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The Automation Gamer Challenge [ROUND 10]





Driver Name: DJ NekoNyaa
Age: yes
Class: Spear
Backstory: Have you evew went to the C1 expwessway and heawd the woud banging of epic awesome music? Have you evew bumped to the bass of the hatchback wowwing thwough the nyight with wights bwightew than the stawwight? This is the wowk of the wowwd-wenyownyed Wucio DJ NyekoNyaa (・ω´・) She wives fow music (・ω´・) She wuvs the spotwight (・ω´・) She wiww DESTWOY THE PATWIAWCHY. Hew beats bump (・ω´・) She bumps (・ω´・) Hew caw bumps into things (・ω´・) Evewything bumps when you’we in the wowwd of Wucio DJ NyekoNyaa (・ω´・) Get in hew way and you'ww get bwasted by the bass on hew speakews untiw you'we off the map (・ω´・) Sound famiwiaw? It doesn’t (・ω´・) Because what you'we thinking about is a Bwaziwian (・ω´・) She’s Japanyese you dumbass (・ω´・) Kawaii, Tsundewe, Yandewe, Dewedewe, she's aww the dewes you desiwe (・ω´・) Choose DJ NyekoNyaa fow the best time and the wiwdest pawty (・`ω´・) Can’t see undew her in the pictuwe? that’s becawse she’s hawf vampiwe!


Summary: Dwive the wight, nyimbwe N1GHTCOW3 and absowutewy ANNyIHIWATE youw enyemies with this gwass cannyon ;;w;; Its cwazy WAD cambew wiww thwow you awound the cownyews in a heawtbeat whiwe you zip-zap youw way acwoss to the finyish winye in the bwink of an eye ;;w;; Sound famiwiaw? It doesn’t. Because what you’we thinking about is a Bwit. She’s Japanyese you dumbass ;;w;; What is awmow on this caw? Thewe is nyonye ;;w;; It’s a gwass cannyon aftew aww ;;w;; Sound famiwiaw? I awweady towd you she’s Japanyese ;;w;; Nyot Bwitish you dumbass ;;w;;

Passive Abilities:
The Whythm: A smaww speed boost is pwovided the woudew youw music pways owo This boost can stack and incwease as you zip by caws with nyeaw misses owo

Primary Fire:
BOost cNnyonya: Utiwize some of youw speed boost which twansfews into youw megaphonye to absowutewy BWOW AWAY the peopwe in fwont of you and make them deaf (・ω´・) Duwing this time aww they heaw is the SWEET SOUND OF J-COWE whiwe theiw caw gets damaged (・ω´・)

Secondary Fire:


Peopwe in the back and fwont annyoying you? Just at the push of a button, stop the set and confuse them >w< This wiww siwence theiw abiwities fow 2 seconds so they cannyot cast them at aww >w< Pewfect fow you to zip acwoss unscathed >w<




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Is that not just what Carmageddon is.

One of the older games, a guy just has a plane.


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Driver and Vehicle

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Keith “Ranger” Johnson totally not Kay from GuP, a blonde beauty from Arizona. She became an Arizona Ranger at just 16 years old, and defeated the infamous “Texas Red” when she was 19.
Following an incident with the higher ups which subsequently ended up with her being [REDACTED], she wanted to break free from the shackles of the Ranger Corps, and upon opening up her father’s old garage, had found her father’s old Laguna drag car.
Fast forward who knows how many years later and here she is. Her only escape and true freedom is competing in the Drivers Legends Royal, utilising her skill in quickdrawing and driving to feel the freedom she used to yearn for.

Vehicle Summary:

Car Classification: Spear
A heavily modified 1976 Quezon Laguna pony car, nicknamed “Big Iron”. It may look old and rusty from the outside, but it’s body has been extensively modified to withstand even the toughest of situations, from bullet storms to the force of your mom sitting on the hood, this South Eastern pony will tackle anything it wishes to. Its engine is a 427 cubic inch Chevrolet Big Block that makes close to 600 horsepower, combined with its near 4000 lb weight, this makes it both quick and planted.

Gameplay and Abilities

Gameplay Summary:

Outrun anything, and outgun anything. Because of its heavy weight and its big engine, the car can not only take hits from things larger than its size and put up a good fight, it also allows it to plow through anything smaller than, and outrun anything that it can’t handle.
Because of its heftiness, this means that the car has a hard time taking corners quickly, and would either understeer or spin out easily. Thus making it difficult to chase down faster and better handling opponents.

Passive Abilities:

  • “Hardened” - Will increase HP and prevent the car from being stunned for a short amount of time. Has quick recharge but can only be activated twice during a match.
  • “400 Cubic Inches of Freedom” - Increases acceleration marginally, but decreases handling significantly. Usage time depends on how long it is charged for and can be used infinitely throughout a match.
  • “Agua Fria” - Allows the car to disguise itself as any enemy for a short period of time. This only changes its appearance and does not affect its performance. Can only be used at the start of a match.
  • “Thanks for your Hospitality” - Will recharge lost HP while reducing acceleration and preventing itself from being stunned snd preventing other cars from being stunned. Can be activated two times in a match.

Active Abilities:

"4000 Pounds of Justice"

Increases HP, prevents the car from being stunned, and will allow it to plow through anything and stun anything larger or smaller than it without taking on as much damage. Has a long recharge but can be used infinitely throughout the match.

Ultimate Ability:

"Ranger's Aim"

Driver will use her .44 Magnum which allows her to shoot any car with great precision. Effects of being fired upon may include but not be limited to:
  • Vehicle stunning
  • Loss of HP
  • Loss of engine power
  • Knockback
Ability can only used twice in a match and has long reload time.


i forgot to upload extra pictures so here’s more i guess



yes the fenders imploded upon sending the car to @Falling_Comet for pictures, let’s say some contact occured.


Vehicle Infomation

Vehicle Overview

A Resto-Modded, Blown 428 cammer swapped, 1972 Marksman [TB] Sabre Police Interceptor outfitted with a modified Fibreglass Drag-Racing shell with 2 Hydrogen-Potassium Fusion Thrusters with embedded precharge-Afterburners. In other words, The Mad-Max Interceptor fusioned with a Futuristic Jet Dragster.
Class: Effectively Spear, despite being based on a Muscle car.

Gameplay Overview

Low Armor Muscle car with most focus on getting to or away from a situation as quickly as possible.
Somewhat High Speed and relatively good Handling
Gameplay with this vehicle is to mainly keep moving and using the Jet-thrust rather Brazenly. The HPF Thrusters and embedded Interceptor Chassis reinforcements are this vehicle’s only assault assets, so you are going have to use them.

Passive Abilities

"Thrust Regeneration"
Efficiently collects Oxygen, Hydrogen, and other possible deflagrable substances from the Air to fuel the HPF Thrusters. The faster one goes forwards, the more thrust regeneration occurs due to air-flow to the intake scoops. Maximum Fuel Reserve is 40,000 units
Thrust_Regen_Units/tick=20 + (X_axis_Velocity_m * s ^-2)^1.2

Binoculars to view enemies from a distance, Use this intel to call on a team-mate or get everyone to run.

Configurable "Wheel-Stander"
Being a muscle car [Do hope other Muscle builds have this as ability], Toggling this on will make the Vehicle accelerate better under wheel only power no HPF Thruster with a Clutch drop launch, with the side effect of a Wheelie proportional to engine revs upon clutch release and the caveat of slightly hampered handling and substantially less holdable drift angle due to increased rear traction, and Centre of Mass closer to the Centre of Thrust.
Too many revs may cause overrotation which is slower, exposes one’s underside and causes rear-end scraping, however, it could be used to tip or catapult other objects.
Wheelie_torque% = ( (Engine_RPM/60) * (IF(WheelieF=on,1,0) )
Max_Wheelie_Angle = Wheelie_torque%/(10/9)
With “Wheelstander” off, the Vehicle has it’s Centre of Mass lower and more centred in the Vehicle, which is more balanced and easier to drive fast

Active Abilities

"Thrust Pulse"
Uses built-up fuel reserves to power the HPF Thrusters at 30%, Longer one holds the key the more acceleration is built up to 100% with a slowly increasing amount of fuel usage. The full ramp-up to 100% power can last 15 Seconds from a standstill provided the vehicle is always moving in a forward from ‘launch’ for “Thrust Regeneration”'s velocity ∝ fuel pickup gimmick.
Thrusters also have the byproduct of serious area damage behind the vehicle, being both scorching heat and high-velocity exhaust, with maximum effective damage range being 7 car lengths behind the HPF Thrusters.
Thrustusage*s^-1 = Thrust%/10
Thrust%={90/14 ≤ ThrustPulseDurationSeconds≤ 300/14:(14 * ThrustPulseDurationSeconds)/3 , 300/14 ≤ ThrustPulseDurationSeconds:100}
ThrustDamageRangeMetres = 34 * Thrust%

Configurable "Thrust Burst"
Uses built-up fuel reserves to power the HPF Thrusters upon fully refreshed Ability, One configurable strength burst of Thrust ranging from 40%-100% Power, power configuration affects maximum Burst time and Burst Cooldown rate.
Burst_duration_ticks_max = {40 ≤ ThrustBurst% ≤ 100: 2(140-ThrustBurst%)}
Burst_cooldown_rate_ticks*s^-1= Burst_duration_ticks_max/30

Richens and retards the Blown 428 Cammer to violently after-fire out of the side pipes, good for getting people off your sides upon thrust cool down with a small nick to performance, and it also doubles as a taunt.

"Sawed off Shotty"
Macquarie uses his Sawed off Shotgun to shoot the flanks or ahead of the Interceptor. Low power attack, but has a aim-able firing arc unlike the other attacks on this car.

Ultimate Abilities

Signified by Red and Blue Flashing Lights, 70% Damage neutralisation, 428 Cammer running at 2000 Wheel HP, constant exhaust flames at 5ft length and all HPF Thruster related abilities Gaining 300% Power. “Heat” is basically a go even faster ability, it lasts 40 seconds and is available as an Ultimate if you do not have “Wheel-Stander” Active.

Signified by Red Flashing Lights, general invulnerability and HPF Thrusters running at 500% Power, “Afterburner” is used for pure Straightline power, it lasts 20 seconds and is available as an Ultimate if you do have “Wheel-Stander” Active.

  • "The Blues", Flashes the Police lights 3 times, with a “Whoop, Whoop” sound.
  • "Purge", Spits fire out of the side-pipes.


There are 2 effective gameplay styles intended to be used with the Redux-Interceptor, all based on whether “Wheel-Stander” is active or not.

"Sidewinder method"
Played without “Wheelstander” activated, The Redux-Interceptor handles in this configuration mostly like other average cars, if a bit floaty due to extra weight given by the rear-mounted HPF Thrusters, Sidewinder is played by driving straight into battle well, sideways, Drifting the Redux-Interceptor helps with directing Thruster exhaust at your enemies, and Thrust Pulsing whilst drifting is a brilliant way to gain assists while hopefully minimising damage to the vehicle, Thrust Bursting is used for Higher Damage attacks whether if it’s a ramming/PIT maneuver or directing a sizable HPF Thruster Exhaust attack at an enemy.
“Heat” is helpful when ‘Dog-Fighting’ other cars, Being one can keep up with faster/boosted opponents and having more aggressive contact with your opponent.
Also known as Pursuit Purist.

"Altitude Method"
Played with “Wheel-Stander” activated, using a ‘calculated’ Wheelie and Thrust Burst, one can get the Redux-Interceptor to jump, to most/all areas that aren’t blocked off by a map boundary, The Thrusters do naturally give the Interceptor a small amount of downforce, so doing a full thrust jump may yield less distance than a feathered input jump with throttling the accelerator to harness Throttle Pitching to extend jump length. The Redux-Interceptor then can use “Vantage” to assist the team or use the point to Kamakazi dive/Thrust into an enemy to utilize Ramming damage and momentum. This method is good if you know the map and is a Slow-paced High Effort, High Reward Strategy.
“Afterburner” is helpful for harder launches, more powerful ramming attacks, or if you are really pissed you can’t catch anyone due to a lack of driving skill and reckoned one of the cars that were literally designed to catch people was going to help, but you still don’t have any idea how the hell those Asian players managed to Snipe you in these things
Also known as Sydney Sleeper or Redback Spider.

  • "Boomerang", Land behind from where you jumped, using a reverse entry and “Thrust Burst”/“Afterburner.”
  • "That’s a big Redback", Thrust on a ceiling surface for 10 metres.
  • "That’s Wheelie High", Use “Wheelstander” to catapult an entity.
  • "Dual Burner Barbeque", Eliminate 2 enemies at once using exhaust flames from “Purge”/“Heat”
  • "Drop Bear", Eliminate an enemy by falling on them.
  • "Tip in Rotisserie", Damage at least 3 enemies continuously thrusting whilst doing a Burnout Tip-in/Doughnut.
  • "Tandem Takedown", Eliminate an enemy with exhaust flames from “Purge”/“Heat” whilst in a Drift Tandem with them.
  • "Fried Chicken", Play chicken with the [insert designated rival] deal damage but not sustain damage.
  • "Shotgun Sandwich", Deal a shotgun assist side by side with an American driver.
  • "You can’t run from the law", Do a take out with both vehicles exceeding 200 MPH.

Marshal Macquarie

Character Infomation

Steve Macquarie, The Outback Marshal

Background Intel

  • Full Name: Steve Craiger “Marshal” Macquarie
  • Biological sex: Male
  • Previous professions: Senior Constable for the MFP, RAAF Fighter Jet Pilot Reserve.
  • Nationality: Australian.
  • Age: 39

Having dealt with the destruction of a society caused by a neglect of information policing and 3rd hand corruption, Macquarie took it upon himself to police the barren lands of a desolate abyss of the Australian desert in his old 1972 TB Marksman Sabre project car his father, Pete Macquarie, handed to him when he was 24, it was an old Hardtop Coupe Interceptor back in its days of service, Pete Macquarie’s Hardtop Interceptor, needless to say, he loved the damned thing enough to keep it to give to his son.

The Car itself had a bit of a journey back in the day, having been converted into a Drag-car as soon as it left service whilst keeping a faded Police Livery, had enough of a wall-grind someday in 1976 to warrant upgrading to a Fibreglass Body shell, a Concord Front end change occurred in 1979 for aerodynamics, at a later point in the 90’s a Blueprint Marksman 428 Cammer block was swapped in due to the old 352 being raced for so long.
When 2012 came along and Stevo was finally given the car, it was converted for time-attack racing, in which it slowly got more and more insane, as given by Wider tyres and the full-bore custom Widebody bolted onto the Fibreglass Shell and some quality of life electrics such as LED lights and slightly more modern Control Modules.

Apocolyse of 2022
Before a routine patrol in a semi-automated police car, a ‘localised’ technological mishap occurred, and Steve was about to start his afternoon patrol when the damned police car just ran off without him and his partner.
It wasn’t localised, in order to stop as much of technological anomaly from ruining more and more systems, near vital communication networks, were destroyed in an attempt to stop the cursed thing, which is still on the loose. Some of Australia recovered and is liveable, but most of it is still populated by small societies and rouges that barely use any technology due to the Apocalypse and in the middle of that was Steve Macquarie, The Outback Marshal, Putting around in a hopped-up Restomod 1972 Marksman Sabre, looking for trouble and dealing with it diplomatically.

>>>> About 2025
Marshal Macquarie, upon seeing something tall in the distance, decides to check it out. It’s a reformed society, a city with a connection to the rest of the world. Upon first arrival, The Marshal finds a few of his old friends from his days as a reserve Flighter Jet Pilot, Warm welcome was inducted, but these guys then spilled some news. “Drivers Legends Royal” by Schmierig CO.
“Last we heard of you, you were a well respected, very skilled, Highway Patrol Officer.”
“I still am. I’m known as the Marshal out in the deserted abyss of the fallen world”
“Do you recall the Potassium Fusion projects we were told of back in 2019?”
“Don’t tell me they got that to work efficiently!”
“Oh yeah…”
After some expansive Balance testing with the HPF Thrusters on the Marksman Sabre after a well deserved bloody clean, they figured they needed to bring the Centre of Mass ever so slightly forward, and that came in the form of a Reiland 6-71 Blower with a Carbon-Fibre Jettison Hat. Resulting in the near 5 and a half decade amalgamation of Old and New, Named… The Redux Interceptor.

Huge thanks to @Falling_Comet for Stevo’s Drawing, and the rough plan/layout for this post, that took way too long to write It’s 0115 as I write this bit…
S-cop out.


The vehicle

The Groundhog

Class: Shield

Groundhog is a Heavily used and Modified muscle car, it has a single mounted automated sentry gun that only fires when the "ultimate" is activated. There are very noticeable rusts around the vehicle, but it doesn't do much to the vehicle anyway. The vehicle also has a reinforced front bumper for better ramming power. The power plant of this vehicle is a 5.8-liter performance-tuned V8 making 310 horsepower coupling to 4-speed manual transmission.

Gameplay summary

The Groundhog is a vehicle tuned for straight-line performance, having high acceleration and average top speed. But has below average handling making it hard to make a turn around small areas. However, it can take a lot of abuse and has very decent brakes to stop the vehicle from overshoot the enemy and crash.

Passive ability

"Old reliable" The Groundhog gain 50% more defense. This can only be used 3 times per match.

Active ability

"Side slam" The Groundhog will perform a quick swift to the sides and knock the nearby enemy while damaging them. This can be used infinitely and has a short recharge time.


"High caliber blaster" A mounted automated sentry gun will automatically start shooting the nearby enemy. If the enemy stays in the gun range for too long, they will suffer critical hits. The duration is short and has a very slow recharge.


The Groundhog bad handling can be counter by powerslides. In deathmatch, when facing a bigger enemy try to flank and side slam them, but be careful when trying to side slam them. In race mode use the vehicle high acceleration to pass around corners while powerslides.

The Driver

Name: Dyland Macmillian
         Age: 34

Nationality: ???
Biography: Dyland was a mercenaries, he make a living out it he did everything to get some cash but that has changed when an anonymous member came and killed the guy who hired him. This leaves him with no job, now he has to find the member who killed the guy and get revenge on them and he also needs money eventually he find his way into the “Drivers Legends Royal” where he thinks he might find cash and the member there.




The Driver

Name: [Classified]
Age: [DEAD]
Class: Archer
Driver number: 0
Backstory: An experiment gone wrong, P H A N T A Z M is a soul bound to a car, forced to compete in DRL to see what it is capable of doing. Whose soul it is, that is unknown for now…

The Car


A soul infused, spectral apparition, P H A N T A Z M exists in our very world in a state of flux, both being here while not entirely here. It takes the appearance of a ghostly racecar as default, but can appear as any body type while preserving the same performance.

The Gameplay

Being part ghost, P H A N T A Z M features unique capabilities. P H A N T A Z M has very high acceleration, but with floaty handling that tends to feel more like a hovercraft than a car at times. Unlike every other vehicle in the game, it cannot pickup standard weapons, as its exterior cannot mount physical items. Despite its appearance, P H A N T A Z M has surprisingly high damage absorption that is due to its ghostly characteristics.

Passive Abilities

“F A D E”
Due to its ghostly characteristics, any damage from rams done to P H A N T A Z M will be halved and no status effects will be inflicted. However, ramming with P H A N T A Z M will also do half damage to enemies.

“P H A Z E”
Increased airtime on jumps and can hover for limited time.

Active Abilities

“PO L T E R G E I S T”
As a replacement for weapons, P H A N T A Z M can launch trackside obstacles and even drops from other vehicles to attack. What it launches can also be used to block incoming projectiles, knock away enemies or even repair allies by launching pick-up healing items.

“Z H I F T”
Performs a short dash either left or right, passing right through other vehicles like a ghost would

Ultimate Abilities

“Z O U L L I N K”
During a team based event, P H A N T A Z M will have this ability active. Z O U L L I N K will pool all friendly healthpools together and heal them to max. Ability will wear off 30 seconds after activation.

“P O Z Z E Z Z”
Available only in solo events, P H A N T A Z M will light up brightly then perform a forward charge. If it connects to another vehicle, P H A N T A Z M will take over control. This will last for 30 seconds. Any kills done will be attributed to P H A N T A Z M and if P H A N T A Z M wins while in control, P H A N T A Z M will take 1st with the vehicle under control taking second. However, if the vehicle under control is destroyed during P H A N T A Z M ‘s control, P H A N T A Z M will be ejected out safely.


P H A N T A Z M is an all purpose vehicle with powerful abilities but lacks overall firepower. Its passive abilities allows it to be far more tanky, with its versatile abilities making it ideal as an off support vehicle. For solo usage, the player will have to be more creative, outsmarting opponents rather than overpowering them.


Now that. That is some creative thinking there and holy shit what a pain that must of been