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The Automation Gamer Challenge [ROUND 12]


DeerAndHunt - Goonie LocoMotors Inc.




The Yama Yosan Index is the tuned version of the regular 1994 special utility pickup Yama Yosan UX8. The truck is heavily modified with massive 32 inch rims. This heavy 3 ton behemoth comes with an up bored UX8DV5 up to a 10L V8 Twin turbo powering the truck with over 1500hp to all wheels. It carries intensive use of aero and mods on the truck such as the 7 speed sequential swap from the base 5 speed manual. This truck is what you call a stance truck but actually has the capabilities of a sports car.

The regular 1994 Special edition utility Yama Yosan has the latest suspension technology during the early 90s with its capable much-link suspension paired with double wishbone at the front, sacrificing some reliability. The truck maintains its load abilities of a leaf solid axle, being able to carry 3.5 tons at the rear bed and tow 2.2 tons. The truck has a low service cost of $900 for a OHC 4V 5L V8 and comes with the cost of around $30k.

More Pictures


1987 Argent Motors V40

478hp Mid mounted twin turbo V8 RWD 5 Speed Manual

2019 Argent Motors V40LM

Redesigned 800hp twin turbo V8, AWD conversion, Upgraded Aero package and 24 inch chrome wheels bring the V40 into 2019


You made the F40’s design elements translate very well to the DIablo body. Well done!

On top of that, the base model would be something an OutRunner would be proud of, but the tuned version is on another planet by comparison - and yet it remains as faithful to the original as it can be. It’s as if you unlocked and bought it in Need for Speed: Heat but didn’t go wild with the exterior customization.


you got about 24 hours left until deadline

ive extended the deadline for practical reasons


Scarab Nova -79 vs Scarab Nova -19 DUB edition

Scarab Nova -79
230 HP and 342Nm from a 5.2 liter V8 and a 5-speed manual gearbox and open diff, standing on medium tires on 18 inch rims anchored to the ground by 225/65s in the rear and 215/65 in the front. Disc brakes all around.

Scarab Nova -19 DUB edition has got updated forged internals withstand the 700 hp the new electronic injectors and the turbo coaxes out of the engine. This is coupled to a 6-speed sequential gearbox and a viscous differential. To get the power to the ground it has sport compound tires on 22 inch rims 270/30 rear and 230/40 front tires. To stop the car the brakes have been upgraded to vented discs all around. To get the car more planted, an undertray was retrofitted and a wing anchors the rear to the road.


1994 RCM Labrador 4x4 LT

2019 RCM Labrador DUB Edition


2012 Lunor Kiren

And the DUB


1995 BT Motors Aegagrus SXM

Your average, run of the mill 90’s SUV. Powered by a 3.0L I6 making 187 horses and driving all 4 wheels with locking differentials, the Aegagrus was known for it’s smoothness and offroad capability.

2019 BT Motors Aegagrus DUB Edition

Completely overhualed, with little remaining unchanged from the stock vehicle. The drivetrain has been swapped out for a 6.2L twin turbo V8 making 790 horses, going through a 6-speed dual clutch and a modern AWD system. Will out 0-60 a Ferrari 458 Spider. Suspension has been changed to a hydropneumatic system whichs allows the DUB edition to ride on a cloud. Interior has been completely ripped out and replaced with a handmade custom one and includes a powerful JVC audio system that includes an exterior stereo where the spare tire once was.

Just follow the leader


And that's the submissions now cloosed

Now we wait for the results. . . .


also if @randomtuner
can you send me a link or the file of your cars, so you can be scored.

expect the results to take a while me going up on a Tuesday

not really


Beam Driving Scores Part 1 of 2

Part One: The Straight Forward Track, Italy Highway

Soo yes first we start off with IMO the most time consuming bit. Currently I´ve lapped most of the cars i´m forgot two and my automation decided to go very wrong, which I will fix when I get internet access tommorow. Also currently lapping cars around the city tracks, which is making me question the laws of physics and why is it a necessity soo thats fun.
The Scoring will go like this:

  • The max points earned in this challenge is 1000
    basically the percentages with an added zero
  • The driveability score and the beam score will be split between the two tracks soo 100 points for fastest lap time on each track and 50 points for how easy it is to drive, on each track.

Let us begin with an overview of the track
The Italy Freeway route is purely about speeeed, and soft curve manueverability Naturally bigger heavier vehicles and high downforce machines will struggle with top speed. The Drivability Score will for many be a perfect 50 since the route is fairly simple and easy. unless your a donk :stuck_out_tongue:

BT Motors Aegagrus DUB Edition @ EddyBT

Lap Time: 01.17.323
Speed Camera: 156 MPH

This SUV feels pretty agile to drive on the soft bends, getting some angle through the bends, push it hard enough in this state and it’ll skid and understeer, no tipping over in these runs.

Drivability Points: 50
Lap Time Points: 90

Shromet Levine CUSTOM @ DoctorNarfy

Lap Time: 01.26.262
Speed Camera: 135 MPH

A big boy with big shoes, can induce slight oversteer. Overall no issues, Hovers around 130~ish MPH in the straights, also low risk at tipping over.

Drivability Points: 50
Lap Time Points: 81

Argent Motors V40 LM @ CriticalSet9849

Lap Time: 01.07.205
Speed Camera: 197 MPH

Expectable being a race tune super car, unmatched speed. No oversteer, only minor understeer when driving hard, manage to peek at the speedometer while hauling ass, without losing track at the incoming bend.

Drivability Points: 50
Lap Time Points: 100 fastest time!

Turbol Miami Droptop DUB Edition @ donutsnail

Lap Time: 01.09.474
Speed Camera: 187 MPH

The only two, that can get a time under the 1.10 mark. Also the only one that can sorta keep up with the V40, it does suffer from understeer at medium bends.

Drivability Points: 50
Lap Time Points: 98

Courageux Courchevel GTX VIP Modified @ mart1n2005

Lap Time: 01.26.006
Speed Camera: 147 MPH

Very nice driving, only wheelspin at launch since RWD which is natural, no oversteer unless provoked, you can place your trust on this “Ferawry” swapped, barge. The downforce prevents it from gaining more speed however.

Drivability Points: 50
Lap Time Points: 82

RCM Labrador DUB Edition @ thecarlover

Lap Time: 01.33.225
Speed Camera: 135 MPH

The second slowest overall, and the third slowest big boy. No risk of turning over in this track. Could excel at the later stage since its down on power

Drivability Points: 50
Lap Time Points: 74

Grand County BioShock @ Fletchyboy100

Lap Time: 01.25.815
Speed Camera: 153 MPH

Being a RWD Donk, I did expect unruliness, its not bad but it still could lose control when not managed, does go at a constant speed around the bends I’ve noticed

Drivability Points: 50
Lap Time Points: 82

Bucuresti Pescărus Custom @ Rise_Comics

Lap Time: 01.27.742
Speed Camera: 157 MPH

Another RWD lowered barge, however this is more wild than the Courageux. First off it can suffer from terminal oversteer, the car seems to have no sway bars or its just really soft. I spent more times sideways than cornering which scrubs off speed, if it had less sway I feel it could be ranked higher.

Drivability Points: 45
Lap Time Points: 81

Marksman ETB DUBskids @ That-S-cop

Lap Time: 01.23.480
Speed Camera: 172 MPH

Right. This is a unruly vehicle.
Being a RWD Donk high powered muscle car, the only one. I had a field day trying to get it back straight. The car wiggles to side as a turn which just throws it off balance and drifts then loses control, never ending cycle of this during a bend. My reason for how high it is in the leader boards, is its straight line speed.

Drivability Points: 40
Lap Time Points: 84

Scarab Nova-19 DUB @ gridghost

Lap Time: 01.16.937
Speed Camera: 175 MPH

A lowered muscle car, which provides a nice blend of oversteer and stability, it was enjoyable to toss around.

Drivability Points: 50
Lap Time Points: 91

Deer and Hunt Goonie Base 4 Door LocoMotorsInc. @ Mikonp7

Lap Time: Fashionably Late
Speed Camera: yes

our slowest top speed vehicle, reaching the goal at a time of 2.15.760, and me looking at the speedometer for it to reach the high point of blistering 88 MPH. Saying its underpowered is a underpowered statement :stuck_out_tongue:
as I was crusin’ i’ve visited our sponsor the Tread Killers Tuning House. you should too

Drivability Points: 50
Lap Time Points: 50

soo ive decide Ima run one West Coast City Track to keep my sanity. Also i do appologize for the missing two results ill get on thoose and the rest of the challenge ASAP


did you not have the mods for my wheels? it should be this one https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1654110324&searchtext=


thanks, I spent a good minute looking for them.
somebody stole your wheels :stuck_out_tongue:


The only reason mine’s controllable eventhough it’s high riding is the engine I swear, cause it’s a boxer :joy:


we are loading into Italy one last time.

For the

Yama Yosan UX8 Index @ Falling_Comet

Lap Time: 01.12.009

Speed Camera: 182 MPH
ignore the inconsistent car pics in this smooth transition in quality

A rather surprising time, from such a chonky lad, definitely the quickest and stable of the Big Boy. With a unintentional quirk, which i’m dubbing Bipolar Active Aero during beam testing one of the lips consistently sheered off at 100 MPH, causing all sorts of chaos, it can do either, increase downforce and drag, to increased understeer, to flat out damaging the car
image <- this actually a pic from the fastest lap, this is what peak aerodynamics look like. Soo its techincally part of the car, as it is still “attached” soo I ruled it as legal. . .

Drivability Points: 50
Lap Time Points: 95

Now let us travel all the way to Germany to get some rims for the Courchevel at the TreadKillers Tuning House http://discourse.automationgame.com/t/treadkillers-tuning-house/27415. As some gangsters stole the rims of the Courchevel GTX. Afterwards we must travel West from Germany(or east) to the USA, for the next section of this challenge!

Beam Driving Score Part 2 of 2

Part Two: The Streets are Cold, Dog.

Yes, here they are finally I apologize for the wait. As certain things caused delays. Also I wanna stress that I didn't had internet access on my PC until Friday of last week. So certain things weren't possible, at the moment.

Soo i think it’s appropriate to talk about the track I shall be spending a long time on, Located in San Francisco
image Street Course 1

15 corners, 12 cars, 3 jumps, 2 laps, 1 person. Lets Go.
A course the requires heavy braking, firm suspension, minimal turbo lag to get up the multiple hills!
and BIG rims
to go over curbs of course, in this course, let us course on with the results. After we load in to the track

Turbol Miami Droptop DUB Edition @ donutsnail

Fastest Lap Time: 01.31.334

A surprise to some, the V40, did not claim fastest vehicle in this track. This a firm ride, very stable sports car, maybe a little too tight for my liking, Manage to post the fastest lap time around this track. I have no further comment on the drivability.

Drivability Points: 50
Lap Time Points: 100 fastest time!

Argent Motors V40 LM @ CriticalSet9849

Fastest Lap Time: 01.31.562

Beaten by only milliseconds the V40 sits at a very close 2nd place, also no further comment about the drivability, A predictable driving super car if you will. I felt like LA Rush, only it was San Fran Rush
SF Rush?

Drivability Points: 50
Lap Time Points: 99

Yama Yosan UX8 Index @ Falling_Comet

Fastest Lap Time: 01.36.253

Ohey its the truck again, what can I say the sequential gearbox, AWD combo is quick af. Couple that this boy is stable and agile makes for a pretty potent lap time.
However there was one issue I had. . . the brake fade sucked.
This truck needs more beefier brakes, they began to fade in the middle of the first lap and it became worse from there, I had to slowly make my way through lap one to conserve the brakes.

Drivability Points: 45
Lap Time Points: 95

Scarab Nova-19 DUB @ gridghost

Fastest Lap Time 01.39.539

godammit the morphs resetted

Being the fastest RWD Muscle car, and the most enjoyable to toss around. I got no further comment.

Drivability Points: 50
Lap Time Points: 92

BT Motors Aegagrus DUB Edition @ EddyBT

Fastest Lap Time: 01.42.616

This vehicle :triumph:
This was in fact the first vehicle I drove around getting familiar with the track. Through many many many roll overs, that would make Failrace jealous.
This SUV is fast, no doubt about it, having one the most satisfying power slide moments, and also being the holder of fastest speed going two wheels at 98 MPH, this vehicle rolled up to two wheels, I managed to saved it then continued until I rolled over in the next turn. It is through this that a quirk arises, since I spent more time on this car due to its tendencies, I believe lead to this fast lap time, due to familiarity.

Drivability Points:30
Lap Time Points: 89
+5 points for two wheel speed

Courageux Courchevel GTX VIP Modified @ mart1n2005

Fastest Lap Time: 01.44.832

After a new pair of rims. . .
For being underpowered compared to other vehicles, this is a solid time, as the handling is tight, rarely becoming loose unless you push it too much.

Drivability Points: 50
Lap Time Points:87

Shromet Levine CUSTOM @ DoctorNarfy

Fastest Lap Time: 01.46.398

Holy SHIT the land yacht can move!
At a pretty brisk pace by the looks of it.
My only complaint is the “sport” auto gearbox, not downshifting when I needed too, because wew
stopping this thing can be challenging sometimes. Did I mention the brakes lacked clout.

Drivability Score: 40
Lap Time Score:85

Bucuresti Pescărus Custom @ Rise_Comics

Fastest Lap Time: 01.49.648

This car is essentially a drift machine. It is very loose, on the 90 degree turns, I genuinely drifting around them, also another issue is to get it back straight again, as previously stated, its a chore. Tho I did hit some mad angles

Drivability Points: 45
Lap Time Points: 82
+5 points for skids for the kids

RCM Labrador DUB Edition @ thecarlover

Fastest Lap Time: 01.49.669 heheheheh69

This was the second vehicle I drove after rage quitting on the Aegagrus
Which as my experience was also :triumph:
Along with the Aegagrus, it is very comfy, and soft, with huge low profile wheels, mean more hot roll over action. Although this one has many more unique saves than the Aegragrus, somehow.
Like flipping sideways after rolling and sliding between a wall and a lamp post then to roll back into 4 wheels without damage
or when I hit the curb bounced over it rolled over the roof, hit the wall bounced off the wall, and back on the road without major damage.
Unfortunately unlike the Aegagrus it doesn’t have the speed of it.
Another note worthy note, this SUV does not know what a curb is, it just absorbs curbs like minor bumps.

Drivability Points: 35
Lap Time Points: 82
+5 points for curb management

Grand County BioShock @ Fletchyboy100

Fastest Lap Time: 01.49.734

This donk manages to be very loose, and much more unruly in these streets, in fact that is the only thing that is stopping it from getting a faster time.

Drivability Points: 45
Lap Time Points:82

Marksman ETB DUBskids @ That-S-cop

Fastest Lap Time: 02.02.719

Another vehicle which I can described as :triumph: frustrating.
This is a very powerful Donk, unfortunately if you don’t throttle correctly after the 90 degree turns to a sloped hill, you will be stuck below the useful powerband chugging at a constant 45 MPH, which either you neutral drop, to get the turbos spooling, but if you do that you will have to fight the car to keep straight, while also keep in mind the next corner, because you can build speed pretty quickly in this one, or just endure the low speed. I tried with this one, but its too cumbersome in these tight streets, I mostly spend the lap in 1st gear.

Drivability Points: 40
Lap Time Points: 68
+5 points for the constant burning rubber

Deer and Hunt Goonie Base 4 Door LocoMotorsInc. @ Mikonp7

Fastest Lap Time:

Low rider drives a little slower

Low rider is a real goer

Low rider knows every street, yeah

Low rider is the one to meet, yeah

Low rider don’t use no gas now

Low rider don’t drive too fast

A very change of pace, very chill ride, that I still manage to crash it into a pole.
It set a lap time of 02.09 which is not that baaaad.
While I cruisin’ down the streets in my '83 I checked out our sponsor tuning house
the Tread Killers Tuning House http://discourse.automationgame.com/t/treadkillers-tuning-house/27415

Drivability Points: 50
Lap Time Points: 60
+5 points for staying relatively close to the pack

Soo that is the long awaited final part of beam testing I would return Tuesday evening/midnight because I spend all day being busy with the design judging and final leaderboards
Stay Tuned


Couldn’t agree more… Or should that be Driver: San Francisco? Anyway, you have done an excellent job of imagining what a Midnight Club on eighth-generation home consoles would feel like. Sadly, a next-gen SF Rush, Midnight Club or Driver is flat-out impossible considering that the simulator wars of the Twenteens have killed the arcade racer (with the exceptions of NFS Heat, The Crew 2 and various indie efforts) stone dead.


Let us begin

With the Leaderboards of Beam Driving

1st @CriticalSet9849 299 Points

2nd @donutsnail: 298 Points

3rd @Falling_Comet: 285 Points

4th @gridghost: 283 Points

5th @mart1n2005: 269 Points

6th @EddyBT: 259+5 264 Points

7th @Fletchyboy100: 259 Points

8th @Rise_Comics: 252+5 257 Points

9th @DoctorNarfy: 256 Points

10th @thecarlover: 240+5 245 Points

11th @That-S-cop: 232+5 237 Points

12th @Mikonp7: 210+5 215 Points

Naturally the high performance super cars would be in the top of the leaderboards, against the various trucks, and old muscle cars. This is not the end of the battle as we still got to go through the Design Portion.

Final Part: Looking at Them

I appologize for the long wait and making you wait through my sloth-ness. Anyways here it is, this part will be just me looking at them in various angles and taking a look inside the hood/bonnet. I do wanna stress i’m not a very critical person and very indecisive person when it comes to cars and their design, you know the greatest traits for a judge, I generally accept everything and don’t react overly negative to aspects of a car I deem not attractive, and cars other people find ugly/unattractive I don’t have any quarrel and like them in that aspect. cough coughJukecooooooough

Enough with the chit chat lets get this crud going

Now first we have to go through the

The ones that missed the memo. . .

Lunor Kiren DUB

I got sent blueprints for a non-street-legal car that would’ve been ready for the DUB shows of 2021

Horrendously over limits, and used race parts and tires, which will earn a hefty fine on a traffic stop

The Argent V40

Unfortunately the fast super car has broken the rule of Not Seating at Least 4, +2 and +3 seating arraignments count, not seating 2 only. Unlike the Lunor which broke all the rules,

I’ll dock it -200 points as a penalty for the broken rule

The Bucuresti Pescărus Custom

Unfortunately the car’s tuned engine broke the ET and PU limits which I thought I made it clear enough that it applied to both modified and stock engines.

It’ll also be docked -200 points :pensive:

Next bit the scrutineering bit

which I've already started it a bit

Every stock car passed! ez +100 points :sunglasses:

Now the looking at it in detail bit

i'm literally just going to list everything yall have done and give you a score on how I think, along with pics like if these cars where in a meet, with poor quality photography and all. idk why it took 2 weeks

Turból Miami Droptop DUB Edition

Painted in a soothing purple the appereance of this sports gains a more aggressive front bumper and side skirts, plus a wing. Along with more grip, with bigger wheels, at a 23 inches in size. The suspension has been stiffen even further. To go along all these cosmetic and handling upgrades the stock 5.7 L NA 401 HP V10, was Twin Turbo’d, rated at a 1,007 Horses, practically giving it more than double its stock power. The transmission stayed the same, brakes upgraded. Has been installed with a modern HUD, and the body was given some more safety features like a roll cage, for the driver to stay safe at high speeds. Overall a sweet sports car a bit simple in terms of style compared to the rest

Design Points: 350 x1.1 (2000s)
Performance Points: 200
Bonus Points +30

Courageux Courchevel GTX VIP Modified

Repainted in a smooth metallic black, clear headlight, replaced trim bits with more chrome, dropped and cambered, given underglow, a moderate wing, a pair of 22 inch Assati rims, and given emblems to note the Ferwawy V12 Engine swap from a pitiful 155 HP to a respectable 418 HP, however the same transmission stays however it gained a modern viscous diff, brakes beefed up a bit, Aftermarket informative system, overall very clean looking.

Design Points: 355 because underglow x1.4 (1970s)
Performance Points: 200
Bonus Points +20

Shromet Levine CUSTOM

Painted in a orange pearl, this is the most pure DUB car, literally something you would see rolling around in the streets of the sketchy parts of your town. Various decals have been applied ranging from patriotic, subjective, flames, and cockyness. What tops it off is that it is aligned with the Decepticons, bent on conquering everything, and generally not giving a single shit about things that it do, and what it do with it’s wheels, will cement that. Having 30 inches worth of rims, big shoes to say the least, despite all the the interior is given love, with hand sowed fabric, and a HUD to control its various speaker I sure it has. The ride has also been stiffen, as most of the bump will be absorbed through the tires, not only that but it assured it spot on being surprisingly agile. Brakes have been increased in size, Engine power has been twin turbo effectively given it double its 340 HP NA V8 engine, to 676 HP. Rear doors have been converted to sliding doors, new Xenon Headlights, aftermarket step bars, and the front license plate has been offset, Borela twin shotgun exhaust tips. Noting the various Decepticon insignia, this SUV would’ve been a hit in the live action movies by Micheal Bay,

in fact here is concept art for it

I’ll see myself out.

Design Points: 400 x1.1 (2000s)
Performance Points: 200
Bonus Points +100

Marksman ETB DUBskids

Tall handsome donk painted in a sparkle sparkle metallic purple, everything on the body seems to be unchanged, apart from that big ass blower, and the license plate has been changed to something more subjetive, also the various performance decals which could be hinting at the complete overhaul. From 225 to 1,007 HP, transmission replaced with a dual clutch 4 speed with a manual locker, aftermarket modern HUD installed, shocks have been stiffen, brakes beefed up for the 28 inch rims hard longs installed for this car’s purpose to constantly burnout in style, A donk burnout car, which is soo absurd that it wraps around and becomes believable that somebody would do donuts in this car on a skid plate.

Design Points: 370 x1.4 (1970s)
Performance Points: 200
Bonus Points +80

BT Motors Aegagrus DUB Edition

Painted in a lovely deep purple soo many purple cars, it has a complete body kit, more aggressive front bumper, with chrome grill, and xenon aftermarket headlights and aftermarket tailights, along with chrome step bar, and a more sportier rear bumper with splitter, and FlowMiesters dual exhaust tips, and swoopy wing, roof racks replaced (because who uses those) with a dual sunroof, and the whole plastic trim of the car has been chromafied; and underglooooow. And the piece de resistance the spare has been removed to install a heckin boombox now you can roll around blasting whatever you feel like at the rear of your car at any time, annoy the commuter behind you, or at a party with the homies, or just in the parking lot of any store. The engine has been swapped from a 100 hp I6 to a high performance twin turbo 790 HP V8 and the transmission has been thrown out for a dual clutch AWD swapped powertrain, the sport tire compound 28 inch wheels, provide enough grip, the brakes have also gained clout, the interior has had a complete makeover, the suspension tuning has been stiffen, and my thoughts on that have been made clear above, but it does make it a moderately comfy ride considering the wheels.

Design Points: 399 x1.2 (1990s)
Performance Points: 200
Bonus Points +80

Deer and Hunt Goonie Base 4 Door LocoMotorsInc.

The High rider, the paint work is fantastic in this one, each body line of this one is pinstriped yellow which complements the metallic green, the black vinyl roof has been replaced with a white one, and the chrome has been gold-edfied something unseen in other cars,a side exhaust kit give it an aggressive look, in contrast this thing only has 170 HP from its untouched engine, the power train is left stock, the springs have been replaced for hydropneumatics giving it a comfy ride, yeees this car does roll in style, slow and um high, has 20 inch chrome spokes rims, along with a HUD for the interior with the factory seats. This donk has a lot of style.

Design Points: 390 x1.3 (1980s)
Performance Points: 100

RCM Labrador DUB Edition

A big boy with equally big rims exactly 32 inch chrome rollers, painted a clear black with a ghost flame on it, spooky certainly a subtle turn to contrast the flamboyant paint works of the other cars. The body work is great, each side has been replaced tastefully, the whole front end is different, xenon headlamps, a more chromed grill, sportier front bumper and hood, front bumper is body colored. The side mirrors have signal lamps on them and their chromed, it gains a step bar, and suicide rear doors, plus a hint of chrome on the doors, the rear is a similar story, rear bumper is body colored and has exhaust ports for the dual shotgun Magmaflows the hatch has been debadged to only have a single crown badge, after market tailights, and uuuuuundeeeeergloooooow; and the top gains a sunroof.The NA V8 engine has been lighly turbo tuned however, only gaining 202 HP from 228 giving it 430 HP to pull this big boy. The inside has been given some fine custom leather and great sounding speakers from its top notch and expensive sound system and HUD, the ride being really comfy also lack any resemblance of anti roll bars. . . No wonder.

Design Points: 398 x1.2 (1990s)
Performance Points: 150
Bonus Points +120

Scarab Nova-19 DUB

A very capable looking muscle car, painted in a zesty orange pearl, with a sports kit fitted, an aggressive hood, front splitter and rear duck spoiler, with some meaty 22 inch mags with sports Max Grip tires, the engine has been twin turbo and powered up from 230 HP to 706 HP, the powertrain upgraded to a dual clutch 5 gear transmission, and a viscous LSD, along with stiffen shocks and upgraded braking power, and increased safety features, like a roll cage, and a all out sport interior with bucket seats, with a basic aftermarket tablet in the middle of the dash.

Design Points: 350 x1.4 (1970s)
Performance Points: 200
Bonus Points +20

Yama Yosan UX8 Index

The Import Tuner out of group, or actually Import Truck, painted in a light black, with a white flaming horse decal, the body work is radically different, that i feel is soo long to list, you will have to just see yourself. The rims are measured at a wopping 32 inches to rival the Labrador. As previously mentioned this truck is very quick, as the interior is mostly barren, and safety features where remove, because who needs safety when you have your own skill, apart from some speakers on the doors to blast Mirage by Daiki Kasho through them, The engine has been swapped from the same makers but heavily increased the bore from 5 L to 10 L and 317 HP to 1,538 HP respectably, the powertrain was upgraded to a dual clutch and electric LSD. The suspension was stiffen and the springs replaced with air suspension, to keep it comfy while tackling the curbs, the brakes where greatly increased and near race spec.

Design Points: 380 x1.2 (1990s)
Performance Points: 200
Bonus Points +120

Grand County BioShock

Another donk, with 20 inch spoke rims painted in a glossy black, the body work is alright in this one, a nice touch of a side exhaust, it does however have a strange color choice of trim, being a glossy yellow, which effectively makes this the black and yellow car, with also equally strange, yellow cop lights? It’s also B6 swapped, a peculiar choice with this style, but i’ll roll with it, having 640 HP and twin turbo’d, that has the peak power cut off at redline,oof. Brakes have been extremely beefed up, using super car-spec discs, and off road tires? I mean it does have the ride height. Powertrain has been upgraded from a regular auto to a advance auto and electric LSD. Air suspension has been fitted and the ride has been stiffen a bit, with huge sway bars, the interior however is very nice, custom leather and expensive HUD

Design Points: 240 x1.4 (1970s)
Performance Points: 175

Bucuresti Pescărus Custom

Painted in a glossy black, the car has been fitted with a full bodykit, aggressive front bumper, sideskirts with side exhausts, nice touch, and a big rear diffuser, and angled spoiler, and a light show of lights on both the rear and the front, the rear looks alright, while the front looks unique with the orange wrapped around the lights. Standard size 20 inch spoked rims with regular hard life tires. The engine has been swapped with a bigger NA V8, producing a respectful 504 HP from its original 207 HP figure. The car has been RWD swapped from AWD, increasing its gears with a better, modern advance auto transmission. Brakes are also super car tier with them being carbon ceramic disks, its been fitted with advance, active sport springs, overall ride has been stiffen. The interior has been removed from its 80s luxury and cassette to a modern premium interior, and custom infotainment system.

Design Points: 300 x1.3 (1980s)
Performance Points: 175

Argent Motors V40 LM

Painted in a hot red, this basically makes the super car, road legal, race spec with front splitter rear diffuser, but with one key difference, them 24 inch chrome wims the twin turbo v8 has been hard tuned to produce 800 horses, the brakes increased in size, and the suspension has been tuned to accommodate the increase of the assets.

Design Points: 350 x1.3 (1980s)
Performance Points: 200
Bonus Points +40

And now a group picture


Final Leaderboards

idk how to format soo here is just the total

1st @Falling_Comet 1,161 Points
2nd @That-S-cop 1,135 Points
3rd @EddyBT 1,128.8 Points
4th @DoctorNarfy 1,096 Points
5th @gridghost 1,093 Points
6th @thecarlover 1,092.2 Points
7th @mart1n2005 1,086 Points
8th @donutsnail 1,013 Points
9th @Mikonp7 982 Points
10th @CriticalSet9849 894 points
11th @Fletchyboy100 870 points
12th @Rise_Comics 722 Points
13th @randomtuner DNFTR

Congratulations to @Falling_Comet for being the fastest, and stylish big wheel vehicle

And thank you all for participating

and again i apologize for the extreme wait.

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Damn it is my first ever win in any challenge! I’m thankful that I won but after some thoughts, I will be passing down. This is due to the potato of a laptop that runs max settings at 4fps with 1 car as well as the inability to do any practical beam testing, no controller, only keyboard. FYI, laptop overheats and dies with max settings with a full fan blast so taking photos of any cars will take forever.

So, I pass down my win to @That-S-cop he is also gonna pass down same issues as well, guarantee