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The Automation Gamer Challenge [ROUND 10]


this is the debug mode which shows 1) the exported mesh 2) the nodes which denote which fixture is which. No cheating here, aruna will get the unedited automation .car file. I’m just seeing how it behaves as exported and suffice to say it’s being a PITA right now.


oh ok



After careful consideration, this is where I’m stopping. I’m just going to leave these here…no way am I going to be able to actually finish this and make it look as cool as the other designs. Wish you all luck.



Okay right I think I’m done for now.

p.s. can’t do video on this machine lul so have some photos I guess

Gryphon Gear Banshee

A Threnody to our Future Past

Since its inception, Gryphon Gear fought its way to the peak of extreme motorsports in the ruthless pursuit of speed at all costs. Beyond breaking records, defying death and physics itself, Gryphon Gear’s cars and drivers transcended the mortal realm, blazing a mythical legacy. From their battles they forged an indomitable will and determination that will persist in the face of the bitter fate humanity has carved for itself.

Even after the death of the gasoline era, Gryphon Gear will be fastest. Through world war, through nuclear winter, Gryphon Gear will remain unbeaten. When Artificial Intelligence surpasses and enslaves humanity, Gryphon Gear will retain its will. Should aliens invade, should humanity be scattered to the stars, Gryphon Gear will embrace change and endure in the name of racing.

Whether it be a post-apocalyptic wasteland or dystopian cyberpunk virtual reality or both, we will be there, ever the disciples of speed. Think yourself worthy? Fight your way through the ranks, and reach the pinnacle. There you will find us, and your true test shall begin.

Fact Sheet

Power 1606hp @ 8900rpm
Weight 1135kg
Format Rear-mid engine
Drivetrain AWD 6 speed DCT
Top speed 392km/h
0-100km/h 2.00s
1/4 mile 8.10s
1km 14.35s
20m skidpan 1.38g
250m skidpan 1.74g

The Banshee is so named for its howling engine note, unmuffled to its 12000rpm redline. But its formal name, Concept 002, is a nod to the line of concept cars designed in-house from Gryphon Gear, designed specifically to explore the limits of technology. First came Sleipnir, the morphing aerodynamic marvel. Then came Kelpie, the eco-hypercar. But this is the most ambitious vision yet. WIth no restriction there is only imagination of what kind of world might play host to a machine still human controlled in an automated world where the master has become the slave and vice-versa.

Since the world started decaying, the tables have turned. Now it is the machine’s turn to rage against humanity. Only here, will the union between man and machine remain sacred.


(Can’t really take a great photo so video instead!)
Posting next to strop,yeah it makes me looks even more pathetic.:flushed:There is so much great looking cars in this round,surviving the first round would be a victory to me already. :sweat_smile:

The mirrors?Nah this is future,we don’t do that here!


Looking at my car, i probably should of held off and waited to see what kinds of things other people were posting. Instead i rushed in and just did what i thought was right, which isn’t. I wouldn’t be suprised if i came last here :stuck_out_tongue:

I am super inspired now though, I might make some kind of back to the future thing. Strops machine is the kind of thing I absolutely love. I can’t wait for the results and next round :smile:


Entries are now closed! I’ll be preparing the results for upload. Until then! :sparkles:


AGC 2 - Future Hysteria - Results

Around 5pm in the evening on deadline day, it was decision time for the submissions from global fans and companies. Myra and Frank were in charge of the judging and got to it straight away sat down in Myra’s office at the computer.

Myra: Alright, let’s see what we got. Thankfully we got the rest of the design teams to whack out a few cars, so we don’t need to pick them all.

Frank: Got it, just the best ones then to fill the gaps?

Myra: Mhm. Let’s have a look then…

@Sky-High - B1 Alpha M - 0 ZA

Myra: Gosh what a cracker! The colours really stand out and give me futuristic vibes.

Frank: Agreed, it certainly has future written all over it despite the rather current looking aero-features.

Myra: Its performance figures are definitely for the extreme end of things. I’m pretty happy having this in game.

The B1 Alpha M will be featured in game, potentially as a secret unlockable. It is also being considered as the cover car.

@Aaron.W – Tanaka 450X ‘Cyberpunk Racer’

Frank: Damn, another looker, I think it’s going to keep getting better with each car we see huh?

Myra: Chuckles We’ll see, I think it’s nice, but it feels a bit too current in design…

Frank: Well, it is based on one of their latest models. It still works though.

The Tanaka 450X ‘Cyberpunk Racer’ will be featured in game as an advanced class. It will be considered for the cover car.

@patridam – The Bulletproof Bomb

Myra: Oh gosh that’s cool. A great blend of futuristic elements tied to a classic body. I’m liking that!

Frank: It has quite a bit of lore put into it as well, nice!

Myra: I have a feeling this would work perfectly as a car from the start, especially for the deathmatch modes.

The Bulletproof Bomb will be featured in game from the start in normal class. It is being considered as the cover car also.


Frank: This one is all the way from KoleosDesign. I think my friend still works there. If he is, he’s still got it.

Myra: Oh yeah, this meets the criteria well. The lore and performance seem to work out fine too.

The Reaper Balistika will feature in game as one of the main rivals within extreme class and is unlockable later within the game. It will not be considered as cover car primarily for that.

@HybridTronny – Denver Rocket MK-1

Frank: Did I ever tell you how I used to own a ’60s Vette, gosh that was a ‘beaut. This looks somewhat like it, and oh the memories.

Myra: Ah. Okay… Well, like The Bulletproof Bomb, it has got that whole retro-future aesthetic down to a tee. The performance seems to be a bit on the lean side for extreme however…

The Denver Rocker MK-1 will be featured in game as a secret unlockable from clearing a throwback challenge stunt course. However, it won’t be considered as the cover car.

@TheTechnoVampire - Voltan Roundabout Modified

Frank: Woah, isn’t this one of those render cars by that fella who did… Needing for Speeding’s car design stuff?

Myra: Yeah, I think so.

Frank: Nope! I can’t stand the way they changed those games, we gotta reject it!

Myra: But it looks great…-

Frank: Nope!

Thanks to Frank’s outburst the car won’t be featured in game. (Disqualified for having brake fade of 0.2%. It’s a real shame that I had to reject this, it fit the comp quite well.)

@Private_Miros - FX99 Usurper 04

The couple were speechless for a few seconds

Myra: W-woah! This certainly looks straight out of 2099 I’d say.

Frank: You-betcha. The colour scheme and presentation work very nicely for it too.

Myra: No doubt we’ve got to have it in our game!

The FX99 will be featured in game as one of the high-end extreme cars near the later portion of the game. It will be considered heavily for the cover picture.

@titleguy1 - Project Athena

Frank: Oh yeah, this thing rocks. The styling and consistency are spot on.

Myra: I’ve never really been a fan of lime green, but this is certainly one of the best examples of it being used! The details on it are very neat as well.

Frank: It’s a yes then.

The Project Athena will be in game as one of the elites of the advanced class. It is being heavily considered for the cover car.

@Mikonp7 - Phoenix Flamebringer Restomod

Myra: Mmm-hmm. That mix of aggressive styling on a classic muscle car flung well into the future is right up my alley. It’d fit the game really well!

Frank: I can imagine it being one of the best bruisers in battle scenarios!

Myra: Indeed, this one is going through.

The Phoenix Flamebringer Restomod will be featured in the game as a top end normal class car, unlocked for defeating a boss. It is heavily considered for the cover car picture.

@Boiled_Steak - Grifone Vittoria Futura GTS

Frank: Damn this thing looks menacing, I feel it would fit in the game very well!

Myra: I’m rather interested in perhaps investing in a Vittoria now, they look sweet as. Not to mention it does fit like you say.

Frank: Got it, this one is definitely down for the game.

The Grifone Vittoria will be featured in the game and is being considered for the cover car.

@SpeedLife1 - Retro Subayai NX-Limit X11

Myra: Why does it have all of those front splitters? And red brake callipers on blue rims?

Frank: I mean it’s not that bad, besides that… It certainly looks futuristic.

Myra sips her tea and proceeds to the next car, getting a questionable look from Frank.

With a few alterations, the Retro Subayai NX-Limit X11 will feature in game.

@yangx2 – PLA Corporation Model 8-9

Myra: Woah, this thing is huge. I could imagine it being an absolute tank in the deathmatches.

Frank: Hehe, indeed. It has got very nice styling to it too, quite over-exaggerated in areas which really adds to it actually, in a nice way.

Myra: No doubt the game will have a Police enforcement or K9 unit livery for this thing!

The PLA Corporation Model 8-9 will feature in game but will not be chosen as cover car.

@findRED19 - AEA Luxury Sport Coupe (LSC)

Frank: Oh yeah, that has got the looks of a future-muscle car if I ever saw one!

Myra: I like it too, but that wing has got to be switched or dropped, it just doesn’t really fit…

Frank: Whatever you say Myra, I’m just glad we both like it.

After a slight argument over muscle cars and large rear wings between the two, the car was chosen to be put in game, with a few adjustments.

@Arvok1 – Alfora DEER Concept

Myra: Did you ever watch the original Tron-X movie Frank? The one where the guy goes inside an arcade game or something?

Frank: Yea-OH my gosh. It totally looks like that one evil guy because of the colours alone! But damn, it pulls it off really well.

Myra: Indeed, I have a feeling it will fit right into our game!

The Alfora DEER Concept will be put into the game and is being heavily considered for the cover car.

@Falling_Comet – Suisei AMC Legacy R

Frank: Ooh, this one certainly has an aggressive look to it. Not too sure on the front and it’s execution…

Myra: I agree, it has a real good concept, but I think that the rough edges need tidying up…

Frank: I suppose we’ll give it a miss then.

The Suisei AMC Legacy R won’t be put into the game.

@Xav – Bellegarde GTS Stage 4

Myra: …? This is quite an interesting car, but I’m not sure it really fits the game or theme too much.

Frank: Yeah, it doesn’t quite capture the future, it feels too much in the present era.

The Bellegarde GTS Stage 4 won’t be put into the game.

@z2bbgr – Atelier Zero Custom

Myra: Hot damn, that’s one fancy wedge shaped supercar. I think it might be a little too classic in areas, but it works!

Frank: I can’t help but think of the game RunOut when I see that red and body shape. Convertible too heh.

The Atelier Zero Custom will be put in game and considered for the cover car, but after a few small re-works to it.

@Chickenbiscuit - Leviathan Nessus 2099

Myra: Woah. This thing is totally radical.

After a few seconds, the entire office cut out, and then a minute later, the power came back, with the Nessus mysteriously vanished from all existence.

Myra: Oh, for heaven’s sake. First a communication error on the cars, and now we lose a brand submission over an electrical cut-out!

Frank: It’s really not our day ahh…

The Leviathan was seemingly lost forever. But the two called Leviathan and discussed further involvement with the game after this event. (Unfortunately disqualified from having 0.3% brake fade, again rather annoyingly for me as I quite liked the overall product.)

@mart1n2005 – Cyber Police

Myra: Our first police-themed entry! Very future-retro looking. Those turbos are gigantic for the power this thing is noted as producing…

Frank: It’s flashy and kind of funny to look at but makes it quite memorable. I like that.

Myra: I think it could work, yeah. Maybe a few alterations but why not?

The Cyber Police car will be put in game with a few adjustments. It will not however feature as cover car.

@Xepy – Helios Solarus

Frank: Whew. What a belta. This thing rocks! The fancy two-tone and small detailing makes it stand out to me.

Myra: It certainly gives me a good impression. I really like the attention to detail and care taken to the trim pieces.

Frank: This one is in for sure then!

The Helios Solarus will be featured in game as a high end advanced class. It’s bruiser & cruiser looks makes it one of the fastest yet strongest cars in game. It will definitely be considered as the cover car.

@thecarlover – RCM ACE

Myra: The minimalistic styling to this one is really nice, it fits the game well.

Frank: Hmm… I’m not sure about it.

Myra: Come on, what’s not to like?

After a small argument, the RCM ACE was rejected. (Unfortunately, the ACE had 0.1% brake fade, which is really a sucker as it’s a great entry indeed.)

@strop – Gryphon Gear Banshee

The two were speechless for a few moments.

Frank: Hot. Damn.

Myra: Absolutely striking! The design and attention to detail are spectacular.

Frank: Yeah, we’ve got to put this in game, no doubt about it. I’m sure it’ll be a fan favourite!

The Gryphon Gear will feature in game as one of the final unlockables and is definitely considered for the cover car.

@Tsundere-kun – Proton Excelsior

Myra: Ooh yes. I really like the front of this one, incredibly conceptual and future-based!

Frank: I agree there, but elsewhere is another story for me…

Myra: It’ll work though, let’s have it.

The Proton Excelsior will feature in game after a minor re-design to its side and rear. It won’t be featured as the cover car.

The verdict:

A week after the competition, the team had the game ready for launch. Featuring many of the entries inside the game. One stood out the most to both Myra and Frank however, and out of the ones decided to feature on the cover car, the Gryphon Gear Banshee was selected.

Congratulations to @strop! The Gryphon Gear Banshee is absolutely incredible to gaze at. I spent quite a long time looking at the small details and overall image, spectacular! Well done! :sparkler::sparkles:

To everyone else too, I applaud you greatly! All of the entries are fantastic, and it was difficult to judge all the cars and finally select the winner! :heartpulse:

Thank you everyone for entering this challenge and I am happy to have hosted my first forums competition. It’s quite a lot of writing when you have so many cars to each individually look over and I got quite tired, but it was well worth the effort! Again, awesome work to everyone!

I regret having the brake fade section in rules as it actually caused quite a few entries to suffer from all the effort put in. I think next time I’ll not have it, since it was after all more a design based challenge.

1st: strop
2nd: Xepy
3rd: titleguy1
4th: Private_Miros
5th: Mikonp7
6th: ARVOK1
7th: Aaron.W
8th: patridam
9th: z2bbgr
10th: Boiled_Steak
11th: Sky-High
12th: Vri404
13th: mart1n2005
14th: Tsundere-kun
15th: HybridTronny
16th: Yangx2
17th: SpeedLife1
18th: FindRed19
19th: Falling_Comet
20th: Xav


WHAT!? :open_mouth:

On my end when I submitted it, it had 0% brake fade!

What the hell happened?


I honestly have no idea, it happened on quite a few entries… As I said, I wish I didn’t have that silly rule. :sweat_smile:


Then why did you put in in the first place? XD


It’s not like he realized it would become a pain right away, he realized it during the time of judging


I kind of wanted to change it up a bit and add some challenge to go with designing, but turns out it kind of skewed a few entries up…


I think we’ve all learned something here. XD


Not bad, i guess that rule just makes you pay attention :stuck_out_tongue:
Could be OB compared to Standard.

Anyway, im suprised i finished where i did considering what a mess of a car i had made. Congrats to Strop, I wonder what the next round will be :thinking:


Your decision to make AGC2 one big tribute to Rush 2049 (originally an arcade game, then ported to N64 and Dreamcast, and included in Midway Arcade Treasures 3 for PS2/XBOX/GC) proved to be a masterstroke! It’s a shame that WB Games (current owners of the series) has no interest in resurrecting the franchise (and, judging by recent trends, never will again); they’re too busy focusing on DC video games and Mortal Kombat 11 right now.


Honestly I think it could be revived because of Cyberpunk 2077 being released by another company. They could do a rival to that game but only focused on cars.


Here is my parody from me…

If you just hearrrrrrrrrdddddddddd, what the Wave is Splashing!