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The Automation Gamer Challenge [ROUND 12]


And with Comet’s “Prediction” we had a small chat , I will also pass down the AGC to the next person. for basically the same reasons as Comet.

@EddyBT Another pass. and I think you are likely to pass down as well

Anyways, Aussie 1st and 2nd, Sure happy with what I got.


Whew, 3rd place with the rolling boombox! Thanks for the host racer, this was a really fun round!

Unfortunately, I’ll have to pass as well school sucks : ( .

@DoctorNarfy I’m sure you’re busy with CSR right now, so maybe @gridghost you’re up?


Shure, i can whip up something. Give me a couple of days to gather my stuff and i’ll be ready to host something.


A Touring-Car, cheaply

Making a GRID-like game, the developers would like you to present a couple of cars for a Touring-like class.
These should be made from slightly modified street cars and be run in the beginning of the game as a kind of tutorial/pre-game run, and will then be unlocked after the first couple of races are done.

The specs of the cars should be within the following rule-set:


Max Engine ET: 105
Turbo engine: 1,5 liter or smaller
Bar-pressure: 1.25 BAR max
NA Engine: 3,0 liter or smaller
Fuel: 95 RON
Loudness: 60 or below (only one muffler required)
No warnings on engine.


FF or FR only

Max Car ET: 110

Fibre-glass panels only
Sports compound tires 225/45 R17 Max
Minimum weight 1100kg
Semiclad undertray
One front and one rear wing (other aero surfaces doesn’t work in BeamNG so they are free)
~200 kg downforce combined F/R maximum (Counted in Automation, so keep it in mind to not overdo other aero surfaces)
Electric powersteering and ABS are required (these are modified street cars)
Safety should be above 35.

Both trim and engine should be from 2020
No quality spam

They will be tested in BeamNG on one street track and one short and one longer racing track.

Judging will be done in three steps:

Style: 15%, These are modified stock cars so don’t overdo it. Wings and lips and a widened stance are just about it.

Engineering: 50%, Finding the best combination of parts for the engine, the best setup for the car and so on, are what this challenge is about, so experiment and test as much as possible.

Driving in BeamNG: 35%, a good, fun and useable car is always a treat to run… and making fast times around tracks against other racers are what the game is all about.

Send me one (1) car
Named as such

Model: AGC6 - [username] ; Trim: Car’s name
Family: AGC6 - [username] ; Variant: Engine’s name

Submissions will OPEN on Friday November 1st 08:00 GMT unless something is unclear
Submissions will CLOSE on Saturday November 9th 08:00 GMT unless something happens.

Happy building.

Please post your questions as fast as possible (before tomorrow) so i can clear up any questions.


Any body style restrictions? I’m assuming btcc style cars


No real restriction, even if coupés and sedans and bigger hatchbacks are the norm. And BTCC or STCC cars are a good guideline.


Since these will be spec like cars
Will there be a power limit for both classes


There are only one class.


So FF and FR will be same class
How about engine power for the setups


Other than the restriction on the engine build, there are no power cap. Your car will run at the powerlevel you can coax out of the engine.


Alrighty then


Are we allowed Composites? (Carbon splitters/lips etc)


And is the downforce minimum or maximum?


Seeing as the only Choices for using carbon in automation, as far as i know, is chassis and rims, i don’t see how some use of styling options would be banned. And it is maximum downforce.


Thanks, sent mine, everything should work with it :+1:


I know someone who might be interested in this…seeing as you mentioned one of his favorite games, GRID…
I wonder if I could get him to enter this. Would mention him but I don’t think he has an account on the forums yet.


Would this design fit the rules?


So I am the type of person that sometimes overdoes the livery and crash your beamNG (and maybe your automation too). Can I send a Beam ready version and a non-beam version?


Sure thing :blush:


Seems legit