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The Automation Gamer Challenge [ROUND 12]


Neko CiX-3


A philosophical question:
Its a “world racing simulator” and will feature a low-end hatch at the cover?


Tavaz - Tamga

Ready to take on competition of the people

Comes with 3d scan



No. They’re looking for something that best represents the game’s entry-level category.


You could say maybe it might be a feature on a splash screen or cutscene for the class haha


Probally something like this


except ofc considering some of the shit that lines up for a Sunday Cup race entering even a stock FK2 Type R is probably way overkill and far beyond what we’re looking for in this round lmao


Sunday Cup using a 1.0 Ferrari


In which region?


We’re all assuming the market score are based of Gasmea, is this correct?


Yeah good question I didn’t know so i tested in every region that had 95RON i.e. not Archana :joy:


1983 Legion Bolero

Pictured, L to R: Bolero Sports 1600TC, Bolero 1300 G, Bolero Superhatch

More about the Bolero

The Bolero is inspired by the last-of-the-breed RWD compacts of the early 80s, such as the Talbot Sunbeam, Vauxhall Chevette, and Toyota’s Starlet and Corolla. The Superhatch entry is based on the 1600TC model, a sporty twin-carb high perfomance model inspired by the Talbot Sunbeam Lotus and Vauxhall Chevette HS. The 1300 G is a bare-bones base model.

The Bolero was introduced in the mid 1970s on a shortened Legion Sparrow chassis. It was designed to slot under the Sparrow in the lineup, to compete in the emerging supermini class, and it’s rear hatch was styled with a notch to ape the long-hood, short-deck pony car styling of upmarket coupés like the Ford Capri. The Bolero Sports 1600TC proved a popular platform for touring car racing and rallying, thanks to its light weight, independent rear suspension, and punchy, rev-happy engine.


Welp, my video refuses to edit, so we’re stuck with static pictures and a turntable gif for now.

From this:

To this:

2003 Matteo Miglia Scatola Scatenata (#37 Logistica Lineare)

fuck couldn’t even get the gif to loop right I’m going home

What a name! It’d only be topped if the driver’s first name was Bartolomew but nah, his first name was Nathan.


Cute little machine. I can imagine it being made by SEAT :stuck_out_tongue:


I wish everyone luck in this round! Sadly, I won’t be joining, maybe next round. (This is mostly because of me making a ridiculously crazy hypercar instead of working on my hatchback. I’m nowhere near started XD)


you still got time


Woah, those are some mighty thin tyres, They look like rubberbands! :open_mouth:


I kind of forgot to specify, so whichever market you want, I suppose :man_shrugging:

Also, reminder that there’s only a little more than 24 hours until submission deadline i.e. 23:59 GMT+1, so get your cars in!


Won’t be able to finish by deadline (started way too late), but I wanted to share pics of the cars I made so far. Cool round… wish I had seen it earlier.


2003 Milae TipTop SCCR (#22 ARROW MOTORSPORTS)