s forgivable, she still has many things to learn. I wasn’t an steering wheel mastermind when I was 18 either.

-And then the three last people…Paschalidis, Greene and Mitrasca.

-Paschalidis, Stephenson and Greene? Gosh, not sure if they had their bad day, or they’re just horrible. Some of their mistakes could’ve been easily avoided. And it isn’t like I want to bash on them, everyone makes mistakes, but they were just driving like amateurs. Seriously, if you three are watching this, you need to seriously train for the next season or another racing league, because betting on luck or just waiting until everyone else crashes isn’t a good idea.

-Thank you for your time. So after race two, the championship standings are as follows:

1 - Alfonso Benevenstanciano, 20 points.
2 - Erika Harrison, 12 points.
3 - Eric Olsen, 9 points.
4 - Michael Rossi, 9 points.
5 - Frank Martin, 6 points.
6 - David Gaillard, 4 points.
7 - Freeman Glass, 2 points.
8 - Miltos Paschalidis, 0 points.
9 - Emily Bridnley, 0 points.
10 - Riley Stephenson, 0 points.
11 - Loan Fierer, 0 points.
12 - Augustus Biffle, 0 points.
13 - Andrei Mitrasca, 0 points.
14 - Mathew Baker, 0 points.
15 - Blathin Riordan, 0 points.
16 - Han Gonhan, 0 points.
17 - Sobong Yeong-ho, 0 points.
18 - Tyler Greene, 0 points.
19 - Kobayashi Yuko, 0 points.

Times spreadsheet:


Accurso is on a roll this season; at this rate, they could be totally undefeated, while everyone behind them is left to fight over the lesser placings, and yet, the whole season could still be as intriguing as I had hoped!


Seventh?!?!? :star_struck:

Am I seeing this right? :thinking:

Because, if if I am… This is a new PB from Bogliq!!! :heart_eyes:


“just waiting until everyone else crashes isn’t a good idea”… yes it is. 2002 Winter Olympics mens 100m speed skating.


Thanks to that incident, “Doing a Bradbury” is now an official idiom in the Australian language. Only it’s such a rare occurrence that there are not many opportunities to use it.

Now, I note we’re using the Brands Hatch GP circuit, is this available for download? I only have the Indy variant.

And on that note, Erika Harrison’s hit the goal consistently, even though I note the mix of names is slightly different and the racing is close, so it really is a mad scramble in the pack. This is the kind of pressure we want!


15th twice. CONSISTENCY!!!


13th. Good to see the Ardent back where it should be. :smiley:


6th place… i don’t like where this is going… i have to get Eric to get his act together.


Race 3: Autódromo do Algarve (Portimão, Portugal), 5 laps.

Race report:

(Guest is a character created by @DeusExMackia)

-Welcome to another edition of Motor Nation! Aaron Coleman here again, and today, the third race of the ACCC has taken place. This time, at the Autodromo do Algarve. We have a very special guest today, known for his reviews of cars and motorsports journalism, writer at Splendid Auto Monthly, Gavin Anderson! Thank you for joining us today, Mr. Anderson.

(Gavin is seen in the plateau’s screen).

-It’s great to be here, thanks for inviting me into this. I join via webcam from some pub-hotel in the Yorkshire Dales. There’s a Merciel Corsaire parked outside, among other cars, and I’m with a couple of my colleagues testing them. That’s for another time though, on to the commentary.

-We’ve had an intense race today indeed. Accursio brought the victory home once again, but for me, the action was at the fight for the podium and the midpack. What do you think?

-Accursio taking another big lead; it’s very impressive how well they’re doing. Almost a shame they’re missing out on the rest of the action! Harrison really had to fight for that 3rd position place, though she didn’t exactly give Olsen and Rossi in the Stryker an easy time. Those two laps where they didn’t leave each other’s sights were fantastic.

-What bout the midpack? There’s been a great fight between multiple cars there.

-The clash between Bogliq, Maesima, CAA and Erin really was fun to watch. I’m surprised Yeong-ho didn’t lose his front bumper given how many times he nudged Fierer’s poor Fox 250. Then there was the Orchid and Nodha, who constantly seemed to be waiting to cause trouble, especially with how small the Bop is. A perfect car for diving through traffic, and I ain’t even road testing this thing!

Andrea Mitrasca’s Apulu Buzzard also had a very hectic race. It’s good to see a company I’ve never heard of getting involved in a contest like this - I’ll need to do some research on them - though they certainly took a pasting today.

-And to top it all off, we’ve had a good fight between the 18th and 19th position at the back. What do you think?

-How the Betta Ngage is still here, I don’t know. How it wasn’t hunted down by Greene and Glass I also don’t know! That said, the latter two were fun to watch, still keeping up spirits despite being at the back.

-Thank you for your time, Mr. Anderson. I hope you have a nice day. After race three, the championship standings are as follows:

1 - Alfonso Benevenstanciano, 30 points.
2 - Erika Harrison, 18 points.
3 - Frank Martin, 14 points.
4 - Eric Olsen, 13 points.
5 - Michael Rossi, 11 points.
6 - David Gaillard, 4 points.
7 - Freeman Glass, 2 points.
8 - Emily Bridnley, 1 point.
9 - Miltos Paschalidis, 0 points.
10 - Riley Stephenson, 0 points.
11 - Loan Fierer, 0 points.
12 - Augustus Biffle, 0 points.
13 - Andrei Mitrasca, 0 points.
14 - Mathew Baker, 0 points.
15 - Blathin Riordan, 0 points.
16 - Han Gonhan, 0 points.
17 - Sobong Yeong-ho, 0 points.
18 - Tyler Greene, 0 points.
19 - Kobayashi Yuko, 0 points.

-Thank you for sticking with us in today’s edition of Motor Nation! We’ll be back with race 4, the last race of the championship. Aaron Coleman here, I wish everybody has a great day and keep driving fast!

Times spreadsheet:


14th again consistency :grin::joy:


We have a point. 1 point!


Frank is up to 3rd place, he never was one to lay down on the job… Or ask questions…