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The Automation Gamer Challenge [ROUND 10]


I posted it on discord but i will put it there to @Aruna to see it.
There should be a rule like 90RON fuel for normal fuel ones, 95 for eletric ones and 100 for “nuclear” ones
to the changes like people using “nuclear” luxury cars to be more than just visual


If we have a relatively large car (such as a truck, muscle, or luxury car), does it need to be in the “normal” class? 450hp is very low for a futuristic car, whether cyberpunk or nuclear. Plus these cars are going to be larger and will end up the slowest in the game.

Can we make large cars for the Advanced class; or can heavyweights in the Normal class have more power? Or maybe the classes could be more about performance numbers than actual power numbers.


First picture for now, I’ll update the post when submissions open


I’m not at my pc atm, but i feel like the 0%brake fade is a little stringent and will cause well overbuilt brakes, also its not specified if that’s the overall rating or sportiness rating (or towing rating lol).

I’d prefer a 2 or 3% max of sportiness brake fade rating


it sort of makes sense, since the game isn’t going to have any forms of brake fade, probably due to lack of processing power or design choice or similar.


Yes, but as speeds and tire sizes increase so does brake requirements and thus I think not having a little leeway will lead to massively disportunate brakes on the fastest stuff

I would take a look at a car i already built for a similar challenge to get a better idea, but i’m at work right now


B1 Alpha M - 0 ZA
Not sure what class yet, possibly the middle one but I think its a little fast for that.


The front looks exactly like a nissan silvia from the future


Slightly unintentional, but the car was 90’s like, and angular headlights didnt work. I had a very hard time with the front lines tbh xD


Yup! Gun mod is fine, any mod is allowed!

I avoided adding a fuel regulation purely cause it’s an arcade game and much like the brake fade situation it doesn’t really matter too much, since the challenge is more design focused as long as it works and makes enough sense I’m fine with whichever fuel type :3

The HP ranges are just recommendations for the class in game (balance of performance), so you can go well above it if the weight is a problem! So long as it makes sense and would match up to similar cars in class (So ideally no 2000hp hyper-truck in Normal class lol).

Large cars and heavyweights can enter in any class, as long as it works properly for the balance :3

Overall 0% brake fade everywhere, thanks for pointing that out for me. I decided to have it added since arcade racers generally have very responsive braking, and to add more to the challenge of it.


Okay, understood on the hp. I’d really appreciate anyone who shares their top speed and 0-60 numbers, and what class they are, so I can get a feel for what a good range is?

As long as that’s not too much info to share.


Cop Car gone rogue: Innovation Belville
Horsepower - 696 hp
Class: Advanced(maybe the low end of extreme)


\ \ R E A P E R \ \

\ \ B A L I S T I K A \ \

\ \ H U M A N S A R E W E A K \ \

\ \ R O B O T S A R E P O W E R \ \


So for the brake fade charts, do you mean the braking at max load needs to be 0%, or all the right brake fade charts need to be 0%, because the later is almost impossible on the faster cars unless Full Race Brakes are used, and those don’t translate to beam very well at all (they need to be kept up to temp to retain their braking power in beam, which can be hard depending on the track you’re racing on)

For reference, this car would be intended for the Extreme class, with a top speed well over 200mph (calculated by automation, beam is more likely 180+)

If I need to make that sportiness brake fade hit 0% then this car is going to be hella expensive and take forever to produce :confused:

TBF I just remembered carbon ceramic brakes were a thing… and that gets me 95% there :man_facepalming:
That also sorta means everyone else will have to run CC brakes as well though so… why am I making a big deal out of this? :man_shrugging:



I’m obviously shooting for the top class. Specifically the “this is the car you win after completing 100% of every course and bonus objective”. The challenge is not going so overboard it is undrivable so I think I’ll have to restrict it to 1500hp in about 1100kg…


That’d probably make my entry the car they’d use in the last stages of the game to win yours
Lol :rofl:


Honestly if I just tailored it to my own tastes I’d be running 3000hp in 1300kg but that may be too much… :joy:


Oh dear, I’m only running 1000hp and 1700kgs, I may have to up mine :stuck_out_tongue:
Not sure I can without more quality spam though


Fuck it.



Get Ready!

Atelier Zero Custom: Stratossa Spyder “Zero”

(Based on SBA’s ME-X1 “Stratossa”)
Recommended for Advance Type Player

Atelier Zero Custom’s Stratossa Zero is based on 1987 SBA’s (ME-X1) “Stratossa Spyder” a stunning design opentop sports car with modern race technologies and cutting edge A E S T H E T I C S
Powered by Twin turbocharged 3,000 cc. V6, producing 630 Buffhorses hp while screaming at 9000 rpm
Now that’s what we called “Kicked in yo”
Transmitted to rear wheels via 6 speed “Lightling class” Dual Clutch Transmission
Design on “Lightness is core philosophy”, the total weight of this car is only 1300 kgs.
Acclelating from 0-100 km/h within 2.8 seconds, while having top speed at 330 km/h (206 mph)