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The Automation Gamer Challenge [ROUND 10]


Haunter Pulse-Reaper

Current power range is just within Extreme but there’s room for much more boost…


Here’s a proper post about the Balistika and it’s statistics.

Designed by KoleosDesign, the REAPER BALISTIKA is a concept based around one simple thing.
An AI Race car to be a benchmark for Human Drivers.
Fitted with an 800hp, 5L V10, and drive to the rear wheels, the BALISTIKA goes like it sounds. 3.1s to 100km/h, to a top speed of 363kmh.

The Car was designed around the Brief of “No Driver, No Lights, No Compromise.”
It Would be a perfect fit for the Extreme Class.


The Cyber Police Cruiser

more pictures


2020 Tanaka 450X ‘Cyberpunk Racer’

The car was revealed at the 2019 Goodwood Festival of Speed. While it was featured in Gran Turismo Sport, Forza Motorsport 8 and Need For Speed: Heat, Tanaka wanted more. So they commissioned a special 3D Designer to make the 450X look like a cyberpunk racer to promote their cars. This car will be included in the ADVANCED class. The car produces over 700HP.


The time has come to a DEER hunt you.

Since I still need to do the “engineering” and will add other detail on leds, this is just a teaser

"Some tech porn



In the year 2099, a group of rogues come together to oppose the commercialism that the world has fell into. The creation of the Anti-Gravity Vehicle in 2035 lead to no avail, for the sport was considered too dangerous for commercial reality. Cars remained on wheels, and racing became a game of chance and strategy as opposed to raw skill. As the world continued to consume more media and expand, consumerism became paramount. Self-driving cars would become a worldwide standard by 2050 - that is, unless you drive Project ATHENA. The illegitimate child of outcast-ed designers and engineers who hold early 21st-century ideals, the ATHENA proves to be more than the sum of its parts.

Powered by an old-school synthetic-ethanol fuel that produces little emissions (electric power and plasma-generators are well into being common), the 2.5 Liter turbocharged 4-cylinder engine is being worked to it’s peak - 627 horsepower is read at the crank, routed to a lightning-quick 7-speed transmission and an electronically controlled rear differential. As a matter of fact, despite being an “analog” vehicle, the ATHENA is electronically supported inside and out - shields, thrusters, overboost functions, aerodynamics, suspension settings, etc. are all powered by a chip in the passenger seat compartment.



The Bulletproof Bomb


In the year 2099, a group of bank robbers, the Tunnel Snakes, some of the few people still driving non-autonomous cars (to aid in their getaways), decide they have had enough of living in the shadows and want to live it up instead. They enlist the expertise of a custom car shop, making a custom bulletproof body based off a 1956 Stafford Stateman luxury concept car, putting it on a modern chassis with independent suspension and 7 speed dual clutch transmission. But instead of an electric or biofuel drivetrain, they use a heavily modified 1970 Stafford 490 cubic inch V12 engine. Even the interior is custom, with white and red tuck and roll leather upholstery. What results is a sort of lightning bruiser - a 5500 pound car with 525 horsepower and 560 foot pounds of torque, that can reach 100 km/h in under 4.5 seconds. Perfect for getaways, and more than capable of smashing through police blockades when necessary. It has made them some of the most notorious and obnoxious criminals around.

This car will qualify in the Normal category. It is on the upper end of that performance range in terms of acceleration and has high drivability, but has middling sportiness.


Do they rule?


I figured if I was going to take some of the styling from Fallout I may as well give it a shoutout.


Leviathan Nessus 2099

This all carbon terror is the result of Leviathan Motor Company’s desire to reach back in its long history to bring back a pure driving experience unlike any on the street in 2099. The Nessus revives a 110 year old nameplate and uses a V10 Twinturbo and electric motors to bring 1050hp to all wheels. It achieves a 0-62 mph time in 2.1 seconds and can go in excess of 230 mph. There is no A.I. on board. Only the most skilled drivers can tame this beast, but those who can are rewarded with an unparalleled connection to the road and the exhilaration of threading the needle between driving mastery and death.

(undergoing some last minute testing, will send soon)

More Shots

Someone left the Silvertone filter on in their iphone…


I really wasn’t that happy with what I uploaded lastnight so I redid a lot of it.

Introducing the PULSE-REAPER 2099

may come with a different wing, i’m not 100%


Sorry, I’m not going to make it for this round after all. My laptop’s packing it in and won’t be placing any more fixtures on the car in Automation even on minimum settings (it runs at about 1 frame per 6 seconds lol I should have bought something competent), and the internet here is so bad that I can’t install Automation on a PC that will run it. Seeing as I don’t get back until the end of next week sneaking it in late is also out of the question.

Shame, I had a good idea going too.

p.s. gonna press on, but no idea if the laptop’s gonna melt before I finish or not lol. This is really a new definition of designer torture for me though :joy:

Don’t like the headlights. They’re gonna get replaced by something much better later.


Oh nooo! Unlucky :C


Rebel on The Streets

Defy The System

What started life as a 2005 Voltan Roundabout has been modified into a one-of-a-kind street racer.
The original 1.8L engine was replaced with a bigger, more powerful 2.2L unit. The larger block and turbo allowed for more power and boost, with final performance figures stating 475hp, 0-62 in 3 seconds and a top speed of 187mph.
Beware the AWD Voltanic beast.


More Photos

iOnCRBN X999

A 999HP hypercar, which is designed to use every last drop of fossil fuels left in the future.



Ah, yes, going behind MGR_99, that’s how you make an impression…


The FX99 Usurper 04

The year is 2099. The crazy contraption you see has laser-boost-interference guns, an front-window HUD, and a massive engine manufactured out of the wrecks of early 20th century V8 pickup trucks bolted together longitudinally (because we might have the computer technology and the music; but combustion engines, we need to scavenge.)

- Great games do not need to make sense -


I’d offer a kidney for this if my PC could handle mods


2099 Retro SUBAYAI NX-Limit X11

People fear what they don’t understand.

SPECS (All according to Automation)

Engine Details : Direct Injected Turbo AiSi 7014cc Dual Overhead Cam 50 Valve V10 (NXD5010 X11)
Power : 1900hp @ 7900RPM
Weight : 1570kg (3461lb)
0 to 100kph (60mph) : 2.4 seconds
Quarter Mile : 8.7 seconds
Top Speed : 415 kph (258 mph)
Transmission : 7 Speed Dual-Clutch
Airfield Time : 1:07.48

For people that can't handle the Midtempo.


A couple of tips:

Assuming you’re using adequately wide sports/semi-slicks, 1900hp and a 0-100 time of 2.4s implies that you’re only driving the rear wheels. That’s going to be a handful to drive in Beam, I would know :joy:

Furthermore I see you’ve used a lot of lips. They don’t provide any downforce in Beam, only wings do, so if there are no wings (as in Automation designated wing fixtures) on that car of decent size, especially on the rear, you’re going to go flying!


The lips are only for style on this car and I tried it out in Beam. It actually drove pretty good. It’s all-wheel drive by the way.