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The Automation Gamer Challenge [ROUND 12]


Now i can put up a 2.0T on my angriboi to fit the big aero, woohoo
shame again to be “almost dq’d” cause engineering things :frowning: I tried my best and by now i think im getting better, so, till the next challenge
and wow, i really like seeing my angriboi, seeing that front is like WOW i made this…


Try the tutorials and the challenge mode for some practice. If you can do the hardest car building challenges then you’ll be more familiar with the car building choices.


Don’t worry, the only car that was DQ’d was the one that broke the rules and the owner didn’t send me a revision. As long as you follow the rules you’ll at least get a participation trophy :rofl:

Adding to what strop said, looking at similar real-life cars is a good way to get an idea of what is realistic or not.

I’ve got twelve left after this batch, but since it’s Friday tomorrow I’ll be able to get them done quicker. I wouldn’t really say it’s ‘detailed’; I basically mention the most important stuff to justify my scoring and give some advice when I feel it’s helpful.
Speaking of which, here are the next three:


#15: Burger King Foot Lettuce FWM Milo Track Edition

Design: 6,5/10

The car looks kind of cute; fitting for what it started life out as. That being said, there isn’t very much detail, the livery design is pretty empty and for whatever reason it has offroad truck rims. There’s not much else to say, to be honest.

Engineering: 7/10

The chassis design is sensible; MacPhersons up front, double wishbone on the rear, mounted to an AHS steel monocoque clad in partial alu. Maybe a little too premium for a small city car, but not unreasonable. The engine is a 999cc all-alloy three-cylinder with a turbo and SOHC with four valves per cylinder; i.e. perfectly normal. The big issue is power: at an anemic 107 horsepower it’s literally the least powerful car I’ve received. The low power figure is made even more baffling by the fact that the engine has forged internals capable of withstanding way, way higher engine speeds.

The biggest issue with the car has to be the transmission; it’s literally the only car that has an automatic transmission. I’m assuming this was to meet the demographics score, but it isn’t really a valid excuse since (almost) literally every other car managed this while still keeping a manual.

Driving: 7/10

As expected, the car isn’t exactly challenging to get around the track, though that’s expected given the low power output. Handling is okay, though cornering grip isn’t the best. The automatic transmission is actually kind of a mixed bag; the lack of control and slow shifting is annoying, but because I didn’t have to worry about gear changes I could easily use left-foot braking.

Lap time: ~6,8/10

Despite the lack of power and gearbox choice I managed a 5:58:147; not fast by any standard, but far from the worst.

Costs: ~8,0/10

At A$17 200, the FMW Milo sits in about the middle, though it does get some extra points for the low service costs of A$547

Overall: ~7,12/10


#14: Reduit GSR20

Design: 6/10

The styling of the car itself is really quite something. Cohesive, period-correct to the late 80’s and uses fixtures to reshape the body and add interesting lines. Very impressive. That said, I’m taking points off for not even attempting a livery, not even a number on the side. Shame!

Engineering: 8/10

Very sensible all-steel construction (no galvanization though, so keep it out of the snow if you live in the rust belt) with double wishbone up front and semi-trailing arm in the rear. The engine is a SOHC all-alloy 1000cc on the dot four-cylinder with a turbo. For whatever reason the engine variant year is still at 1989, though this is allowed and I’m not going to score on it since it could very well be an older build. I am going to score on the poor tuning and lack of power; the cam profile is cranked all the way up to 100 which is way beyond what the head can handle, and the turbo is too small.

As far as the trim goes, the component choices are good, though the steering graph makes me concerned:


Sure, it doesn’t 100% correspond to how the cars actually handle in Beam, but it’s so obviously biased toward understeer that I have to dock a point for it.

Driving: 7/10

“Meh” is the best way I can describe how this car drives. It suffers from the same handling issues as the Ishiiruka MP-2, although not as pronounced.

Lap time: ~6,1/10

Because of the handling issues, it only manages a 6:08:350. A meh time, just like the handling.

Costs: ~9,0/10

The Reduit GSR20 is actually the second cheapest car here at A$15 000, and has reasonable service costs of A$607; much less meh than the rest of the car.

Overall: ~7,27/10


#13: Marossa Alicanto GTSR

Design: 5/10

This is another design that sadly is quite underwhelming, lacking detail in both the general styling and livery design. The front end works reasonably well, but the rear really gives me the impression of “slap some tail lights on and boom done”. The livery design is, as stated, very sparse with only a few decals, and the sponsor decals that are there aren’t even sized correctly.

Engineering: 8/10

Thankfully things get a lot brighter in this section. I have no complaints about the chassis or trim except for the gear spacing looking a little too wide, but that’s it. The engine does try imitate the GM Durabuilt (again, there’s a reason nobody uses cast iron heads on alloy blocks) and the bottom end is way overbuilt; you could easily drop the internals to regular forged and still have zero reliability issues. It does make a good amount of power, which is a plus.
One little quirk to note is that the rear tires are skinnier than the fronts, but it’s nothing I’m going to score on unless it affects handling negatively. It also has no aero as the rear lip doesn’t do anything in Beam, though I’m hoping it doesn’t cause issues.

Driving: 9/10

Hey, that’s pretty good! The car really handles like it’s on rails and despite the skinny rear tires it doesn’t feel unstable during high-speed cornering. I do have some issues with the gear spacing as it’s too wide for the narrow power band of the engine, but that’s really my only complaint.

Lap time: ~8,3/10

The car managed a 5:41:491, a very good time indeed.

Costs: ~7,1/10

Unfortunately it’s less competitive in the price aspect, coming in at a rather hefty A$18 000. The service costs are also the highest of the grid, at A$833.

Overall: ~7,41/10


Do you know how much I wanted my car to be a manual?! :sob:
at least the advanced auto was a tad better than standard auto, but still an auto.
and it is what was you suspected, I was trying to meet the specific 90% demographic and what I was trying with manual I got best around 88%. oh well, it is somehow decent enough and kept mid pack despite being the lowest on power :stuck_out_tongue:


Given your car was the only entry to have an auto, what choices did you make to otherwise be unable to meet the (rather lenient) demographic score requirement?


Ayy, at least I did the engineering part well! I knew my design was going to let me down, it’s definitely not my forte. When I was designing the back, I just blacked out. I couldn’t find anything that fitted the ample back of the car, so I just had to slap a few things there and call it a day. Concerning the livery, I actually didn’t know the existence of Quotex’s livery editor, so I just had to improvise with the made-up sponsors mod, vanilla textures and the car’s panel paint scheme. For now though, I can gloat about having the best time until Strop’s car comes around and beats it with 20 seconds less or something


I’m pretty confident in my lap time too :eyes:


What’s that? There’s a livery editor? News to me too!

P.s. don’t know how chipskate drives but “20 seconds faster than everything else” may be a bit of a stretch. But I did 5 laps myself and it’s faster than anything here so far by a fair margin… Note that it has just 133hp.


Huh? You didn’t know? How’d you do the lines on your livery? I didn’t have anything close to it at the time. (Not that I would’ve done any better if I had; as I said earlier, I suck at designing shit lol)


Oh is that the mods with all the coloured shapes in it? I thought I was missing out on something crazy lol


We’re all using a mod called the “Quotex Syndrome Starter Pack


Hey guys!

I apologize that the judging has taken so long; at this point it’s sadly clear that I won’t be able to finish writing, so I’ll just post the results as a table; if you want specific feedback, feel free to ask me.

User Car Styling Engineering Price Service costs Costs (relative) Driving Time Time (relative) Total score
strop MM Scatola Scatenata #37 Logistica Lineare 9 7 14000 572 9,8 10 5:32:389 9,2 9,13
EddyBT Tianjin PuTao Auto XXPC Superhatch (Factory Team #28) 10 9 18100 612 7,5 9,5 5:25:514 10 9,11
Xepy Milae TipTop ARROW MOTORSPORTS 10 8 17100 639 7,8 9,5 5:35:925 8,8 8,82
z2bbgr SBA Rosales R150 Cup - Race Car 8 9 17000 606 8,7 9,5 5:40:194 8,9 8,81
mart1n2005 Knightwick Cosmo 8 9 16200 535 8,5 9 5:34:254 9 8,69
Centurion_23 Pemhall Ascot Cup Car 8 9 17000 606 7,9 10 5:40:194 8,4 8,61
racer126 Satoshi Nyeh GT 8 9 16300 639 8,2 9,5 5:41:227 8,3 8,55
donutsnail Legion Bolero Superhatch 7 9 18600 504 7,6 9 5:42:787 8,1 8,08
Navara Tavaz Tamga ULD 8 9 17100 639 7,8 8 5:49:230 7,5 8,01
MasterDoggo Daito Alura 1.6 Si Race 9 8 19100 882 6,6 9 5:46:003 7,8 8,01
Mikonp7 Neko CiX-3 5DH-JEB SCC 8 9 15400 808 8,3 8 5:58:476 6,8 8
Aruna Adonijin Kyun GTR Touring Car '01 8,5 8 20700 708 6,3 8 5:43:283 8,1 7,7
V4guy Marossa - Alicanto GTSR 5 8 18000 833 7,1 9 5:41:491 8,3 7,41
Kobacrashi Reduit GSR20 6 8 15000 607 9 7 6:08:350 6,1 7,27
Vena.Sera423 FWM Milo Track Edition 6,5 7 17200 547 8 7 5:58:147 6,8 7,12
schultzie Ishiiruka MP-2 Track 2k3 6 7 16400 510 8,5 6 6:16:847 5,6 6,7
Arvok1 Alfora Boli 1.0T ART 8 5 20700 664 6,4 6 5:54:549 7,1 6,58
CriticalSet SRR 4 5 17100 744 7,6 6 5:48:488 7,6 6,17
Vri404 Strig 16 RR Motorsport Mirae Sport Package 8 5 18900 616 7,1 5 6:08:493 6,1 DQ

(I would’ve liked to make some sort of reward photo with the top three cars, but Xepy’s car wouldn’t load in the photo scene so I gave up)


I can now brag that I beat one of @strop’s cars!
at least in laptime. And for $4100 more.

As for hosting, if Strop passes I most definitely will not be able to host. school is already killing me pls help

Also, the chart gets cut off quite badly. Perhaps you have a link to a Google Sheet?


Yeah can’t read the table either so I will have to wait to comment on that lap time lol.

Good call on the table @Chipskate we’re definitely happy to have the results. I can 100% confirm I won’t be able to host because I will definitely not finish due to work and projects and family stuff booking me out solid for the next month.

Edit: finally got to see the table lmao 0.02 points on the metric. @EddyBT what were the specs on your car? As you can see I went totally cheap and cheerful haha


I’m guessing the table is in order since I can’t move the page around? If so I can’t believe I got 5th, well done to everyone else there were some really good designs


I kinda looked at the soft ET limits and decided that they weren’t worth getting under lol. So DW/DW and 1.4L I4 (size limited by body) making about 160hp? IIRC and weighed like 1460lbs. Also suspension so hard that you would instantly die if you ran over a kerb.


Drivetrain and tyres?


FWD 6 speed manual and whatever the max size was with tiny sidewalls

I still don’t know how you pull off the insane stuff you do in BeamNG. $4100 cheaper and you were still only 7 seconds off. Mad props!


Eh getting a fast time in Beam and in general doesn’t always need a lot of money if you have a lot of boost and really aggressive tuning. The engine itself is from 1979 lmao.

Note how I didn’t have the lowest service costs despite the fact this is an el cheapo shitbox? Yeah that’s because I was running racecar levels of camber :joy: My biggest limiting factor was in fact the body’s COG is too high so if I go too aggressive on the sway bars the car will do a Richard Hammond :sweat_smile:

Also I don’t know if it was flying or standing but if the first lap was standing 5:32 is mad fast, less than 2 seconds slower than my time! (If flying then I would have done it in 5:25).

EDIT: okay I can see the table now. @Chipskate where’d I lose points on the engineering??? The use of drum brakes on the rear? The use of a weird shitty 3 valve overhead cam in an all alu block and headers? Or something else? If it’s any of the above, well, those drum brakes were a) cheap and b) did virtually nothing hence you could punt the car around all day and the rear brakes would never fade :joy:. If it’s the engine, well, that’s a Znopresk lore engine and I can’t do anything about that haha I would direct your complaints to @NormanVauxhall :wink: