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The Automation Gamer Challenge [ROUND 12]


Nah, I don’t think it’ll be a problem; the few Kei bodies that can be used are either really old or tall and narrow, which isn’t very good for stability.
Tech point restrictions sound good, I’ll add that in.

After building some more cars, I agree; I’ll up the limits a bit.

Emissions are production trim only, I’ll edit the rules to clarify

I noticed some rather glaring issues with the cost/engineering limitations, so I’d like you to hold off on submitting for at least a couple of hours; thanks for your understanding.



I think I have the rules sorted out now. I’ve edited the original post:

Here’s a quick summary:

  • Quality sliders now limited to -5/+5
  • Increased prod. engine ET to 110
  • Removed emissions requirement
  • Three-way catalytic converter is now required
  • Sequential gearboxes not allowed
  • Increased prod. trim PU/ET to 85/95
  • Increased rec. prod. max cost to A$18,000
  • Increased race engine ET to 120
  • Race engine variant must share VVT setup with production variant
  • Clarified that catalytic converters are NOT required for the race engine
  • Race trim must share gearbox type and # of gears with production model
  • Electric LSD not allowed
  • Clarified that there are no interior restrictions
  • Power steering is not allowed
  • Traction aids are not allowed
  • Increased race trim PU/ET to 85/85.
  • Increased cost score weighting from 15% to 25%
  • Decreased driving easy and speed to 20% each
  • Clarified naming scheme

Thus, submissions are officially declared



You are very brave…

One more thing…any engine power requirements/recommendations/limits?

Meijer Designs (JDM sportscars)

1996 Strig #16 RR Motorsports Mirae Sport Package

Run by Frenchman Jean Rouen, his work with RR Motorsport has allowed the rather under-appreciated Mirae to pretend it’s worth racing with other hatchbacks.

The Rear Engine configuration may be a hassle, but the lack of power helps to keep it more controlled.


Not like traction aids ever did anything in BeamNG but throw a massive fit every time you tried to accelerate >.>


“Racing Heritage Comes In All Packages”
The FWM Milo


What exactly does this mean??? Does this mean the cam profile between the trims must match? because that’s gonna be a problem if that’s what you mean


I’m assuming he just means if the racecar has VVT, the production car has to have it too because otherwise:


It means that if your production car has VVT your race car must also have it, and if it doesn’t your race car can’t. You can of course change the VVL cam profile.


'92 SBA Rosales (Mk.II) R150 Cup Car (“Il Risotto” Livery)

not a Riso, now comes with “Il Risotto” Livery

A poppular little rocket with very sensible price to win

Which ended up being riced… but nicknamed as “Risotto”

More Riso...tto


As italian I would like to point out that should be “IL RISOTTO” and not “LO RISOTTO”.


Adonijin Kyun '01 & Kyun GTR Touring car '03


Again Aruna, you have no idea how much I appreciate your efforts of putting the E46 GTR livery on you cute little car. That too out of my stupid little joke :rofl: Thanks mate!


'92 Marossa Alicanto GTSR (Paloma Racing Team Livery)

A boring everyday hatchback turned into a cornering grip machine, sanity sold separately.

Racecar Close-ups


Oh thank you, I’ll revise on that (since I haven’t submit this entry yet)


Well it also turns out I get to nail down some of my company lore. Nice.

1993 Matteo Miglia Scatola Cittadina

Deemed to be sufficiently pizza-pasta by a select focus group of Italians

Shortly after the release of Matteo Miglia’s first and finest supercar, the Merlo, Matteo realised, in the midst of a global recession, that he, like many other car makers, had made a horrible mistake.

MM had only broken away from the mega auto-house Znopresk in the previous decade after a dispute over the funding of a sportscar project. Matteo, scoring first blood with the wildly successful Legatus, got a bit carried away and went grandissimo. The Merlo sent the company deep into the red from the sheer costs alone and even the much anticipated second generation of the Legatus in 1991 was not enough to bring it back from the brink.

Fortunately, Znopresk was feeling magnaminous. Recognising the potential star-power of this brand, it sought to regroup its hold on its rebellious zealots by offering a lifeline, in the form of joint projects and continued use of its ageing engine line. Rebadgings with a sporty twist. Znopresk were legendary for economy and budget, after all, but less so the spice that a growing crowd desired.

This is where the bluntly named “Scatola” comes in. It was hardly there to fulfill an unmet market need, so much as aid in the evolution of an expanding market: the cheap and positively cheerful, a source of hope in a bleak point of history. It would go on to set the tone for much of the MM lineup for the next decade and a half, and go back to the original roots that engendered the Legatus: mega bang for your buck because there weren’t many bucks to go around.

Race trim pending.



Not only is the Ishiiruka MP-2 a proven car for you and the boys, it’s also been proven that it’s a successful track car… for the boys.

With a mere 1.6L D-Series Inline-4 powering the MP-2, it can also be modded by our team at ITD (Ishiiruka Tuning Division) to pump out 121 ps. And, for a car that weighs only 2100 lbs, that’s plenty for a car like this!

wait isn't that underpowered


Alfora Boli 1.0T #52 is a truly piece of ART

oh wait, ART just means Aggressiva Racing Team

ART, the team that put a big wing on a 1.0 car

"Comparation pics

lit race car pics


Angry eyes mod = Visual rating 10/10 stars

Hehe, I love that small little touch to it!


The 1993 Knightwick Cosmo GTi

The cosmo is a modern city car created for ease of driving and a stylish and cheery character. With a galavanised chassis and using Knightwick’s newest all aluminium engine family.

The gti is powered by a dohc 1.4l engine producing 76bhp with a fuel economy of 6.4l/100km. Close ratio 5 speed gearbox, stiffened suspension, 14" alloy wheels and ventilated front disk brakes all work together for a sporty ride

The Knightwick racing team have also made a lightweight racing variant for privateer teams