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The Automation Gamer Challenge [ROUND 10]


Huh. Then is your first gear quite tall and the turbo spool is very high? With the right tyres you should be doing 1.9-2.1s.

Also did you put a wing on the back? Doesn’t matter how nice it drives, Beam likes putting unreasonable amounts of lift on the rear of most cars so it can get pretty floaty anywhere above 200km/h regardless.


Phonnix Flamebringer Restromod


Lips do nothing in Beam?? TIL.



This was a regular 2004 Grifone Vittoria S....until it was completely rebuilt into a whole new car. The Grifone Futura Vittoria GTS boasts a 6.4 L Twin-Turbocharged V10, producing 854 horses and 1014 Nm of torque. With a high end running-gear package of 3 piston carbon ceramic discs at the front, 2 piston carbon ceramic discs at the rear, race-tuned active sport suspension, carbon fibre wheels, and AD, the Vittoria GTS pulls 1.25 G's at a 20m radius, and 1.28 G's at the 200m radius. The custom bodykit for the car completes the futuristic look the car was supposed to have.

P.S: I do not have Beam, sorry!

Vittoria GTS


I don’t care if it wins please send me this if you wish to. This looks AWESOME.


I’m scared to post mine…You guys have amazing designs. XD


Just post it dude, no one’s going to criticize you. In the end this challenge is for fun, and to learn from others designs.


(yes i know this post is a screenshot but new users can’t post more than one pic :woman_shrugging:)


I’ll consider it! Was hoping to develop it further afterwards.

@Aruna what controller are you using to test these cars and how are you planning to judge them? Lore wise my company already habitually makes cars with more power than this ultra super advanced racer I’m sending in (it has about 1550hp but my company already released road legal 2000-2500hp cars in the 2010s so you can imagine it doesn’t make as much sense). But the racer I’m sending is at the upper limit of what I would consider easy to drive i.e. with a few minutes of practice you can go flat out and have little fear of crashing. Furthermore the auto generated TCS and ESC is terrible so the car doesn’t come with any of that.

If you use a wheel and pedals and don’t mind something a bit trickier I would be happy to significantly up the power, but with that the weight distribution tends to go awry and makes the car more tail happy. If you’re using controller or want the car to be geared towards the novice end of things then I will keep it as is.


I’m using my DS4 controller for all the tests :sparkles:


ok well that settles it then I’m not going to give you instant death if you oversteer :joy:

Have upgraded the laptop. It’s not cutting edge hardware (Automation complains my GPU is a year too old to play it), but at least it runs. Hoping that I get to my next destination in time to submit, if not, well, here’s the next WIP…

Now if I can just get rid of the #&!@ing problem with hidden wings stamping funny I can get on with putting the finishing touches on it and coming up with a name and stuff.

FITE ME Part 3: Modern Hypercar (OPEN)

I see not many “normal mode” entries :frowning:


never thought i’d see @strop in agc


you can have my other kidney ya know…


2020 AEA LSC

The one-off Luxury Sport Coupe that American Eagle Automotive made with engineering help from RPG (Redhawk Performance Group)

Sporting a RPG Tuned 1050hp V10 of 383cid, and a 40/60 front/rear split AWD system, this 2 seater luxury coupe is the embodiment of the original Delux Limited spirit. A fast, luxurious, driver’s car. Prepared with a 6 speed manual, and decked out with an 1980s retro muscle/cyberpunk flair, this heavyweight champion is a sure victory for those who wish to drive it.

This is pretty much a non cannon car, but still fits the companies, so maybe cannon?


Just a few more pictures.


Helios Solarus

Praise the Sun


Suisei AMC future ambitions of the automotive industry. The Legacy R symbolizes the wishes of the future with the hopeful wish of gas powered cars in 2070. However, as stated in the name, its the legacy of what the company would hopeful retain in the uncertain future of eco friendliness and electric cars.


For more dynamic view

Had to take these pictures with 5fps :S so if arent that well focused my bad Xd


Less than 24 hours to go now!

I’ve received entries so far from: Sky-High, Aaron.W, patridam, Vri404, HybridTronny, TheTechnoVampire, Private_Miros, Titleguy1, Mikonp7, Boiled_Steak, Speedlife1, yangx2, findRED19, Arvok1, Falling_Comet, Xav, z2bbgr, Rise_Comics, Chickenbiscuit, mart1n2005, Xepy, thecarlover, strop, and Tsundere-kun.

Good luck and I’ll have the reviews ready sometime after the deadline!


I should have mine in before the deadline! Just ironing out stupid issues like wayward mesh generation messing with my weights, ground clearance and downforce…

that aerial mesh is really not supposed to be there…


did you just showcase cheating