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The Automation Compact Car Championship | Race 4, Sepang International Circuit + Final results!


Slipping back to obscurity… my plan is coming along!


To guarantee second place, Erika will need to finish at worst 4th, assuming the Criceto just rockets off into the sunset again. It’s right tight racing, if it all comes together I will sketch Erika’s champagne podium celebration!


Just as I expected, Accursio is on a roll - I don’t think anyone, or anything, will ever beat them to first place in the season finale after this hat-trick from them!


Dang it, another finish outside of the the podium (just)… Eric apparently needs some more incentive not to look at Erikas rear :slight_smile:


Race 4: Sepang International Circuit (Selangor, Malaysia), 5 laps.

Race report:

Welcome to another edition of Motor Nation! Aaron Coleman here. The ACCC championship has ended today, with its last race at the Sepang International Circuit, which has been really intense. Now, we don’t have any guests today, sadly, but let’s get to the race.

Accursio has dominated the last race as well, with a margin of almost half a minute! There’s been a fight for the second place between David Gaillard and Erika Harrison, too, which the Serment won, after a few laps of constant overtaking and chasing.

We’ve had lots of fights at the midpack. First of all, Frank Martin and Eric Olsen fought for the fourth position, with the latter being overtaken during the final lap; Paschadilis chased Rossi for the 6th position, but he couldn’t reach him, resulting in a 4 second difference at the end of the race. Then there’s the fight between Gonhan, Yeong-Ho and Biffle, who were so close to each other that they looked like a tandem.

Further down the midpack, Bridnley and Stephenson fought for the 11th position, a battle the Erin won; both were followed closely by Kobayashi Yuko, who chased them throughout the race. Riordan and Fierer gave us some bumps and nice overtakes too. Both were followed by Mitrasca, who unfortunately couldn’t reach and battle them.

And finally, the back pack were Baker, Glass, and Greene. They had a nice fight with each other but Greene swiftly fell behind, which in my opinion was a shame. The final championship results, after the last race, are:

1 - Alfonso Benevenstanciano, 40 points.
2 - Erika Harrison, 24 points.
3 - Frank Martin, 18 points.
4 - Eric Olsen, 15 points.
5 - David Gaillard, 12 points.
6 - Michael Rossi, 12 points.
7 - Freeman Glass, 2 points.
8 - Emily Bridnley, 1 point.
9 - Miltos Paschalidis, 0 points.
10 - Riley Stephenson, 0 points.
11 - Loan Fierer, 0 points.
12 - Augustus Biffle, 0 points.
13 - Andrei Mitrasca, 0 points.
14 - Mathew Baker, 0 points.
15 - Blathin Riordan, 0 points.
16 - Han Gonhan, 0 points.
17 - Sobong Yeong-ho, 0 points.
18 - Tyler Greene, 0 points.
19 - Kobayashi Yuko, 0 points.

Thank you for sticking with us throught the ACCC championship, trusting Motor Nation as your information source. Aaron Coleman here, we’ll be back with future competitions. I hope you guys have enjoyed the championship as much as we did reporting on it. I hope everybody has a great day, and keep driving fast!

Congratulations to:

@Ornate for dominating the championship from start to finish!
@strop for making it to 2nd place!
@one85db for making it to 3rd place and closing the podium!

Special thanks to everyone who took part in the championship, designed cars, and created drivers and teams. :smiley:

Times spreadsheet:


Excellent last race, very well done to Ornate and the team at Accursio!

Well done to @Mr.Computah for hosting your first race competition, I look forward to future such competitions!


Eleventh… And I had such a good feeling about my car too! :crazy_face:

Excellent competition @Mr.Computah, I’ll definitely be part of any competition you run in the future :star_struck:

Congrats to @ornate, @strop and @one85db for taking home the silverware!!!


Thinn is winn


Great writeups and good hosting @Mr.Computah, and gratz to Ornate, Strop and one85db for getting the podiums… I have to up my game for the next challenge :wink:


What a fitting conclusion to the series - Accursio has proved itself to be head and shoulders above the opposition! And many thanks to every other entrant for participating.

But that’s what anyone would expect when a team like Accursio goes with a body so OP it leaves everything else in the dust.


Well, despite ending up 2nd in raw lap time over the the course of the series the mid engine platform ended up being a little too tricky for Michael Rossi to guide to a podium finish


Dynamite learned their lesson the hard way: When making a sports car, revs aren’t the only thing that matters. Despite the high-revving V6 and RWD, Tyler Greene was unable to keep pace. However, he did at least look like he was having fun driving, so Dynamite released the car to the public anyway.

Thanks to everyone for participating, thank you to Mr.Computah for hosting, and congratulations to the Top Three!