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The Automation Gamer Challenge [ROUND 12]


Should the engine in the homologation model be a variant of the same family as the race engine?


yes. To parallel WRC regulations the production car must be a trim of the same model and the engine a variant of the same family. This should be evident when I load the imported files.

If it isn’t the entry will be insta- :wastebasket: ed so take care to use the clone button and not send in separate models!


does a front lip count as a wing?


and to further tack on to this, what about rear diffusers on the car?


This should be fine, since only proper wings count in Beam.


Wings means wings as designated in Automation i.e. not lips diffusers or spoilers.


So I am running into the issue of my car not being able to load in Beam, most likely due to the livery (currently 152KB .car file and 48MB beam file). Would it be okay to send a liveryless version that has the same tune? It is also possible that it is just my computer doing this.


That’s not overlly heavy, it might be that i suppose but it could be that there is many many lights on the vehicle too. Beam doesn’t like having to load 50 lightbars in.


Oh I see that could be a problem. The whole “fixtures add weight” in Beam could also be a problem. I think it’s best if everybody sends me a cloned trim with NO fixtures and I’ll get the times from that instead. As nobody has sent me anything yet rules will be updated accordingly.


having a nightmare of a time creating a racing livery, so i present the 2001 Courageux Quinze and the rally variant


@strop so this third version can only have the wing, then?


Well it needs the wing. Ideally it only has the wing. If it has other fixtures on it I’m not fussed but less fixtures means closer to intended weight and also less chance of causing issues. My PC is pretty good so I shouldn’t run into too much problem it’s just safer this way.


And I also have this problem as well, my poor 6+ hours livery which ended up with crash in beam.


MY2001 Tanaka Levita 2.0 TR and 2001-Season Tanaka Levita WRC

Tanaka Levita 2.0 TR
This is the Tanaka Levita 2.0 TR, the homoligation version of the WRC rally car. It was tuned by Tanabe Racing (Rally Division), the same people who worked on the Group B rally cars. The Tanaka Levita 2.0 TR has optional backseats. For this occasion, they are installed in the car. It uses the K20MPEFI-A1 T (turbocharged version of the popular Tanaka Aventis 2.0 TR) making 258HP to all 4 wheels through a 6-speed manual transmission. AWD combined with the short wheelbase and the lightness of the Levita makes it able to accelerate from 0-60mph in 4.8 seconds (with the backseats equipped).

Tanaka Levita WRC (based on the 2.0 TR) 2001-Season
For the Group A rally, Tanabe Racing were tasked to fit the Levita to the regulations. However, the Levita was too light. So, they added as much weight as possible and as a result, weighed 1234kg. They also tuned the engine to make 351HP even with the exhaust size restricted. For 2001, they replaced the 6-speed manual with a 6-speed sequential transmission and an electronically-controlled differential. Suspension was softened, a bigger wing was added and more. These improvements made the car more dominant in Group A rally.


2001 Aria Washi WRC & Washi R-Turbo


2001 #55 ALKLIA Voltan Roundabout WRC & Roundabout RS


Haapala WRC94 (2001 trim)


Fun challenge!

At least Standard safety (no tech requirements, I will make allowances for weight regulations)

Does this mean we can go wild with the quality slider for weight adjustments, or “within reason”?

Rally engines typically have a redline between 6700-7500rpm. But the turbo spools by 3500rpm and yields a very large surge in power to the tune of nearly 300hp @ 3500rpm.

I seem unable to replicate this in any configuration so far. Can I blame “80s turbo tech” or do I simply need to git gud? Presumably having a 3500-4000 rpm wide power band of 300+ is most essential.

I recommend an engine engineering time target of no more than 119. More than that and your returns diminish sharply and I’ll start docking points.

How severe is the points docking? I’d like to use an i5 because I’m a special snow flake for lore reasons. I suppose this is like asking a cop if he’ll ticket me for going 3 over :stuck_out_tongue:

Documentation cites that good rally cars of this era had suspension travel of up to 200mm so also pick your ride height accordingly.

Would this translate to a ride height of say, 250 mm?


I’d like to use an i5 because I’m a special snow flake for lore reasons.

Idk about you, but I’m using a DOHC-4 I5 and am at 119 ET exactly.


Question: My fixtureless trim has no bottoming out issues due to not having lips, but my normal, liveried trim does, causing it’s reliability to be 0.0. I could easily reduce downforce but that would make it different from the fixtureless one. Will you only be looking at the trim with fxtures for all the stats?